in union with pain|Kumiho.

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D I S C L A I M E R.

this biography contains adult content, including sexual intercourse, violence, drugs.



met with Mark and demanded to return the pendant. As it turned out, the coyote had left him in the human world. Uses all methods to return the selected item.

spent some of the day with Severon, feeding him crayfish, then dozed off on a mossy rock. Felt someone's presence and a previously unfamiliar smell. The stranger turned out to be a smoldering ember (Blade), who found something interesting and funny in Kumiho. It turned out that Blade is able to weave a new body from magic and soul. All this requires a crystal filled with magic. He said that the terms of the deal will be agreed later.

healed wounds and marks on the body, covered with a crust. Healing of a torn wound on the neck (has the ability to move, but with some difficulty). | hot and depressed. He completely hates himself because of what he did to himself in the human world. Watery, swollen eyes. A headache that has been haunting since yesterday. Tired.

the dead in the human world. Overdose. There is no way to go back.

stabilization of conscious activity. Lack of motor capabilities of the cervical region. Tolerable headache. Torn cheek (healing). Chewed marks on various parts of the body (healing). Moved to the source of water for the purpose of washing the wounds. Most of the time it is in a dormant state. Recovery.

torn skin and muscle behind the ears. Patted. There are chewed marks in some places. Torn right cheek. Semi-fainting state, throbbing headache. the damage was caused by Mark, when Kumiho tried to return the stolen pendant.

drug addict, pimp, extortionist
hybrid russian greyhound and four-horned antelope
years old - 19
male specimen
cherry, slightly woody smell
polygamous biromantic with a attraction to his gender
mainly meat-eater, but does not exclude vegetable food

o - a resin-drenched pine cone that Mark had given him. wears around his neck. (lost!)
o - enchanted blade, given to him Geadzhii.

straight - forward - lustful - vindictive - sluggish - impressionable - sensitive - tactile - soft - childish - wayward

  • Maternal. Does not apply to own/other children. Applies to defenseless/weak/injured/old characters. Typically located nearby. Guardianship, protection, maintenance of stable physical and moral condition.

  • Persistent/Intrusive. The desire to be in someone's environment. Will try to use all the opportunities to win over You.

  • Owner. Mainly if it concerns food/items/territory. Aggressive and violent towards those who try to take away his property.

  • Cruel. This often manifests itself to those who disrespect/rudely/brazenly treats him or his wards.

  • Bribable. Bribe him with food or various trinkets.

The conduct of the battle.

i'm still working on this character. hard and dreary. many things can change.
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Track! (I kept seeing Kumiho

(I kept seeing Kumiho sleeping in the Ruins while Lexi was there and it piqued my curiosity lol!)

Discord: JaqueRabbit#9280  --- Art Instagram
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Funnily enough, Kumiho was

Funnily enough, Kumiho was also watching Lexi out of curiosity, meh.
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Doggoo <3

good boi :3

good boi :3
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by me

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