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I was unsure about doing this since I didn't have much luck the last time I tried, but things have gotten bad money-wise for my family. And my job keeps cutting down hours. I may need to find somewhere else to go if it keeps up. =/

Anyway, on to the "meat and potatoes" of this post.
All prices are in USD.

[Tier 1]

A single character sketch or brushwork style drawing.
$5-$10, price varies on level of detail
up to $5 more for each additional character

[Tier 2]
Add some color (or some humans)

Simple shading, optional simple background.
up to $8 more for each additional character

[Tier 3]
Details details details!

The full shebang if you want it to be.
Pricing here can depend on a lot of things. Lineart, amount of shading/highlighting, how detailed the background will be... (e.g., The piece on the left is a $40 commission I completed this past December.)
Keep in mind artwork of this kind will take me the longest to complete.

If anything here has caught your interest, feel free to contact me via my email
and we can discuss details.

All payments through Paypal please.
My Paypal is the same as my contact email.

If you prefer to chat via Skype or Discord, that can be arranged as well.


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Fly has thought of you

Fly has thought of you Eye
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Flyleaf~ ;_; ♥ Hi

Flyleaf~ ;_; ♥

Hi Fish. ='D
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Bumping to unbury this. Money

Bumping to unbury this.
Money situation is still bad, and worse than I thought now. =/