Deer to Fox; Fox to Deer Quantum Entanglement

The sleeping fox

When a group of particles or deer generate, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that a quantum state leads to a quantum entanglement the state of each deer in the group cannot be described independently of the state of the others even if separated by long distances. So in the dance the position, the momentum, the soon, and a polarization happen on entangled particles and in some cases will correlate with each other. It gives rise to paradoxical effects and an irreversible wave function collapse (the dance) and the original quantum state changes. Buckyballs to small diamonds occur. For my Deer it takes an orthogonal and becomes a fox for a time. Or in other places like Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment that illustrates a paradox of quantum superposition. In the thought experiment, a hypothetical cat may be considered simultaneously both alive and dead as a result of its fate being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur. colon right parenthesis colon Schrödinger's Smiley...

The awake deer

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this feeling...

...when u remember only the old account name (and nothing more, it was 7 years ago huh) so u cannot return ur old life.

it's not a big deal, really, but for some reason it's hurt as much.

all those who wander are not lost *new user post*

I made a new account today after remembering this game existed! I played it for less than a month at least 6 years ago, and didn't have any idea what I was doing then. I can't say I'm doing any better now, either. I've heard your deer grows up after a few months, so until then you'll be a fawn. But how to customize or what to do in this strange world, I've no idea.
Without spoilers, I suppose, a couple tips to point me in the right direction of finding things would be cool. Like walking past the trees that puff blue mist and make sound- what's that mean?

Edit: everything makes a lot more sense now Smiling I can't wait to spend more time roaming and interacting with everyone <3
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I feel so bad posting this again, but I'm really struggling to find people for my idea and have no idea where else to possibly look for...deer people? XD

Does anyone play Meadow on here?

I've recently got into the beauty of the Bambi films and their social hierarchy (The Great Prince, young prince etc.). So I was wondering if anyone who plays Meadow wanted to put a herd together, and join a discord to have chill RP time. Grazing, travelling, finding collectables and obelisks etc. We could have bucks, does, and fawns with the numerous horn, coat, and size options available. The bigger the horns, the more wise you are? Anyone interested in this idea?

I have the discord set up. Let me know if you'd fancy joining! I had some responses last time I posted but no dice...

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