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The fawn awakens in this strange environment he shalt soon call home. Bewildered by the tranquility of the scene, he does not move immediately, but instead surveys his surroundings. The trees are rich with life and the very forest floor bustles with the frenzied activities of the myriad of creatures spread throughout its thatch work.

Feeling somewhat more grounded, he takes his first tentative steps into this lucid locale. Finding nothing at first but the endless trees themselves, he begins to wonder if he is, in fact, alone. Distantly he hears a rumbling, as if the earth itself doth tremble. Again and again he hears this, scared beyond belief and yet morbidly intrigued. His curiosity envelops his fear and he heads forth to investigate.

Stumbling through a patch of rocks he shalt soon know as "the playground", he is led inexorably on by this rumbling, now faintly resembling coherence. He thinks he can discern a benign tone in the vibration, but proceeds no quicker for this epiphany.

Gradually, grudgingly, a ruin arises 'twixt the shades of the o'er-arching boughs. What mind or creature could create such structures, he ponders. But the sound is definitely coming from within, so he suspends such thought for the time being, and presses on. Within the centre of the ruin, and seemingly equally as ancient, a proud stag with archaic antlers and a sagacious expression perches upon a plinth. The fawn instantly heralds his superior and prostrates.

The stag seems pleased by his humility, and slowly wanders towards the perimeter, slow enough to insinuate its wish for its new friend to follow. The fawn stumbles along the rocky ground, but obediently respects this unspoken request. The stag stops by a rock that is somehow different from the others, and motions for the fawn to investigate further.

Upon first inspection, it bears no further difference to the others he hath seen hitherto barring its lack of moss. But slowly, running his fresh eyes along its minutiae, he realises that this rock has form, placement, and, furthermore, intellect. This is a Heathen idol, whether hewn or grown he is not certain, but its presence is comforting, and he lays to sleep at its feet, no longer feeling as perturbed by his new surroundings as he hath first assumed the veil of sleep may hath made him...