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Something strange in The Endless Forest.

As a young fawn, one can soak in all that is new with such a place as The Endless Forest. But as this stag recalls, things were much more stranger during the time surrounding Halloween, then time when Ghost first entered the Forest.

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Tryin' This

Communities make me happy!

So, my first blog! Which can also count for a diary for Bell, since they're all the rage, right? (notrly)

And I actually have something to write- rather, type about! Topic, Abiogenesis.

I'm quite disappointed I'll miss the official winter Abio- I've gotta work that night ):, but I'm sure there will be tons of pictures on the forums. Besides, my computer lags something awful with all the pretty stags running around.

Also! I think it might be worth my time to explain Bell's deer habits, because I'm thinking they might annoy some deer :x

She finds it funny when certain stags take themselves so seriously, and will do her absolute best to destroy that small sense of importance. I.E., intruding on 'territory' (sawry Witcher, dear), and basically laughing her tail off when things get a little out of han- hoof.

Bell also loves to play leap frog, specifically with stags that are laying down, making angry faces at her, or fawns of any shape because they're short enough. Life's a game to her!

So, my first blog was more of a ramble about nothing in particular rather than a contributing letter to the newly formed community, but that's alright, no?

*rocks out to radio*
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First blog

Well I'm here, and the site is pretty cool. The Forest Map is probably the coolest thing I've seen, and it would help us find out who's online and how many deer are sleeping as opposed to actually running around, ect.

I posted on the Forums asking if Pictures were limited to drawings and artwork or if screenshots could be posted. Who knows, maybe I'll have my own sub-section for Quad's Candid Camera. Only time will tell.

Until then, Quad hopes to dance with you guys in the forest soon!
- QuadRaptor
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Eyes wide...

First entry of a new blog. Standard stuff. Nothing interest to post at the moment. I'm loving the newness and look of this place. *nod-nod*

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We're brilliant!

We're brilliant! -

If you don’t believe us, read the well thought through article by chris on The Artful Gamer. I quote:

They are brilliant.

Seriously, the article contains a very interesting analysis of different forms of play. And how many computer games seem to miss out on a lot of opportunities for play. It reminded me a bit of our own post about Player-created gameplay but it takes the concept even further.

[The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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"The freakiest, sickest, scariest thing I've ever seen!"

The Fawn

“Ok, with that human face part I’ve gone from relaxed to petrified (I guess you could say I’m like ‘a deer in headlights!’!!).”

“Sweet fucking Christ, that’s terrifying. That’s going to be chasing in my nightmares tonight.”

“That has to be one of the freakiest, sickest, scariest things I’ve ever seen. That’s like Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, Alien, F.E.A.R., a botched surgery and evil evil evil Bambi all rolled together.”

If you think that picture is terrifying, their main pages background will make you shit yourself.”

Recent thread on Penny Arcade Forums

And here we were thinking our new fawn character looked so cute.

It’s not the first time that we have heard people respond like this. The human face on the deer in The Endless Forest sometimes freaks certain people out. Granted, most of those people would not be interested in playing the game. But this thread on Penny Arcade happens to be about non-competitive games.

Anyway, if you can see what might be so immensely unsettling about our Endless Forest characters, please let us know. We just think they’re cute imaginary creatures…

See Lina Kusaite’s portfolio for more concept sketches of the fawn.

[The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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test blog

is just a test to make sure nothing happens by itself
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Chaos in The Forest!

Chaos in The Forest! -


This screenshot pretty much tells it all. There were a record number of deer in attendance for The Endless Forest ABIOGENESIS: Summer Solstice! It was almost more than our server, or we ourselves, could handle but it was a great time and we hope it was good for you too. :) Thanks to all who logged in, for the patience and participation. Till next time in Phase 3, you bet! ;)

see more images in the Gallery.

And our favorite Endless Forest videographer, Anduin, video captured the experience perfectly!

[The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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"Ack, it's impossible to grief the other damn deers"

"Ack, it's impossible to grief the other damn deers" -

“Ack, it’s impossible to grief the other damn deers. You can’t talk to them, and no matter what you do is seen as being ‘friendly’ to the other person.”

Quote by Fie, Barbarian, from a 4 page thread about The Endless Forest on the Age of Conan forums (and that’s not even the only thread about our game.)

We win! Smiling

The usual homophobia and hunter-fantasies aside, this person, in an attempt to disrupt the peace in The Endless Forest, found out our true secret: without a gun, there is no way to shoot. Welcome to the Forest, Fie!

[The Endless Forest News from Tales of Tales]
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