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gentle forest poetry.

morning comes
the forest sighs
a sunrise,
hellfawn's eyes.

there once was a stag named sluggs
whose deer acted like it was on drugs
but fun games surmised
by a deer micro sized
are good only for fishes and bugs!

o cyric! scary, quite contrary,
how does your forest grow?
with zombie skins and bony grins
and frightened fawns all in a row

the sluggs go dancing six by six hurrah, hurrah
the sluggs go dancing six by six hurrah, hurrah
the sluggs go dancing six by six
the mini deer stops to do a trick
and they all go dancing up, to the sky,
to come down, like the rain,

I've been sleepin in deermuda,
All the live long day!
i've been sleepin in deermuda
just to pass the time away!
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Close ups!

lol the deer in the raven pelt was getting so frustrated with me! lol i was trying to tell them to sit on the rock, but they just didnt understand =/
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rawrg pepokeen lol im trying to get close up shots of you and you keep following me down in the river to investigate! XD
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i dont know the story behind this, but it's so cute!!!

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Run tribute video

i know it's a bit late, but there's been a lot going on. the song is "high hopes" - pink floyd

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what happened to the old forum? when i try to go there i just get redirected to here!
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hey who was it...

...that made those tiny pixel pictograms? with their permission, i'd like to add them as emotes on the endless forum.
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Another forum

i went and created a new forum for tef players. this one has a bunch of cool features, like character sheets, signatures, special forums for journals, art, random section, datasharing, and other things. when you post, your deer's name and gender are displayed separately from your forum screenname. i've also uploaded all the action bar icons as emotes.


i'm not going to tolerate disrespect. i can and will delete threads if i have to. i trust we can all act like friends and be nice to each other. no flaming.


while the forums here are down, let this be another peaceful place to stay in contact with friends and have fun.

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forum closed?

i'm very confused what's going on... i got an email that a topic i was watching had gotten a reply, and when i went to see it there WAS no forum! did something happen that i'm unaware about? i sort of feel guilty but i dont think i did anything...

[edit] i made a new forum - http://endlessforum.darkbb.com/
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