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The Autumn Breeze


Name: Roo
Pictogram: x
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female, Doe
Sexuality: Asexual
Alignment: Lawful Good
Status: Single
Species: Roe Deer
Size: #12
Scent: Autumn leaves, fresh hay, soil, flowers
Voice: Xion from Kingdom Hearts
Diet: Herbivorous
Home: 423 x 372

In-Game Set:
Skull Mask - Peacock Antlers - Great Argus Pelt

INFP. Quiet and a bit shy at first when you meet her, but turns into a little ball of energy after she's comfortable around you. Always very friendly and gentle. She is usually calm and has a naturally peaceful aura which makes those around her, including other deer and even other animals to relax. Really naive and maybe a bit too kind. Very positive and gets happy from the smallest things. Communicates a lot with body language and especially with her movable, flexible feathers. Doesn't talk much, but whenever she does she talks in third person and her speech is a bit gibberish.

Likes: Autumn, friends and family, warm colors, small animals, flowers, butterflies, the moon, nature overall, making others happy, sunny but chilly weather, laying/sleeping in flower patches

Dislikes: Confrontations, big crowds, loud/sudden noises, predators, narrow mindedness, injustice, being unable to help, the smell of blood and flesh, mosquitoes


Family: Willowia

Friends: Piru, Ava, Horna, Midori, Kinjaru

Lilura D'elia, Sarabbi, Dorobo, Severon, Anpiel

Enemies: N/A


Art © Rinniekins
CSS © Hautakumpu
Height Chart © Apeldille
Fonts © Google Fonts

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A track! Roo is such a lovely

A track!
Roo is such a lovely doe *o*
Icon © Sluggs
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thank you!!

thank you!! <33 and this is like the 458498575th time i say this but thank you again so much for the CSS ; ; i would've never gotten anywhere with it by myself aaaahh, i don't have enough words to express my gratitude! thank you!! <3
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you're welcome! I'm really

you're welcome! I'm really happy you like it ;v;
It was very pleasing to do it.
Icon © Sluggs

a cutie

a cutie
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thank you!!

thank you!! <3 ;v;

oh my gosh, what a lovely

oh my gosh, what a lovely design! I'm in awe of her~
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very pretty

very pretty
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@FishBiscuit aaaaa thank you

aaaaa thank you so much!! i'm so so glad to hear that! <3

thank you!! <3
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She is so cute!!

She is so cute!!
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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thank you!! ;v;

thank you!! ;v; <3
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heyy OWO

heyy OWO

by me

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hi there!! ^^

hi there!! ^^
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Heyo~ Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

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hi there!! ^^ nice to meet

hi there!! ^^ nice to meet you too!
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(No subject)

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hello there!! ^^

hello there!! ^^
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Traaaaack <3
Icon© HeckTheKek
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!!Track <3
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@nneeaa and @Collado thank

@nneeaa and @Collado thank you both!! <3
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track! &hearts;

track! ♥
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thank you so much!!

thank you so much!! <3
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Such a lovely layout, I

Such a lovely layout, I thought I was already tracking)
Always enjoy Roo's company in the forest.
Pixel picto © Draak
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thank you so much!! ;v; and

thank you so much!! ;v; and awww same thing right back at you! <3