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wip, untill I get around to fleshing it out.


Returned to the forest feeling much much better due to some quality alone time with Rahal.

Metaphorically ripping her feathers out over the antics of the little ones. Both of whom seemed to go on strike towards the parents. However, sat back and watched with the cuing of her Father, allowing their parents to put their foot down and practice some tough love on the little rioters.

Broke away from her family to go fetch her parents the basket of various food items she'd bought for their Christmas gift. Plopped the assortment down in front of her sad facing mom in hopes that the fresh fruits would maybe make her feel a bit better. Promptly plopped beside her to cuddle.

Then the most ironic and historical thing in the history of her life happened. A face she'd never expected to see around her or her family ever again appeared. Not only did it seemingly come out of nowhere, but it came out of nowhere with a snarling face and viciousness in his eyes. Stood up and huffed her amusement at the tiger who'd thrown her life for a loop, almost laughing at his obvious derangement.

Attempted to step back and just not involve herself, that is, until the tiger charged. At that point began the process of flat out laughing in his face. Was well aware that attacking her within her home was a bad move on his part, and as such simply bid her time by acting as a distraction til the Ram arrived. When her Father charged the scene simply backed away, howling in amusement as the tiger finally received what was well deserved. Oh how Karma is an amazing thing. Finally felt the itch for revenge fade.

However as the fight progressed, noticed a face come charging to the scene that sent her reeling. One that she'd also practically removed from her life in both essence and form. Taken aback, she'd initially backed up and away, unsure as to what her half-sibling was doing. Unsure as to if his grudge was with her Father or the firebrand. Realized rather quickly that it was with the cat and as such fell back to join her Mom and the two boys at the cluster of mushrooms. Chuckled the whole way there and when her father joined them, didn't bother giving him a once over, knew that the cat couldn't have done much, if anything, to him. Did, however, greet him with affection upon his joining and watched the fight fade into the distance.

Gave the boys snuggles then settled beside the mushroom until the family moved back to the homesite, where she then rested and checked over what minor cuts and bruises the tiger inflicted. Very much content.

Had an amazing past couple of days that involved chasing after and entertaining Grim and Iccy. Hadn't realized how much trouble such tiny things could cause. Sees herself in the fearless wanderlust Icarus seems to present, knowing that she too used to go after any and every stranger with no regard for safety. Can only reminisce on how much worry she must have brought upon her family while finally experiencing the same. Sees this as karma at its finest.

Received a lovely Jacket from Z'ev to help with the increasingly cold weather. Hasn't taken it off, and luckily, put it on before she could succumb to the cold of the snow storm that hit later that night.

Looks something like this with the sheer amount of clothing and blankets she's piled onto herself.

Gave everyone presents first thing in the morning. Gave Jhor perfume, the boys stuffed toys, and Z'ev a scarf and a dangly earring that mayyyy have been a bit girly. Plans to go get her parents big baskets of fresh fruits and baked goods later on in the day.

Noticed Rah on Christmas morning and darted away from the families play time, much to her families dismay. Threw herself against the stag like an over eager cat, before quickly explaining the situation and darting back when she noticed her family seemingly approaching. Figured Grim had darted after her so darted back to the group to finish playing. After a rather lengthy play session ended up back at home, curled up against Z'ev to sleep.

Woke up later on in the afternoon and excused herself to go find Rah to give him his gifts. Once she found him, joined him in his nice warm blanket fur cave tent contraption and snuggled up to his side. Gifted him an obsidian bracelet and a rather fancy gold blanket. Was like wise gifted a copper cuff and a Aventurine bracelet that doubles as a key through his portal. Gave the stag a thank you kiss and curled up in his lap to cuddle and unwind.

Currently is struggling with going in and out of brumation due to the extreme cold. Managed to struggle awake for the birth of Grimkell and Icarus. After a quick walk through the forest in attempt to find Rahal to both check in on him and inform him of the twins birth, fell back to sleep. Is extremely groggy and slow to respond during this winter season.

Jhorla, why do you have to have friends that have issues. Seriously.

BASICALLY (cause I'm lazy) Charged after Jhorla when she darted off, following her to see what sort of trouble she was getting into. Wasn't particularly keen on starting anything, seeing as winter is the time of hibernation and sheer laziness in the Draconic. Wasn't about to leave her sister on her own though, so as such followed her to the scene of Komir and Rota staring down. Inwardly sighed, because why leave the warmth of their family for this?

Eventually things escalated as words were traded between Jhorla's eyeless friend and Rota, which, the severity of such made even the Feathered cringe. -Almost- felt bad for the doe, however couldn't help but feel like it was probably deserved, not that she really knew. But yaknow, past experiences. So with that, the Rhino prompted a fight. Which of course Jhorla shoved herself in, much to her dismay. Followed her sibling into the fray in attempt to herd her out of the tiffle, snapped a few times at Rota, aimed a few punches at anyone who hit Jhor. Yaknow, the typical back up dancer routine.

THEN Rom joined and things went to hell. Cause out of no where came Gus and Idelle, which caused her internal screaming to pitch as she attempted to herd the Amaranth back towards the idol's hill. Fought back the urge to become violently ill and spew her guts onto the ground as the puny group retreated closer to the holy statues. THEN a Z, whom was her lord and savior cause, yay a reason to abandon this godforsaken hill.

After a brief span of realitive calm he rhino took off. Which, after a moment of staring hard at Z, silently begging for help and like... Y dis have to happen, before taking off after Jhorla. LITERALLY screamed this time as she realized WHERE they were going. Fought back the urge to go super saiyan and fry her half siblings for obviously doing something to upset the Rhino, WHICH IN TURN, pissed off Jhor. WHICH IN TURN, pissed off Isabeau. Joined the fray for a moment, aiming a few well aimed kicks and bites at the tigers when they smacked around her sibling before retreating in attempt to herd the doe. Which was for naught, seeing as their father joined in after. Aided in rounding up Jhor the best she could, while being all LOOK DAD, I'M NOT FIGHTING FOR ONCE. Are you proud, she's acquiring some semblance of common sense.

Eventually things came to a halt and emotions got all over the place. Cried on Z'ev for awhile, hid in his tail and turned pathetic. Till the brute pushed her towards the family to go do his own degree of internal screaming. Which Isa took as a sad moment, but kissed her brother on the nose and gave him a lil hug before sulking off to mope and be pathetic on Isiel.

Bruised to a small degree but not badly harmed.

Spent her day caring for Rahal. Is worried for his health and well being and in some small way blames herself for not finding him in the pond and dragging him out sooner. As such has doubled up the original amount of blankets that the Copper had piled onto himself, and has been offering him a vast verity of foods and liquids. Wants nothing more than for the stag to be well again.

However once the stag was deep asleep and tucked into a den, wondered off for a bit to find her Sister. Found her, but found her with the boy she -strongly- assumes to be attempting to thieve from her Brother. Had a major, Hmmm, moment before squishing herself between the two and flopping over so that she could push on the antelopes sides all 'this is Z and I's lady, gtfo'. Didn't really work considering the actions just turned into a pretty silent turf war that involved a lot of leaning and mild kicks.

Eventually went back home, leaving Rohit in the dust with not even a night night nod to see him off.

Has been spending a vast majority of her time curled up in her den both healing and fighting the ever growing need to hibernate. As the cold approaches, is going great lengths to ensure she stays warm and relatively aware. Doesn't wish for what happened last year to happen this. Seeing as she lost an entire month to being unable to stay awake long enough to do much more than eat occasionally.

Managed to drag herself out into the open after a good span of time spent stretching and bundling up. Scenting Rahal and immediately went to seek him out, finding himself inside the pond looking super mopey. Kinda had an internal screaming moment all 'You're going to dieeeeeeee.You're going to freeeeezzee.' moment before entering the water to head bump him all :[ u okay buddy?? Pls be okay. Then made it her mission to get him out, which she succeeded at after span of time moping back at him all :[ ur gunna dieeeee.

Was greeted by Mom for a moment, thennn tried to dry her friend off so that he doesn't keel over and dieeeee, before plopping down in the mud all sad face and sleepy.

Rejoined the forest alongside Rah after a week of rest within a hospital. Made it out with broken ribs and multiple gashes on various parts of her body. All in all in pain, yet happy to be home after having a truly eye opening conversation with Rahal. Had been seriously neglecting her family in their effort to protect and care for her. Settled upon the decision to cut any thought or urge to seek a connection with the Grey and focus on those who truly cared about her. Those who would walk through hell in order to keep her safe.

Spent most of the day curled up with Rah, Z, Mom, and Jhor once she joined the pile later on. However had a moment when Dad came around and told off Rah. Something she saw as being without reason, which in turn caused her to have a bit of a moment. Plodded over to the crying idol to cool off and bathe so she wouldn't do anything stupid. After calming down a bit, exited the water and slunk her way over to Rah who had been watching from the bank. Bid him goodnight and thank you after pressing her cold wet nose against his cheek in a quick nuzzle before heading home. Plans to seek him out tomorrow to make sure that he wasn't too upset by her fathers actions. Knows the stag has been making a major effort and is beyond proud of him.

Later pressed herself against Jhor in a giant pile of mope, soaking the doe in the process. Until noticing Cad upon the hill in which she haphazardly clamored over the pile of her families warm sleeping bodies to perch on top of Ram. Kinda pressed herself against him, semi wanting to hide, but mostly wishing to be left alone to heal. Figured that if anyone could make her feel safe it was her Dad. Kinda nodded off a short while later due to her painkillers beginning to wear off.

Was approached by Cad moments later and rose to stand, though severely groggy, grateful that Jhor stood with her so that she could lean on the amaranths leg. Was promptly given a blanket to aid in her healing while Ram stared the Dragon King down. Once her biological father left, curled up among the bodies of her family.

Returned to the forest early in the morning with Rahal bearing gifts of food and a massive rubber rain cape for her mom. Delighted that the blue wouldn't actually -need- the cape right away due to the rain having ceased. Promptly scurried over to the family home to check on everyone and give them her love. Presented her heavily pregnant mother with the basket and sat back all happy and jittery to be home. Do you love me mom, I fed you. Am a good daughter right? Righhhttt??

Promptly settled beside Rahal, leaning against him for warmth while cringing at the still moist ground. Hopes to see the forest completely dry by the end of the week. Cold and rain just don't mix in her opinion. Hopes that this year's winter will be less difficult than lasts. Would regret the wasted time if she fell comatose for months on end again. Plans to stock up on heat packs and pocket warmers, alongside more blankets and perhaps a jacket.

However just as she had slipped into a state of ease, her heart began to pound at a faint scent that had become caught on the wind. Something new and mingled with her Mothers. Felt an instant clenching within her chest and abdomen as both of her hearts seized. At the same time attempted to coax her mind into thinking it was just a play on the wind and that perhaps the scent she'd caught was just of a fawn from another. Hadn't assumed her Mother had been carrying in the first place, however, that was mostly due to the fact she'd not even seen her at a distance in months. As an attempt at peace she'd taken every measure into avoiding the grey.

After standing tense, couldn't take the gnawing worry and build up of potential emotions and decided to creep close enough to figure things out herself. Excused herself from Rahal's side in order to go figure things out herself. As she grew closer the scent became unmistakable and the doe's eyes welled with tears at the meaning. She had a new sibling and the meaning was loud and clear. They'd replaced both her and her sibling for a 'fresh start'. Bolted away while attempting to maintain her hold on her emotions while they crumbled like dry sand.

Briefly hovered beside Rahal, however when the tears began to fall realized that it was probably better to be alone, so fled. Eventually crumpled into a full on panic, complete with screaming as a wave of grief overtook her. Curled up at the edge of the pond to replay the past like reel of film within her mind. As time passed however her despair began to switch into something more akin to anger. For as she relived those memories in vivid detail she picked up on betrayal between Mother and child. Noting that it really had been Halla who'd been too weak to simply reclaim her child. Snarled before bolting from tree to tree in attempt to find something to beat up on while fury welled alongside other feelings. Felt both betrayed and abandoned.

Ran in to Damien at one point and though normally she'd have rejoiced at seeing her dear friend, turned on him instead. At the moment likely appeared to be quite crazed. Having her expression being one of pain, her brow electrified by an outpouring of magick. Couldn't comprehend anyone or anything at the moment, the feeling of heaviness weighing both her body and mind down. With blurred eyes she senselessly charged the wolf while screaming senseless and jumbled phrases at him. Lost grasp on her mind for a moment before the itching feeling of pressure to the point of over flowing pressed behind her chest. The sensation grew quickly, pain accompanied and as such attempted to escape it by running blind through the forest. Likely ran into trees and bushes at various points and those of the smaller standing were bowled over.

Eventually found herself before Rah's portal tree just as the overwhelming sensation to escape peaked. Threw herself against it viciously in attempt to open it, breaking scores of feathers just as the dam that had held back her magick burst. In one moment she'd gone from mostly magickless to being over full of both Draconic and blood magicks, both of which were expelled from her body with volatile force. The tree took the blunt force of it as she threw herself against the hidden portal in tears. Bark exploded from the pine as electricity surged through it, needles withered and dropped from the branches like rain. A invisible force clawed at the doorway until in defeat the magick that held it closed popped, allowing the doe to bolt through it in a frenzy.

The outpouring of such emotion fueled magick likely sparked some sort of reaction towards those closest to her, as well as filling the air around the tree with electricity. Those who stay around the portal tree would likely find their hair on end for the span of their duration. Those closest to her may harbor a feeling of prickling skin momentarily, while those of blood would know exactly what just happened.

Eventually collapsed outside of Rah's apartment bleeding from her nose, ears, and mouth. Body sporting scores of self inflicted scratches that had apparently happened at some point in her disarray. Having had her magick lay dormant for much longer than usual, found herself in a state of pain from broken ribs and small patches of burnt skin where it had been forcefully expelled from her body.

Escaped the rain by fleeing into the human world with Rahal. Promptly raided his cupboards and passed out sprawled in the middle of his bed.

A day in which Isabeau mighty morphed with Rahal, becoming the one and only Isahal; the man with a glorious cape.

Spent most the day with Rahal, den player had to restart. Noticed Umay hanging out with him and kinda had a n 'Oh... okay.' moment before telling Rah she'd was gunna leave cause who knows what would happen if Ram found our or if Gabe decided to come around Umay. Just didn't wanna risk upsetting anyone or being beaten again so offered him to follow.

Paused while leaving, noticing her abandoned birth site and though she hadn't let if effect her before couldn't help but let the whole scene of the thing sink in after actually going and seeing it up close. Kinda had a major self-worth melt down and went to cry in a tree cause young people hormones suck.

DEN Z came over and she went on a rant about her feelings and her fears and her worries and got fckin smacked down. Rightfully cause most of what he said was completely 100% true but den he smack talked Rahal and boy she got pissed off. Shut up, stood up, stalked over, zapped him (cause she's too short to smack him :[ ) and angrily stormed off to mope in the pond. Because wow. Wow ouch. Dat was uncalled for. Den had some even more serious self worth issues cause what if he was right and she was just a booty call. But doubted it cause Rahal had said it meant more then that.

THEN more issues cause wow Z you have no idea how easy you have it being with Jhor. You're welcome, btw for this easy life of not having to try and find someone who isn't part of the family feud.

Jhorla finally came home! Did a bunch of bouncy spazzy excited things before snugging the ever living bejeezus out of the doe. Recently had found out about her mother pregnancy and was a mixture of delighted and frightened. Fears that she may somehow be replaced, though logic proves otherwise. Has been sticking close to Isiel because of this, irrationally frightened that her blood-kin might notice and try something.

Has been keeping an eye out for Rahal. Hasn't seen him within the forest since her returning from the human world and worries either something has gone wrong or she did something wrong.


Had a lengthy decision with the copper stag about what happened the night prior. Settled on that it was something special and that they'd not press it, allowing whatever happens next to happen.


Who asked a lot of questions.

Which got awkward fast.

Then asked her to tell their parents she was leaving for the human world for a little while.

Dear fucking god where do I even start.

Noticed Rahal in the distance after spending the past few days along side her lovebirds of siblings. Was growing rather sick of their constant touching and the jealously that she attempted to keep muted. She was the third wheel and though she knew they loved her, couldn't help but feel dejected and left out. SO when here saving grace of a friend appeared she bolted like a bat out of hell to his side. Greeted him and vented a bit about her day to day life within the forest. Stating that she'd wish to join him in the human world at some point. Delighted when he agreed.

Now for awhile now she's admired the stag, finding a neutral party in the constant war that was her life was something to be remarked upon. Has enjoyed every moment they've shared, chalking the budding emotion up to friendship. Seeing as she's not really had a super duper close male relation past Lonno, who is like an uncle. ANYWHO when Rahal started teasing kinda went into blushu blushu senpai notice me mode as she was an absolute pro at flirting. However flirting led to more and that more led to her loss of virginity. Driven by hormones and just pure response to the male she kinda lost her mind for a bit, being bold and urgent with her needs. Was bitten and to a degree claimed by the male.

After their joining kinda settled all 'wait what...' as she tried to wrap her head around what the heck just happened and what the hell they'd done. Also why did she feel so empty all the sudden, like a piece of her was missing. Curled up close to the golden finding his presence somewhat helpful in closing the door that made her feel as if she were missing a piece of herself. Talked for a while and questioned their actions, feeling dread when he pointed out that what they did and the meaning of such depended on the feelings of individuals. Felt her heart drop when he mentioned that man did it for sheer pleasure and for nothing more. Feels at least a bud of something for the stag, especially now. Double especially since she practically aided in healing him to get him to this point. Ended up tucking the feather that broke earlier behind one of his ears and promptly settling into his chest to doze.

Basically teamed up with Rahal to pick and prod at the herds. Particularly Ross'. Attempted to round up the mini does by tapping them with her feathers, however failed drastically when one of the does was Gia. Whom, as she remembers, completely is terrified of her for some ungodly reason. Found this humorous and played along, targeting her for taps and attempting to herd the white while Rahal fought Ross' body guards.

However the fun was cut short when Ross went and complained falsely that Isa was hurting the does. When she never did such a thing. Ended up getting agitated at the fae for being a liar and an idiot cause how on earth could she possibly harm anyone by simply running around like a pompom with an entire chicken's worth of feathers glued to it?? Ended up getting a brief lesson from Isiel about what does like and don't like when it comes to the rut. Was told to be gentle with them. Nodded and made sure she wasn't in trouble before ambling off with Rahal to find their next target.

Has been spending a lot of time around Rahal, talking and generally attempting to heal the stag in any way possible. Has been bringing him medicine and food. Feels as if the newcomer is a neutral party that she can easily seek solace in. Despite finding out about his former friendship with Rota, has not been able to find any negative attributes.

Harbors deep resentment towards the tigers and their proximity to her new found friend's home, can't help but look upon them with mild disgust. If it weren't for them she'd never have lost the love of her birth family. The past is the past, so realizes that things are better left untouched. Will not harm the tigers or attempt any poking or prodding, intends to keep her distance and feelings to herself. However, at the same time has spent a lot of time dwelling on her blood family and their lack of caring. Finds that even though she longs to push them into the past and leave them there, that she can't. Has accepted, internally, that she still loves them despite it all. Though she realizes that they'll never love her, even at a distance; as made painfully clear by Halla's repetitive outbursts and attacks.

Though she herself is mostly healed from the most recent event, physically, can't help but fall deeper into her mind. Chases circles in her thoughts about if she's truly wanted anywhere, though logic screams that the Ramisels do in fact accept and adore her. Mentally damaged by the rejection of her birth family and in a way has come to terms with it. Intends to just spend her days quietly and not cause anymore trouble. Unlikely to really open up to anyone else at this point without good reason. Can't be bothered with most faces outside of her adopted family and few friends. Longs to seek out and talk to her sibling about the issues she's been having with her emotions, hoping that Z'ev will be able to understand and guide her. Hasn't approached him yet due to wanting to give him and her adopted sister/best friend, space.

Woke up to her father having having come to visit again. Delighted in his appearance and quickly snuggled into her place under his neck to doze while he gave Z the necklace he'd shown her the night before. However fell back to sleep afterwords feeling safe, content, and hopeful.

When she woke she realized Cad was missing and after a quick listen felt her heart drop with who he was with. Bolted over to him in attempt to get him away from her Mother and her lover, however whatever had been said before she got there had already made tensions high. Attempted to pass pleasantries and was the epitome of polite and civil towards her mother as she ushered the Dragon King back towards her family. Gabriel charged the two of them even as she attempted to simply disperse the anger and get out of there. When Halla spat crude phrases about her family the feathered couldn't help but feel her blood boil. Chased it down and was able to make it back to Jhorla when Halla came flying at her Sister out of no where. The venom she'd felt towards the grey only moments before surfacing as she instantly whirled to pummel the doe with her iron clad hooves. (Thanks Z.)

All hell broke loose after that as Gabriel, Roanan, and Halla raged war against the Ramsiels + Cadaver. Screamed profanities at the grey as she attacked viciously with teeth and iron claws. Aimed for their bellies, twisting and ripping much like a crocodile would in hopes to shred the skin from their living corpses. When even more bodies joined the fray, Ezekiel, Ross, and Jacquelyn, her brow lit up up the electricity that coursed through her veins. Likely felt a lot like a taser to those who were hit.

Relentlessly went after Halla, aiming to rake her weaponized hooves over her face and chest at every given chance while subsequently snapping at her face with her teeth. Hoped to get the point across that going after her family was a very very bad idea. All hope of rebuilding a relationship dead, as her hearts agony instantly flipped to spite and pure undiluted hatred. Broken bond.

All in all, everyone saw a lot of this thing running around like the little wrecking ball/ bull dog/crocodile/taser she is.

Ended up with a bad wound across her forehead were a wayward tine completely ripped a portion of her scalp off. The white parts of her face and feathers are currently stained with blood, while a large portion of her feathers are broken or bent. Luckily she's not in a molt and doesn't have to worry about blood feathers. The does sides and back are riddled with gore wounds and scratches, many deep and likely to scar. A lot of bruising and minor burns from Gabriel. Seething.

Ended the day by passing out on her wounded best friend in the pond. (Hopefully, unless something else happens...)

The morning started out with her waking up to find Z passed out by the pond, woke him up with a lot of bouncy happy noises and floofing. Played and cuddled her sibling before the two decided it would be for the best to visit their Mother. Found her at their birth tree and instantly felt like she should flee. However, in the end was pleasantly surprised how the whole ordeal went. Left after passing pleasantries. Feels as if there may be a sliver of hope towards developing a relationship with her birth mother later on in life.

Returned to the home tree and passed out on top of her family. Happy to be surrounded by the ones she loved and was loved by. Woke later to the best surprise, her father. Was gifted a necklace with his own dragon flame burning bright within it. Click Spoke with him and caught up in general. Cuddled and snuggled her father and fed him cake.

All in all, a good day.


Woke up to a massive pile of gifts from Z'ev sitting by her head. click Unwrapped them slowly and in correspondence to how she opened them, adorned each object. Taking special care with her new weapons. Learned quickly that the necklace is a small compact portal into their alternate realm. Devoured the cupcake, ignoring the do not eat sticky note on the candle. Shoved her mouth full of hard candies from the massive purple jar of them and wrapped her new shawl around her shoulders for a little while before tucking them away into her stash.

Spent most of the day away in the human world picking out gifts for Z'ev. Put a lot of thought into each and everyone. Ordered a four tiered cake and party accessories. Returned to the forest just in time to see her brother giving Jhor her birthday gift early. Decided that due to the possible threat of tomorrow to go ahead and celebrate their birthday tonight with her family. Popped Party hats on everyone and passed around cake. Gave Z'ev his gifts and received a beautiful dragons breath necklace from her best friend. click

Can't help but feel a pit of worry forming in her stomach as her actual birthday looms frighteningly closer.

Has been spending a vast majority of her time sleeping or lazing around in the company of her brother and best friend. As her birthday approaches has began to dwell on past happenings. Has began to dread the day of their birth due to the memories surrounding it and the fact that those once familiar faces aren't part of her life anymore. Silently hopes that at least one member of her biological family past Z'ev will approach and wish her happiness.

Recently spoke with Jhorla about her feelings towards Z'ev. Fully approves and encourages the purple to pursue him. Her brother couldn't find a better match even if he tried.

Started the day by finding Rota and Indigo in a stand off and instantly was torn as to what to do and why they were being weirdly standoffy. Greeted Indigo and tried to drag him away from the obviously uncomfortable Rota to no avail. The two promptly got into it and the feathered made it a point to get between them at all costs. Taking any damage the two dished out no matter what. No more hurting each other frans, pls. Stomped out her anger and finally was able to lead Indigo away, kinda. Gave him a nuzzle of thanks and went back to see if Rota was okay.

Wasn't okay. :{ The doe was terribly angry at her for 'siding' with Indigo when she'd only been wanting them to not fight. Talking and attempts to reason turned into a fight when she wouldn't pin Indigo on the bad guys list because he'd attacked Rota. He'd saved her life so it wasn't exactly fair to turn tables because of someone else's experience. Things elevated when the mild yelling turned to a screaming fest about whose life sucked more. Got mad yet somehow kept trying to be nice and just offer to be friends and play. Lets just forget about the hurts okay? It's better that way. Sighed when it turned to blows. Even though she didn't intend to harm Rota, more smack her around for charging her in the first place... Not that peanut deer can do much damage anyways.

Ran off back home when things settled down to mope on Jhor and Z'ev. Doesn't exactly know what this means for Rota and her's friendship. She was being reasonable right? Taking sides isn't right, right?

Life lesson- Being friends with everyone is hard.

Woke up extremely sore and hardly able to move. Likely a couple fractured bones, but nothing that will cause long term damage. Serves her right for going after something a good six or so times larger. However, no sassy unicorn could get away with charging her brother without getting bitten a few times. :|

Proceeded to cuddle and just generally mope about, coughing her lungs out and being a sore baby. Later noticed a pink child seemingly around her age that had an adorable bunny rabbit. Wanted to go pet it however he promptly left after glaring at Z. What's wrong with you pink guy? What did Z do.

Goro ended up showing back up with Rin awhile later and Isa hopped on that opportunity to make a friend with a cute pet. Hint hint guys, you'll only win over ladies if you have something cute to carry around. Kidding. However had a nice conversation thing with him while playing with the bunny whose name she learned was Joe. Very pleased and decided to snuffle cuddle the pink while sleeping off some of her sickies before moving back to be with her family on the other side of the slanted rock.

Ended up being moved to the oak awhile later as the rock went form full to overflowing with strangers and friends alike. Reveled in the nice quiet aloneness that the oak provided. That is until she was devoted by a passer-by and promptly fell into seizure land. Writhed about and shook and did the typical seizure dance while foaming at the mouth before finally stopping a good while later and collapsing in an exhausted heap to sleep.

Pretty much dead to the world. A fever will set in while she sleeps. Out of commission Isa is a boring sad Isa.

Woke up to yet another day of rain. Though warm and dry a persistent cough had set in. One of those nasty throaty raspy gag worthy old man coughs. Found that her feathers had finally finished growing back in, much to her delight. Spent a good chunk of the morning flexing the new tufts, marveling at their size compared to those before her tar incident. The long electro magnetic strands twice the size of before.

After coughing herself half to death, went to go get a drink from the pond, only to run into a soaking wet Herla. Prodded her awake before motioning towards the slanted rock where her family was staying. The blue and ,later, the black joined her however left once they noticed the nasty cold running rampant. Devoured the honeyed medicine and felt much much better within the next few hours.

Once feeling better the explorer itches set in and she decided to go make her rounds to her new neighbors. Met the Juturnae and one of her three fawns. Frolicked about for awhile before offering the tiny family the shared warmth of the slanted rock. Felt bad for them in their little shelter and wanted badly to help. Went back home though since one of the nice grey ladies fawns was sound asleep and didn't wish to awaken.

Later Isa's player had a total derp moment and sent her running towards Shard and Niki, unknowingly cause I was chatting away on skype. Dang it forest. Oh well, tabbed in, saw them and kinda went. 'Ohshit.' Before falling back IC and scurrying away like hell. Tried to get a hit in out of anger and frustration at one point before Daddy Ram came to the rescue. Yeah, that's right ass-hat brothers, take it like real men. :|

Ended up with a few broken feathers out of that ordeal. Come on, why the new do? Many huffy sighs and hisses as she settled back down in the den. Which only lasted an hour or so before the gotta move gotta play itchies came back. Made towards the tree and towards a bunch of unfamiliar faces. Tried to make friends with a child who seemed about her age or a bit less. Which, didn't go well. Apparently she's a fluffy terror.

Confused and baffled as to how she was frightening while attempting to make herself smaller. Kept at it awhile before agitation set in and she decided to fluff. Sputtered and displayed which seemed to elicit some mock charges from the kid. Frowned, and turned away for a bit only to come face to face with a seemingly angry cat.

1. Why is it always cats.
2. Do you know what I've been through today already?
3. Sass me one more time you brat.
4. Donut care that you're twice my size.

Felt the feathers upon her brow light up and spark to life as she finally was pushed over the edge by these strangers unwillingness to be nice in return. Ended up coming to blows while a Umay watched from the sidelines all ref like. That is until things got going and she stepped in to pull the pissed off kidbits.

That only lasted for a little bit, Isa was out for blood by this point and lunged at him again all ankle biter, going to murder you with dragon teeth and dagger toes. Oh. And electric feathers. Enjoy. Didn't take much notice that she herself got her ass handed to her until after the fight when her blind rage wore off...Which was when Daddy Ram ran to the rescue, again. Pulling the kids apart and giving her the scolding of a lifetime.

Went and sat in the rain with the family while brooding. Only to fall asleep and be head stomped by Jhor when it was time to return to their rocks. She deserved that.

The day started out per the normal laze around and sleep routine that her family is fond of. However, awakened to a Z'ev which prompted lots of brother cuddles and love. Trilled and chirped her dismay of loosing her feathers in the way she used to as a baby and watched as Z responded aghast. She was ugly and bald and knew it. Sad whistle.

A red child around her age came over awhile later (Luso) and she couldn't help but hide deeper into the layers of her brothers hair. No stranger should have to see her like this! Nope! However, eventually did come out to play a bit before falling right back asleep.

Awoke awhile later to Lonno a short distance away, blindly charged towards him in her delight to see her Kitty. Showed him her ruined feathers and after many sad faces and reassuring kitty groomins, she became more aware of her surroundings. Failed to notice Circe and Ronra until a few moments later which promptly cued the dragonette into hiding in Lonno's shadow. Hasn't and will never forgive them for what they did to her. Even when Umay came to push Ronra forward, was glad when the lion refused. She would have either ran or hidden behind Lonno anyways.

Once they gave up and left, the Lynx prompted a conversation as to why what happened happened. Explained to him the events that went down a few months ago to an extent before being interrupted by the Nevermore. No worries, agreed to talk more later and meandered back over to her family after a quick cuddle.

Began the day in the most lazy of manners. Lots of family cuddles and naps, awoke to Jhorla off near the statues and charged to join her. Was promptly joined by the Owl with hands that she'd played with a few days prior. Thought nothing of it when he prompted them to join him in a game of chase and bounce. However, things quickly turned sour when he dipped his head and spat/rubbed tarry black gunky soot all into her feathers. Taken aback and shocked, turned to Jhorla just as he rubbed the same gunk onto her best friend.

Jaw dropped and her feathers tugging painfully, she began calling for their parents aid. Because, who the hell is going to get away with this?! Not that guy. Oh no. Ouch. When Ram and Isiel came around, broke into a torrent of 'Oh, gods look at my feathers.' Isiel took her to the pond in attempt to soak out the tar, however, it was no use. The black inky gunk had already clumped her feathers and it was beginning to tug rather painfully.

Went and led Ramsus to the Owl who'd done this to them and watched with a vast amount of internal glee as her dear Dad beat the crap out of him. Serves him right for messing with the wrong kids. After the violence settled down, the family took her to Verve in search of a solution. Said solution being cutting a majority of the afflicted feathers off. Mostly bald aside from her long triad of feathers she's in a state of utter disgrace.

Once finished the family went to the pond in order to soak and for Isa to hide out in the willow branches and mope. She was hideous without her pretty crown.

So, decided it was a good idea to find answers. Brought a Daddy-Guard and approached Shard and Nik. They're stubborn cats and didn't answer her questions. :[ Dad-Guard got mad, which made temperamental siblings mad. Charged by Niki. Ouch. Bro, you hit me in the butt with your horns. I donut deserve that. Ran like mad with Dad-Guard taking most of the hits. Collected Jhorla and kept running till Mam mooed and the worries set in. Must return to family.

Finally limped her way back to the tree before collasping in a heap of tears and ouchies. Curled under her new red shawl that Meir. Let Jhor join her and fell into a sad child whimper sleep.

Lifes rough for the floofy bird lizard.

Will update this at some point.
For now. Gone through massive growth spurt. Lots of tufty feathers and patchy spots. Legs aren't aligned well, stumbles often. Beginnings of hormones are tracing their way into her body.

The cold weather has sent the serpentine into a mock hibernation. Spends most of her time tucked away in Ramsus and Isiel's tree.

Awoke at the home tree only to meander off looking for something or someone interesting to play with. Came across Verve and decided to attempt to pester her, cause ya know, she has a cloak and Isa needs one of those. Joined by Jhorla soon after. Since Verve wouldn't awaken, dubbed her a living mountain of twiggy flesh and began climbing. Lots of hooves and feathers in the poor does face, however, she didn't seem to mind by her constant snoring.

Verve awoke at some point and the game turned to 'oh crap, try not to fall off.' Both Jhorla and herself did fall off in the end. Rolled off the doe in a show of flailing legs and ruffled feathers. Tucked into that massively warm cave of a cloak for game time until Momma Isi came around. Greated before plunging back into the warm dark tent that was Verve's cloak.

Noticed Z'ev a ways off and sprinted towards him full tilt. Lots of love for brother dearest. Played with his puppies before returning to fetch Jhorla. Cue massive baby playing fest. Joined by Neela at some point and the party really got started.

Of course, all parties come to an end at some point and her experience took a turn for the worse when Ronra showed up. Still hasn't forgiven her for being beaten and battered and is honestly scared senseless by anyone who was involved that day. Ran for cover multiple times with the 'ess came to sniff and be friendly. At some point she backed off and a mini, but not scary, kitty came about to question what was up. Covered and shot pointed glances at Ronra, unable to find her tongue.

At some point Umay came about to visit and was greeted with a bouncy feathery Isa. Didn't make the connection that Ronra is her granddaughter. Oh well. Love for the Umay kitty.

After that whole ordeal settled down to cuddle Ze'v and a pile of fawns before going home to sleep at the home tree.

-Woke up, noticed Maekrix, went to nuzzle the bejeezus out of.
-Left to rejoin the massive fawn pile of fun and joy.
-Played around with Gehirn, Neela, and Jhorla.
-More playing, Ramsus and Isiel left them alone with Gehirn for some much needed 'alone time'.
-Was okay for awhile till Jhor got upset over Momma Isi not being there.
-Gehirn remedied this by allowing them to do anything they wanted. Isabeau asked to raid Neela's Mom's pantry for honey. Didn't realize that he's Mr. Herla. Denied, pouted.
-Jhor decided to go fishing, only caught a froggy. Attempted to eat, caused stomach ache. Never again.
-Reed came around. Wasn't trampled or lunged at. Wut.
-Kinda nervous about Reed, however managed to relax once Ram and Isi made it back.
-Still wtf Reed. U hated me.
-YAY Isi and Ram, so glad you're okay and didn't die. We were starting to get worried.
-Cue relaxation, climbed all over Reed. REALLY WHAT THE FUCK.
-He made a great playground though.....
-Went off to go nap with Isiel and Jhorla.
-Ram came back covered in burns, Jhorla was shockingly unharmed.
-Followed when Jhor ran off after a beat to shit Ross.
-Smh, what did you do to get Fire Bastard to want your guts so badly? Seriously, pretty sure I see some intestines.
-Jhorla wouldn't go back home with out Ross, promptly started pushing and shoving the buck the best she could. Which, shockingly, worked.
-Bothered by and lunged at by some random deer. Protected by Reed.
-Wait. Re-read that. PROTECTED BY REED?!!?!?! WUT WUT?
-Received a Reed half bow, content. Maybe you aren't out to trample me to death after all. Might have to reevaluate.

The ordeal with her own Mother rejecting her attempt at revenge and completely and utterly ignoring her injustice, has left the dragonette frightened and broken. Having scented her with the tigeress, she has developed a bitter distaste towards the one who had given birth to her. With the lingering promise of a second meeting, she's taken to hiding within the safety of her current caregivers. Many fears and worries have surfaced since the angry conversation, questions that have broken her heart and mind. Though she has been reassured that she's in the right and that being mobbed by adults and large teenagers was completely and utterly out of hand, she can't help but feel as if she's a failure. Fears that her Mother now hates her and would rather be with the Tiger.

However, during her time with Ramsus and Isiel, has come to see what a functioning family actually is like. Feed and cared for daily, given a soft place to rest and reassured when she's scared. She's developed a strong attachment to the group. Having also been offered support from Gehirn, is often seen curled beside the large stag. Plays often with Jhorla.

Moved her toys and belongings from her birth tree to a tree near the crying idol. Showed Jhorla her stash and allowed her to play with the fur covered balls that belonged to her and Z'ev. A game of tug ensued after Jhor attempted to hoard the balls. Rood. Ended up on her butt when Ramsus called them to dinner.

Ate an entire fish by herself, asking if the bones were edible. Told by Ram that she might choke, so just left the mutilated corpse to him. Watched in horror as he ate the entire thing, even the icky yucky nasty eyeballs. Shudder. Collected some berries thereafter for the group to share and promptly fell into a food coma on top of Jhorla.

Awakened crusted with blood, sweat, dirt, and the goop from her tears. Lost and confused, torn and battered, she finally managed to make her way to her brother, only bulking at the little fluffy thing curled beside him for a moment. Climbed onto his back to cry into his fluff, slowly getting around to telling him about the events from the past week. Their brothers deaths, their mothers death, and her unjust beating. He was not pleased int he least, however offered her comfort.

Craving the touch of many due to both being starved of attention and wounded, she called for Maekrix only to have him chased away by Z'ev. Scolded him and begged him to allow him near so she could be comforted by both her brothers. He agreed however, in the end, didn't stay beside her as he neared. Swallowed her tears, then accepted Maekrix's brief words. Promising to visit him alone, tucked the flowers he gave her behind her feathers for safekeeping. Proceeded to attempt accepting the fact her younger brother had adopted a child. Confused by this since they're both still children, however, accepted it. Decided to offer her own protection towards the fluffy nugget. So when Maekrix chided her about it being lunch, kept Z calm with her personal promise of not allowing harm to come to the nugget of a fawn.

Still heartbroken and sick and tired of her brothers fighting. Since lets be honest, it hurt like hell to see her kin so at odds. She went off to find Jhorla, since the doe was one of her closest friends. When she found the family was down trodden and at the verge of another breakdown, so the new that Jhorla was asleep dampened her spirit farther. When questioned about the cuts and broken feathers by Ram, she couldn't control her break down. Shaking her head no she collapsed into a puddle of sobs and tears.

Carried by Ram to the crying idol to be washed off and comforted. Brought back to Isiel and Jhorla once she was thoroughly clean, though sopping wet. Isiel made her a bed of soft furs and offered willow bark to ease the pain. Cried on Jhorla for awhile while the little fawn groomed her before managing to explain what happened to the family. Fell asleep thereafter, warm, safe, clean, and painfree.

Awoke alone, struggled out of the pile of fur and went seeking for the family. Found them by the idol eating fish. Sat subdued beside Jhorla, was asked about her own family. Explained about how Halla is depressed and rarely around, and her father had business elsewhere and was rarely seen. When Jhorla offered to share her parents Isa was not only beyond touched, she accepted the offer in the hopes that having a support system would ease her out of the rut she'd fallen into. Fed well for the first time in a long time and once again curled up warm and safe.

Spent the beginning of her day beside Issy, while basking in her older sisters company and enjoying the water she came to learn that her brothers hadn't returned. Also, found that her mother was killed by Rin only to be revived by some sort of magic. Didn't take to the news very well and instantly went off in search of one of her friends. When she didn't find one, she spent a good amount of time curled up and crying onto a tree. Broken hearted and beyond worried she couldn't bare the stress and fell asleep.

Woke up to the scent of Jyoti coating her senses. Instantly resolved to be the harbinger of truths. He'd played a large part in killing her brothers, so why shouldn't he know what a horrible terrible -thing- he was. Knowing that he held white magic within his blood, she planned accordingly. Dodging quickly in and out to avoid growing ill, she hissed and snapped all the truths she could grasp at the young buck. Murderer, Killer, Weakling, Fool, Two-sided, Demon. However her mocking was cut short when the white magic imbued worm crawled and called for his mother. Hung back to see what was about to go down only to turn and be bombarded by Ronra, Circe, Shahla, Kio, and one other deer. Was ganged up on by a group of attacking adults. Tried to run, didn't work, called for her sister before whirling to attempt her own attacks on her floggers. Anger bubbled up in waves, causing her to lash out the best she could while she awaited the aid of her older sister. Highly out numbered and over powered, she fell victim to various scratches and broken feathers.

When Isela finally did come to her aid and somehow get the angry mob off of her, she instantly went onto a tangent. Explaining what just happened and why, completely baffled as to why she was attacked on such a scale by unquestioning adults. Confusion turned to rage and rage turned to hatred as the conversation went on. Isela attempted to thwart Isa's announcement that the whole family was bad blood and traitors. Attempted to talk her into thinking Jyoti didn't mean to kill Shard and Niki, attempted to tell her that Shahla and 'posse' were good souls. Tried to point out that she was just attacked for basically doing -nothing- without any questioning or any sort of 'Hey, why are you being a dick to my son' talks. Decided and expressed that she'd always known the cat was a rotten nasty thing. Pointed out that she hadn't drawn blood on Jyoti, yet they did on her.

Turned and ran as far away as she possibly could to cry over the fact she'd just had her attackers defended. Licked at her cuts and vowed that the day the Tigeress died would be the day the sun shone brighter. Eventually fell into a shaking shuddering heap with nothing but the ferns and coarse bark of a tree to comfort her.

Spent the short span of her day hidden, only to delve out of her hiding spot and out towards a familiar scent. Proceeded to bounce and hop around with Jhorla who for some reason was without a guardian. Didn't think too much into it since she often wondered off too. The light play and just common friendship gave the little doe a chance to mend from the trials of day to day life. A moment to relax her worries that yet another of her family would end up dead.

Just a few days before she watched her eldest brothers die. Only to be carried away on the cusp of a seizure. Hid from there on out, only being found by Z as he ran into her after she'd passed out in the middle of a clearing exposed. Noticed wounds lacing up and down his body and did what she could to soothe them. Worries constantly for her family, so much in fact it's causing her body to shut down and cause her to sleep near constantly. Fears waking up. Fears anything to do with being awake.

Spent the day with Indi and Ini and ended it with Mom and Shard. Events whoa.

Started off the day by playing with Mika before deciding it would be an amazing adventure to go explore the Great Oak. Little did she know that The Great Oak amplified her magic, therefore sparking her feathers into lovely Bzzt Pzzt electric goodness. Left the confines of the oak before accidentally electrocuting Mika however, considering they also were found by Alice. Played around with the doe her fawn for a long while before heading towards the pond. Ended up sleeping the whole day away by Alice's side, was later joined by Halla and Isela. Delighted in seeing her mother, she switched sides to cuddle her. Later, found Fletcher and cuddled him. Lazy day was lazy.


Wow fire horse. You Seriously suck.

Excuse me while I pluck broken feathers for the rest of the night. #Kyrianisanasshole.

-Cuddled with Kettu and Issy.
-Spotted Lonno in the distance and followed him around for some cuddles.
-Had to fight off a hoard of fawns.
-Hid under Lonno.
-Cuddled once they left
-Wondered off to find Issy after Lonno went to do important Kitty things.
-Found her playing big kid games.
-Played with big kids. Acceptance, yes!
-Met and enjoyed playing with Solane, Maica, and Jocelyn
-A little bruised, but it's worth it.
-Noticed Mr.Red (Reed) the chase is on.
-Tracked him down attempting to get him to like her. Bows, nods and polite manners later, she got a little pissy and began the chase.
-Was held down by Issy after it got a little intense.
-Ended up settling down with Issy and Jocelyn.

Gonna stuff u in my eye socket.

Woke up with loads of energy to explore and play, so spent her time wondering off and trying to find those she considers 'friends'. Even though they all most likely can't stand her. Sad life for you Isa. Came across Bird Feet and his friend, decided to stop and stare for a long while before creeping up and trying to sit with them like a cool kid. Didn't work. Isa's not welcome. Momma finally caught on and came and got her. Carried away back to the safety of her home tree.

Cuddled with Momma and brother for awhile before the tingle of adventure bubbled in her veins. Peeped at Momma that she was going to go visit Issy, while making pointed stares towards her sisters location. Momma took her willingly cause what mother doesn't want to bail their overly adventurous child off on someone else for awhile? Sat and cuddled with Issy while she talked to a friend, boggled eyes at friend before noticing his feet. Let the fun begin.

Proceeded to torment Raigho, ended up licking him. Tasted sour, like lemons. Momma -really- didn't like this. Was scolded, but Momma gave up after the third time she went after him. After Momma left for her 'Alone time' she promptly decided to chew and adore the alien thing's feet. Bit a little too hard and drew nasty terrible awful blood which caused lots of drooling from the nasty taste. Rubbed it all on Issy.

Raigho then did the most amazing awesome thing, walked on two legs. Of course, Isa -had- to try it herself. Which ended up with her falling backwards onto her ass and ever so fragile shoulder feathers. Broke one....all hell ensued. Screamed and cried into Issy cause it hurt terribly and wouldn't stop bleeding. Issy tried her best to lick it clean like a wound to get it to heal. Didn't work and only made it hurt worse. Which in turn caused Isa to trash, promptly breaking a -second- feather. Screamed for her mother, actually using the word 'Mommy.'. Yay first word. Eventually was carried bleeding and crying over to Momma. Who promptly tried pluck one of the broken feathers fast and quick. Which didn't work, just hurt. Cried and leaned into her mother for dear life while she was sang to in her own little language.

Eventually Mother left to go deal with someone in Shard's den. Not good. Left alone Isa tried in vain to go after her, however by this point her blood loss was starting to make itself known. Wondered around deranged trying to find her Mother, before collapsing in a heap between the pond and twin gods. Found by Honeyfur, who tried her best to heal the little one. However blood feathers once broken will continue to bleed.

Bird feet to the rescue, when Indigo spotted her and quick as a flash robbed her of the broken feathers and a couple okay ones. Whoops. Oh well, she was passed out and they grow back fast. Cadaver found Isa with Honeyfur and promptly had her carried back to the home tree to heal Halla. Cause shit got sticky fast. Sigh.

Has been sleeping -a lot-, more than normal.

Spent the evening playing with Momma and Shard. Lots of chasing and decorating. Shard now is fabulous with his flower woven tail and Momma has a beautiful crown of flowers, butterflies, and a dead mouse.

( New art Laughing out loud Also, feeling lazy tonight so....)

-Decided Shahla isn't the worst thing in the world.
-Mother came back from the dead.
-Gorged on milkies.
-Had to see Auntie Libra go bye bye, such a shame, her feet were nice.
-Momma was upset.
-Rah caused a ruckus running all around. Was lots of fun.
-Painted Roa's hooves. Painted war stripes onto momma.
-Super crazy stressed bby.
-Slept with Family for awhile.
-Woke up, went and visited Burd feet.
-Was cranky cause Burd feet was cranky.
-Felt bad, left to go sleep in a family pile.

Devoted for the first time, which triggered her first seizure. Lots of pain, tons of confusion.

Also, kitty paws rock.

(Just wanted to pop an OOC disclaimer in here. Isa is still extremely young and not as 'intelligent' as she may come off in her updates. 90% of the time, I'm hurriedly writing these before I passout so they are just pretty much summaries of whatever pops into my head + babbling.)

Spent a majority of her waking hours with her family. Halla attempted to introduce her to Shahla, to no avail. For some reason, every time she nears the Tigeress, every nerve within her body screams to flee and hide. At one point did attempt to play with Sonali. However the light witch's magic caused a negative reaction within Isabeau, causing severe stomach pains and a throbbing headache. Time will tell if she'll ever be able to approach light bearers.

On the note of negative reactions, has come to realize that the twin idles cause her body to go rigid and pain to spread over her skull. Avoids it at all costs and refuses to even go near the hill it's perched upon.

Spent the remainder of the day perched upon Ze'v's back and when he sat down curled up beside him to sleep.

FCKING STEPPED ON BY ROANEN!Exclaim All while trying to give love to both him and Niki. Was just trying to make the hurt go away and the two boys to get along. Oh but nooo, had to go all manly man and gore Niki and trod on the little bit. Asshole.

Limped off in anger and attempted to find her birdy friend. Found him but was dragged off by Niki. Taken back home where she attempted to fix his gore wounds by rubbing her face on them. Didn't work, got her covered in blood, decided to try and fix the wounds with flowers. Poor Niki....having flowers shoved into his bloody holes. He took it well though, besides it's the thought that counts.

Really pissed off at Roanen, going to seek revenge in whatever way her little baby body can muster. (Coming for your eyes you asshole....What where you sleep. D:<)

Decorated her brothers corpse in flowers. Assumes he's sleeping even though he smells terrible, not worse than the other corpse in his den though. That one needed a hella lot of flowers. Slept on Shard's corpse till Momma came and moved her off.

Woke up beside her kin and started her day with a round of play. Halla dragged Alice and the fae fawn Nymh over to play. Delighted in their company and in meeting new faces. Play was disrupted when Isela and Roanen joined them. Peeped her joy but realized soon enough that her new friends had left. Little bit sad, but got over it quickly. Ran off with Z and met a bird boy, whom she took an instant liking to. Even if her brothers were angry and spitting the whole time. She still doens't understand why they get like that and completely ignored them to sit on the birdy feet of Indigo. No harm no foul. Left for a nap awhile later, curled up in Roa's antlers and invited Z to join. Z's a wuss and wouldn't. Oh well.

Explored to the pond with Ruin and Z, was super interested in the water but didn't touch. Had a scary moment where Ruin was turned into a bat and she felt like she was alone. Lots of sobbing and wailing. Halla came and took her away to nurse and for comforting cuddles. Momma makes everything better. More play there after.

THEN. Ruin gave her the bestest best thing ever that was all hers to play with and carry. A totem stick carved with dragons and deer. She adores it and hasn't put it down since. Carries it with her everywhere and only drops it to nurse or sleep.

Visited the blue bowl in which she slathered Z with berry juice, which dyed his white bits blue. Quite happy with herself but dislikes the taste. Saw the same fawns from before and bound over to see them but was soon herded away by her Mother and Ruin. Can't grasp why she's not aloud to play with them, but she is with anyone else. Source of great inner curiosity.

Later went back to the pond with Ruin to play with her stick in the water but had the adventure cut short by seeing those same fawns and their family. Herded by ruin back home as soon as she got to touch the water. Water is wet. She doesn't really like it.


(Going to make this quick cause I'm lazy.)
-Big fight with lots of deer. Lots of emotions. Wanted to watch really bad. Pitched a royal fit when picked up and carried away by Isela.
-Tries sulking her angry babyself to Momma, Mommas not having it. Time out, lots of crying.
-Once she settled down enough to come to her senses, went and nuzzled her apologies to everyone.
-Alone time with Momma. Momma bit herself to show that blood = tears and that tears = pain. Cried and flung herself at the wounded leg in attempt to soothe the hurt with nuzzles. Understands the best her baby mind can.
-Playtime with Shard, Niki, Halla and Isela. Play fighting. Lots of warcries and boiling baby blood. Lots and lots of fun.
-Tickled by Shard, laughed for the first time.
-Made shard and Issy into real men with purple flowers.
-Painted Issy with bubberfly guts.
-Caught bubberflies to decorate Shard and Isela with.
-Ran off saw Shahla. Terrified of, dunno why.
-Reed's a royal red terror who for some reason doesn't like her. Source of great confusion.
-Met North played with North. Gives great cuddles yes.
-So migthy scared the North with her bad ass fight moves. PEEP.
-Gifts from Farren. Now possesses a ball covered in rabbit fur.
-Went to pond, saw Roa and Momma. Roa was cryin. Sad peeps.

The struggle started the night prior, that uncontrollable urgency that poked and prodded her instincts into action. 'Escape' it sung, calling to her to begin the frantic and ever slow adventure into the outside. Hours upon hours passed when all the little life could muster were encouraging peeps to the siblings whose live and company she'd lived by for the last months. Their own voices called back, giving her the energy to bash her tiny head as hard as she possibly could against the barrier. A hole, a tiny hole was all she managed in that first round before the lullaby of sleep called her back into it's depths.

It was early morning when the little life managed to remove herself from sleep's song and with her awakening, a round of 'hello, I'm coming and you're coming too.' peeps to those surrounding her. Once her instincts to call out calmed, the real fight began. Picking up her head she once again began the struggle of attempting to force her way out. Yet, newborn strength was nil. Hooves and frantic kicking ensued next. One of her siblings had stopped their peeping. Instant need and worry pierced the unknowing babes mind. That span of silence gave the petite just enough energy to muster her escape. With a resounding crack, the multihued egg split just enough to spill the fawn onto the unwelcoming earth.

Hypersensitive legs greeted the ground first, followed by a blind and partly deaf head. Everything was quieter now. The silence scared the little one causing her tiny mouth to open with a bleat of horror. Where were her siblings? Her choir of hope and encouragement? Had what silenced her sibling silenced her too? All the little soul was worried about was the warmth of those who once surrounded her, for that tale tale newborn chill was creeping in, threatening to take her away. The young body retaliated with violent shivers, shaking the fawn till it's little head flopped to the ground in what seemed like defeat. She was so tired, oh so tired.

In that moment that transitioned the woken into sleepers, something warm and absolutely amazing rasp across her body. It was like the song of her siblings, but much much more intense. This warm wet -thing- ever so slowly tore the chill from her body and replaced it with utter warmth. Isabeau couldn't help but feel the pull of a mother to child and her helpless peeping started up again. 'Love me.' she unknowingly called, the sound muted in her fluid clogged ears. Though, her ears were cleared soon enough and the world came alive like the crescendo of a orchestra. Birds, voices, grass. It all sounded so interesting and unique.

Finally, the fawn managed to flutter open her golden eyes and the first image that filled her blurry gaze filled her chest with so much love and trust it was mind boggling. The little feathered head rose to meet the investigating muzzle of her mother. Gently touching and feeling, she nuzzled against her mother for the first time in her life, while her body was brimming with the excitement of life.


Soon after learning that milk from Momma was the greatest thing on Earth (Screw you brothers, you're all weird and Ruin, you're useless in the milk department. Still loved though <3) she witnessed the second greatest thing. Fighting, sparing, whatever it was that her brothers were doing. Great clashing sounds came from their antlers and it tickled her senses in the most divine way. A mixture of both power and skill that even as a newborn the doe had a great appreciation for. So much in fact that she couldn't help but stumble her way into the fray and lower her little feathered head in imitation. She wanted to fight too. Only, when her brothers did -gently- bump her back, her horrible balance caused her to topple sideways. Oh well..... You'll get the hang of it Isa.

Later on she was led away by her mother towards an unknown face, a little dragon fawn just like her family. With a quick nuzzle, she decided this creature (Orome) was amazing too. Her mother quickly attempted to teach her how to jump, rear, and do a bunch of other things that she didn't really understand but was perfectly happy to imitate. Though, most of the time she just toppled over... Balance Isa...Seriously.

Met a few more faces. Fay, which she liked, and Lark. Whom she liked at first but then was trampled over in her attempt to get away from Halla. No more likes for you Ms.Lark, you caused pain. Lots of sobbing and cuddles from Momma to make her feel better. Also saw Sam, Rue, Indigo, and Wisteria. Though, for some reason Momma and Brother seemed to play too roughly with them and they ran away. Very confused as to why they'd run away from deer as amazing as her family.

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