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Drawn for one of my characters that I rp on a deer forum, Shadows of Feardorcha.

Her name is Clover. :B She's a white-tailed deer. This is my first deer I've ever drawn! You can see it at its original size here. :B
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x3 is so beautiful!!

x3 is so beautiful!Exclaim!

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Your first ever!? Really? I

Your first ever!? Really? I can barely believe it! You got a big talent there miss XD (and you're so much younger as I am argk *jealousity*)
I like that colour scheme of her, it's really nice <3 And whoa, such beautifull eyes she has!

--Stays a lonely Seele

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How lovely ^.^ Realllly nice

How lovely ^.^
Realllly nice work!
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Thanks guys! I didn't think

Thanks guys! I didn't think it was that good. XD I was looking at a picture of a real deer as I drew it, but it was pretty hard getting the face right. <3
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Agghhh!!! You have amazingly

Agghhh!!! You have amazingly amazing art skills!!!! <33333333 And her eye = < O______O > SO BEAUTIFUL!!! <333 *lol*

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0.0 W.O.W she is thaat

0.0 W.O.W she is thaat cuute :3 awww i love her ears :3 beautiful pelt;D
first ever?! Ever? WOW O.o <3

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