The Diary of Seed, 2-24-08

Seed's picture
No pictures today; I woke up oddly moody, having heard deep rumblings and a feeling of unhappiness in that place between sleep and waking where I hear things. I spent most of my morning wandering around, feeling sad and insecure. I wandered, and just frequently would run off and take a nap...

and when I woke up, I had a plan: in that place, which seemed a happier one now, I heard of deer sitting in the air. I wanted to try that, since I like things like flying or waterwalking or such silliness...but I couldn't. I would get a good run, some air, and then, when I started to sit...I'd fall. sometimes, I wouldn't even sit at all. I managed it once, for a glimmer of a second. Then, later, I ran into Sluggs, who I knew had been doing this. For a while, we just goofed off, running around and suchnot, and I had a pretty good time: but in the back of my head, I had a feeling Sluggs was going to want to do that, and I didn't know what I would do then. So when Sluggs started flying around, I was trying really hard to sit in the air. I couldn't. I got really frustrated, since I couldn't tell what I was doing wrong! I don't like not being able to do something other deer can do. I don't wanna look stupid. Silly yes, but that's all in good fun. I think I might have started crying if Sluggs wasn't there...and maybe Sluggs understood this somehow, because he nuzzled me some, and then we just did other things. But I was tired from all the running, so I went to go to sleep for the night. I've taken to sleep under the bridge.

((OOC Note: for some reason, the image in my head of Seed about to cry, or Seed crying, is too cute for words. I might try drawing it sometime ^^. I, as a player, am fine. No worries ^^. He's just been feeling too much subconcious forum angst))