The apprentice' blindeggs [eggs]

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The apprentice returns from his extensive travels...oh what he might have brought...bundles of eggs...20 of them!
He says that the beasts within are...fairly intelligent, feeling beings. Though he may not be sure just how intelligent.
He's a bit secreteve of the source from where they come.
But surely with a little bit of heat and love you will soon uncover what is held within?

OOC: There's 20 blind eggs, first comes first takes, so please pick another number than the one previously picked, I shall post what the egg contains in order!
You can take eggs IC-ly and OOC-ly, I will respond accordingly ooc-ly and with the Apprentice for IC segments.
What you do with the content is up to you! Trade seems most apropriate, ignore or.. eat is a grim possibility or relay the egg to another if you so desire ;P

All adopted, thank you all for this incredible trade session!
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oocly runs in before I go to

oocly runs in before I go to sleep to take number 15

I'd do an ic thing but must sleep ghjkfnd
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15: Pararhabdodon

15: Pararhabdodon
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if goro had to choose an egg,

if goro had to choose an egg, it would be number 4.
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4: psittacosaurus,

4: psittacosaurus, congratulations!
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Noëlle would pick a number 6.

Noëlle would pick a number 6.
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6: styracosaurus, it's a

6: styracosaurus, Laughing out loud it's a hornyboi
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Mahkakh carefully sniffs the

Mahkakh carefully sniffs the egg and picks the eighth egg
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8: Ouranosaurus, this will

8: Ouranosaurus, this will surely be a confused babbin!

The apprentice hesitantly gives the egg to the dinosaur, thinking it'll be in good care.
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How curios! Hunter would pick

How curios! Hunter would pick a number 19...
By Draak <3

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19: Amargasaurus,

19: Amargasaurus, toothpickneccky boi it is !
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You win! :')

You win! :')
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*Fari sniff, grab and run

*Fari sniff, grab and run away with 17!*

Hopefully no ones look at that time theezeee. ^^
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17: Kentrosaurus, Looks like

17: Kentrosaurus, Looks like yet another spikyboi...ooof oof...

Looking back, with still so many eggs left, the apprentice didn't notice one disappearing. Though he could have sworn something went rummaging through his wares...
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Totally not tracking this in

Totally not tracking this in case I give in to the temptation >>
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Gonna pick.. 3!

Gonna pick.. 3!
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it's time to take a number

it's time to take a number 12!
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*wheeze* What an nice


What an nice choose!
I know i should take different number. XD I was hopin' for something small... and cute... and... y'know... CUTE. :'D XDDDD

But kentrosaurus... definetely a pet into the house! XD
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3: saltasaurus, o-ooh 12:

3: saltasaurus, o-ooh
12: Plateosaurus, damn how did ya both end up picking a sauropodomorph!

Also thehe, who would expect a kentro as pet! There's definitely some smol cuties in there Eye maybe somebody would be willing to trade!

Graceanne will take lucky

Graceanne will take lucky number 13 but I'll post IC when I'm home and can type up something nice for your eyes to read. Feel free to keep the egg's contents hidden until then!
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will keep it hush hush then

Eye will keep it hush hush then
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Hmm this is interesting,

Hmm this is interesting, perhaps Yumi also will take the egg 5
by kseniamokhova
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5: Pachycephalosaurus, Funny

5: Pachycephalosaurus, Funny I was just thinking about this one =) I could swear this thread is cursed...
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Cydae noses around the eggs,

Cydae noses around the eggs, sniffing and listening to each before gently rolling away the tenth egg.

Signature By Aihnna, Avatar by YaraMyst
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10: Cryolophosaurus, what a

10: Cryolophosaurus, what a snazzy toothy boi it is!

The Apprentice would allow it. Though he found the means of transportation ... odd!
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the degenerate measures of

the degenerate measures of transport one is forced to use when having neither hands nor magic Sticking out tongue
Signature By Aihnna, Avatar by YaraMyst
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The apprentice the handyboy

The apprentice the handyboy offers a...Sling!...
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(Dedalus want an egg. He does

(Dedalus want an egg. He does eat it. But its none fatal and probably full of magic now.

Egg #1!)

Jacklo's Characters/Hub
Discord: Daddy#4977
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Morgan gonna run in grab egg

Morgan gonna run in grab egg #20
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Oweee cute art. i melt. yes

Oweee cute art. i melt. yes yes here we go!!!

1: corythosaurus, but a magical corythosaurus. ooooo
20: Leaellynasaura, now this is what I call a cutie

Mikill would like to claim 7

Mikill would like to claim 7 c:
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7: Gastonia! dingdingding

7: Gastonia! dingdingding It's Gaston.
The first uncovering of a memesaur !
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The World Eater saunters

The World Eater saunters over, examining the eggs before placing a kiss on the apprentice's cheek as she claims egg number 18

♥ this is so cute
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18: Maiasaura, what a pretty

18: Maiasaura, what a pretty name.
And hehe, The apprentice did not expect a light smooch.
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Might I take 16

Might I take 16 Smiling

The sphinx looks at the eggs

The sphinx looks at the eggs and nods absentmindedly, wondering if these eggs were rescued or taken from their respective nests. She eyes him warily before thinking 'Oh well, they're here now' a bit selfishly.

With the explanation over she leans close to pat each one gently with a massive paw, feeling the unique textures and trying in vain to determine ahead of time the life form within each one. After a while she stops with a frown before sitting on her haunches and letting out a small grunt. For some reason her eyes keep landing on one in particular. After minutes of further consideration she oh-so gently picks it up and turns it around many times in her paws, holding it up to the sunlight and then places it back down as if it were the finest dishware.

"I'll take this one," Her voice is subdued. "Please hold it for me. I'll be right back.."


She returns some time later with what looks like a drawstring backpack that was made out of old leather and thin rope very quickly exactly for this egg. The backpack is placed on the ground and she opens it wide enough for it to be placed inside, revealing a lining of what looks like sheepskin.

The egg is scooped up as best she can in her front paws and somehow with the addition of a back paw, she is able to get the egg safely inside and pulls the strings tight. With some difficulty she puts it on her back and.. admittedly, she feels ridiculous with it wedged between her wings, but her face says otherwise. She looks determined to take care of it!

In exchange she holds out a smaller bag filled with shiny brown seeds, explaining that they can be squeezed for an oil that's beneficial in small amounts for fur and hair (and can fetch a nice price if you know where to look), or you can just eat them, though they aren't particularly tasty and she's not sure if the Apprentice can actually eat..


lol I hope that wasn't too much. Feel free to just be like "he takes the beans" in reply.

Arabella wants the 2, I guess

Arabella wants the 2, I guess owo
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I'll take 14 ovo

I'll take 14 ovo
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16: Wakinosaurus! Chomp

16: Wakinosaurus! Chomp chomp!!

2: Bambiraptor Ding-a-ding! The second memesaur, this one was named after Bambi!

14: achelousaurus, a pretty horny boy indeed vwv

Rp post follow soon!
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Nine for Nat, please.

Nine for Nat, please.
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A tiny copper

A tiny copper dragonling-esque creature had been watching for a while as the pile slowly dwindled. He had hatched from an egg hadn't he? Seeing his chance Nadur swooped down, clutching the closest one he could reach. He looked up at the apprentice, letting off a few magic sparks for show as if that were a fair trade before beginning to fly away with his prize.

He gonna take #11
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9: Lambeosaurus, what a

9: Lambeosaurus, what a pretty adornment is on him.

11: Pentaceratops, What an egg to haul away, the pile of eggs dwindling and now all gone, the apprentice would close his stand and return home for yet further sessions of exploration and trade.
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As with any good, it seemed

As with any good, it seemed as if the sphynx had a clear idea of what she desired, and so he let her inspect the myriad of eggs. Truly any decsision made should not be made on any rash decsision? Right? The gut often enough had it's own might in making choices.

Against the light the silhuette of a 13: torosaurus curled up.
"Agreed. I'll keep it safe for you." The apprentice would move the egg aside and as many came and went, when from many turned to little, to mere three eggs, the very same egg remained in it's place... Waiting for graceanne to return.

While the apprentice did not expect anything in turn, he would nonetheless accept the oil seeds. He might just have something in mind on what to do with them.