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Mentalpretty good
looking for a small company


a rounded belly means that she is pregnant, heavy gait and lazy squeaks are issued from her, in search of a suitable place for clutch of eggs


Bullied at a very strange black thing(The Harvester), competing in volume with their sounds. Irritates being stronger, approaching and starting to start broken dances and squeak. It's just, hey, you obviously want to follow that! On the Inkwell not likes actions Zhivka, he pursues its, amusing its stronger and stronger, until persecution of not becomes too long....the Inkwell gives way and she disappears into a thorn bush. She is overtaken by another woman(Sabbath) who knows she is in the bush, then Zhivka challenges her to a singing competition!
Oh yes, the woman sings well! Zhivka is inspired by her singing, and tries to establish a conversation, but her path is crossed by a feline stranger(Nastya)! The squeaky weirdo leaves with it, still hoping to meet the singer later.


This time, Raptors’s unsuccessful attempt to hyponize, which got only a nausea attack and nothing more. It will be hard work on this, but for now give me time for the fat caterpillars, please!!


Whistling non-melodic sounds, runs around the forest, sniffing everyone she meets.
Recognizes the speech of some to use words in in her creaky.


She was so hungry that she decided on hypnosis. Walked through the hills until she spotted a feathered fool (Argus). Stepping closer, the deer began to look at her with interest, which she sought. Her furbegan to throb, her patterns were spinning, and her eyes were enlarged. She started to run near him, creaking a little and banging her feet. Argus could not look away and was ready to fulfill her desire.
She led the enchanted deer to a sleeping creature and forced it to catch fatty cicadas with its mouth. Deer fulfilled the assignment and looked forward with an empty look. The insectivore grabbed a snack and creaked loudly. The deer immediately woke up, ran away from the creature and looked discouraged. After which, he disappeared into the fog.
After a snack, it was chased by a predator (Ragnara). Felt sluggish and wanted to rest, but the pestering predator continued to follow her. Went on the offensive, dancing, with reared coat. The patterns intensely changed color, thereby being able to make Rag retreat.


Repetition of the movements of the winged creature and small gatherings in the clearing.
Attacks on pond dragonflies, a feeling of severe hunger with the beginning of autumn.


With curiosity, she saw a hyena-like creature from afar. Was very interested, but was afraid to come closer. When she came up, Rhea got up and invited me to lie down beside her. Zhivka looked at her horns with apprehension and lay down. They lay for a long time, that Zhivka was even hungry.


Woke up near the old oak tree. Being exhausted from thirst and need for communication, began to move through the forest. Many creatures were asleep, so stopping near them didn't see the point. Saw foxlike creature (Mishan) lying in a clearing and a big sphinx. Coming closer, the sphinx rose and greeted Zhivka, she was pleased to see such a reaction, because she began to bounce, and the patterns on the body began to swiftly pour. Mishan also got up, but was not entirely happy to see Zhivka, she started backing away. But after received approval to lie with them in the clearing.


Hiding from the sun in her favorite bush, devouring caterpillars.


Lay down near to a deer with two faces(Jude). Quietly watched and leisurely ate a dragonfly, but soon went to sleep in the sun. Before going to bed, came to him again


Name: Zhivka
Meaning: "living"
Species: Muntjac deer and unknown creature hybrid
Sex: female
Size: 14
Diet: Insectivore
Scent: Birch juice
Sexuality: Unexplored
Voice: reproduces the sounds of instruments like HERE (2:57-3:45)
Set in the forest: Great Agrus pelt, Forest Spirit mask, Orca antlers, mini

bothersome ¿ crazy ¿ abnormal ¿ weird impatient

¿ two pairs of ears, constantly sticking out

¿ small red pigtail on the right side

¿ big eerie eyes

¿ more often e with a calm face, sometimes "glitch" and becomes abnormal

¿ compact body with thin legs

¿ sharp fur on the hind legs, carefully, you can cut yourself

¿ patterns on the body are constantly changing, used to disguise entices insects through iridescent patterns

¿ if she is in a red pelt - it means her bad condition

¿ fur in the bitten wings of insects

An unpredictable being with shifts on mind. Has hallucinations and frequent headaches. Because of a mental disorder may become unconscious and attack you (when in a red pelt).


Moves with torn movements, slow a bit, rarely runs fast. It is not always clear what she wants, since she can simply repeat the same actions. Can pursue someone, while not coming closer.


At first it may seem nice. Eerie eyes, pupils move vvery seldom. Don't look at her for a long time, her patterns on the body move and you can get eyesick.

"We're all pretty bizzare. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

John Hughes

Jude - seen; good-natured
Raptor - bad hypnosis experience ; will try again
Mishan - seen; wary
unnamed sphinx - seen
Rhea - seen; is interested
Ragnara - beware, but ready to defend
Argus - got food with it,



DISCLAIMERCharacter is completely IC. His opinions and actions do not reflect those of his player, however, responsibility for him will be taken accordingly.
css by Jessickalor, using Unplugged's CSS help blog
Main artwork by me
English is not my first language, so in bio can contain a mistakes, sorry

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By Draak <3

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yeah boiiii

yeah boiiii
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i love her!

i love her!
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/rays of love/

/rays of love/

spooki but also cute af

spooki but also cute af
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??? /creaky sounds/

❥❥❥ /creaky sounds/
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Can only make musical sounds

Can only make musical sounds like my baby penelope, perhaps they could meet?

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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oh musical kiddo, i think yes

oh musical kiddo, i think yes Exclaim



This art is so cute!!

This art is so cute!!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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ty Ooh
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this character is immensely

this character is immensely beautiful
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oh thanks!

oh thanks!
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Yaaaaas gorgeous

Yaaaaas gorgeous
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Sig: Aihnna

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