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Spent time with Altijd, who was just there and filled Repodus with some kind of non-burdensome aura.

6.10.19 - 8.10.19
Recently, he has been spinning with his new friend (Dohr), feeding him and using his jaws as a carry to lake, is still angry at this....

Again the chase, which begins after he comes to Argus and taunts him, sometimes clicking teeth near him until Kokabiel enters, who annoys Repodus with his presence, so he decides to intimidate the child. This is beyond the scope and he inflicts a few blows with tail, to shoo this impudent. Here are the same people who ran after him yesterday, but another stranger who spit poison at.
His lair is destroyed, his power is de-energized, his emotions settle somewhere inside, and trust breaks with every minute.

He was on the lake, hiding behind a tree to look at the blue giant (Dohr), and talk about how this would become his bodyguard and brother.
Then throws distracted attention on Sub to stand in the distance and shout curses at her and growl indignantly.
He receives several aggressive attacks, believing that this will end now. But Kurlezan and Sibile enter this.
It lasts damn long, the predator got tired and just started screaming so that at least something would save his ass. Fari appears here, who distracts this company on herself, but they are still furious.
Now he is hiding behind Fari and Garay, spitting swear words.
He begins to behave provocatively, already directing it to two. He gets blows and a particularly strong blow to the ground from Fari, runs away from there to scream, "I am not GUILTYYYY, they starteddddDD first" and crawl under his stone.

Squeezed into trouble with Greitai and Fari. Not having any personal views, wanted to take part and at least help something. He received several minor injuries, after which he wandered wearily into his den to calm down and have a bite.

Still poisoned, climbing a stone to draw Garai's attention to himself. He talks about what happened, after which he was picked up by the paws of Garay and carried to the lake, where he drank liters of water. At the end of the day slept while Fari and Garai stood guard. *happy tear*

Absolutely DYING of boredom, so came across a sweet couple. Well, this time without children, but does not see this as a problem. He also sees a new face that is opposed to him (Nathaniel). Wanders past, ruffling their nerves, emitting a grin in their direction.After which he gets the opportunity to have fun with their reaction.
Self-confidently gurgling, moved on, where sniffed the sleeping 'Huge Flashlight' ("Srarkiller"). Having no definite thoughts on this,grumbled something and disappeared into the bushes.
Finding something fascinating, he checked "Braincase" (Andrea 'Wolfshead'). He was a little scared by the unknown, so he did not come close.
Forgetting about today's adventures, he heard the sound of hooves coming towards him. Smells of problems???
Baring his teeth and wagging his tail furiously, sees in front of him a trinity that overtook him. Hastened to hide, but an unsuccessful choice of path decided everything. The trap worked, the brawl ended with his crumpled body and headache, which turned into a fever (poisoning reaction). Having not received access to the lake, he retreated.
Hiding in the forest, he smelled of Grei and hastened to her.
Used the remaining forces for an AAANGRYY tale, after which he poured out nausea.

Wandered around the cemetery, watching some sleepy, until he saw in the distance a large black horned ("Raptor")
Walked around carefully, breathing in the air. Already more licentious ran and lay down nearby.
Noticed a too close look, decided to move away, you never know what.
 Met Garai and Fari with a loud howl, who for some time lay opposite the black predator.
Suddenly thought that it might be superfluous (sorry wat), dumped into the den, giving a small order.
He returned to the two who were in their hidden den. Tried to peep, for which Fari awarded him a run and a bite on the tail.
Considered this act for joining the fraternity.
Finding his den too full of food, decided to share it with homies (stop it?). Having made three calls, he brought rabbits for them and himself.
There were no bites; he decided with a sly hiss that he had done everything right.
He also laughed at the wounded bird (Argus), which was treated by most of the forest. What a delight.

It looks exhausted, but is recovering.
Slowly moving outside the shelter.

Was fed a Huge Flashlight (Starkiller). He didn’t refuse to eat a rabbit snack, was able to fall asleep comfortably near a tree trunk.

A gloomy mood, does not want to see someone, but can not cope with unbearable pain.
Looks tired, aggressive and passive.
Angry, scared creature.
He cannot budge, sometimes finds strength in himself and wanders around the cemetery and hisses into the void.
Blood and water drains from his fur, leaving bloody puddles.

Traumatic brain injury and cracked thigh bone - a consequence of the couple's provocation (Culzean, Sub) and their helper (Bhaltair)
fights pain, inactive in the hunt for several weeks.

Every day becomes more talkative, often looking for communication, but not always it turns out.

Meeting with the glowing lady (Oltha). Behaved very carefree and fun, tried to bite off the glowing sprout, but was in too good spirits for this.

Full recovery. The wounds are healed, the new weapon is ready. Playful mood

Lies on warm places, wounds gradually heal, the head still hurts, but the hoofs become stronger and healthier.
A large wound on the back begins to rot, it's bad.
Thanks to healing hooves, can run a little and hunt rabbits and mice.
Awful pain. Walked towards the oak tree to sleep there, but saw Noëlle near the tree. She looked a bit perplexed, at that moment Rep looked very helpless, he looked at her curiously. Noëlle was very cautious, but after a while they were able to play a little.
The legs of the predator again fell ill, he fell to a clearing, Noëlle lay beside him. She decided to help the predator, put a couple of healing leaves on his back, but Repodus did not like it, he behaved incredulously. Deciding that Noel really wants to help him, he put the leaves on his back. The situation confused him, he still did not understand why they offered their help.
A small throwback in words, later came Feofan, who soon fell asleep, like Noëlle.

Meeting with Alt, predator thought that he wouldnt want to come to him, but he came and offered his help.
For the first time in his life, Repodus thanked someone.
For the first time he had such a long conversation.
Help is necessary to him now.
its recovery continues...

Recovers from serious wounds.
Met a predator similar to him. At first was rather afraid, later began to follow him. The first joint hunt! At first everything was fine, until the fights became very cruel, Rep is very tired. This creature was curing him, but at the same time, being a rational lizard, he decided that he wouldnt participate in these battles.
Later learned that the creature was killed. Didnt see the corpse.
It is very regrettable that his new acquaintance died so suddenly.
During the fight he received wounds:
- concussion of the brain
- Broken hooves
- large cut on the back, fresh meat

For a long time will remain in silence and tranquility, does not attack.

Busy day.
Meeting with merry deer, with Alt and Ro.
Later he chased the company of children together with their leader, Argus.
The result of this chase is frightened children to death, wounds on the face of a blueass and a bunch of bruises on their own ass. One of the children looked very protective, therefore he protected the others.
Everything was fine, as the fools began to get tired, but Mishan and Nastya ran up and drove out the raptor.

Wasnt hungry, but hoped to scare someone.
On the shore, noticed a doe and a large dark deer. They looked peaceful, but when the dino approached them, the doe pricked up its ears and walked closer to the deer. His games were perceived as something dangerous, so deer began to behave cautiously. Repodus was angry at this reaction, so he began to growl and hiss.
The couple went to the playground, under the stones. Doe was sitting under the stone, and the deer stood and examined the area. Repodus occasionally attacked them, he saw the fear in the eyes of doe, Repa smiled and laughed joyfully. Soon the deer was fed up and he waved her horns in exasperation. Sensing that the deer was furious, Repodus decided to leave.
Meeting with Feo and Ro. Soon Nastya and Kodex approached them, Repodus quietly dug and clapped his tail. A small insult after Nastya found the game dangerous,the Codex also had no desire to play with him, they left.
Together with Feofan and Ro, they fooled around for a long time, Hunter later approached, they ran through the forest and shouted.
Tried to scare a couple of deer, who rode carelessly on the edge. Coming closer, he began to knock with his hooves, but they werent afraid of him and offered to dance. He began to swear loudly at them and fled.
Charter after such a wild day, he went to black doe. They carefully sniffed each other and lay down on the ground. Repodus was pleased with this calm.

Noticed in a cemetery the company of beings (Gretai, Vaallaka, Maekrix), has felt a smell which was similar to it. Coming closer, he saw that two beings are similar to him in appearance and habits. This impressed Repa so much that he started jumping around, the company stood up and sniffed at him. But not receiving much attention and Vaallaka said goodbye to Repodus.
Wandered through the meadow, saw a standing doe in the middle of the field(Stria), she looked like a doe, which set fire to its tail, snarled a little. With caution, he began to get to the doe, until she noticed it in the tall grass. Not a bad time, this doe didnt want to hurt Repa, he even offered her a battle.
When the deer fell asleep, Repodus went up to her and sniffed faster, the smell of a dangerous doe bother him. Bending his head on his side, he rocked a little and looked at her. Having made some conclusions, he decided to return later.

The day began with a meeting with Hunter, Repa loves to run around in the forest with this log-beam, they very quickly dispersed and behaved very noisily. They jumped into thick bushes and immediately jumped out, scaring small animals and birds. Repodus roared loudly and waved a crest on his head. He went to the birch tree and began to sharpen his fangs about the bark, saw nearby the standing doe (Sadhbh). It was dark red, and on the body saw lines with yellow magma.
Repodus smirked, Hunter looked at the dinosaur warily. "It's taiimmi to hhave sam faaan", dino snarled and headed toward the fallow ooe.
Lan stared at the dino, when he came very close. Her eyes flashed yellow fire and Repa recoiled. His fur lifted, he spread his legs wide and was ready to attack her. At that moment, Hunter ran up to him and closed this doe with his body. "Wat ar you up to, steppp awai!" Repodus wasnt in himself with rage. He ran to Hunter and tried to run to the doe. Hunter continued to interfere with Repodus and he decided to move away. Waiting for Hunter to lose his vigilance, Repa jerked to the doe and jumped high, aiming his tail on her back. Suddenly he felt a growing pain on his tail. He sank to the ground and looked back. A brush on the tail glowed with bright fire. "What the furck?!"! exclaimed the dino and looked viciously at the doe and fled. He ran past Isak, whom he so loves to enrage, but he didnt have time for it. He ran to the lake and put his tail in the water. Pulling out his tail, he saw that the hairs had peeled off and there was a burn on the tip. Wildly, Repodus started kicking and screaming, Hunter stood aside and laughed at him.
Calmed down, Repodus ran to Altijd, who was lying near Thais. After a short nap, Repodus sniffed his sleeping friends and left.

Running with Altijd and Thais. Gradually begins to trust the big-eye buddy.

VERY busy raptor!!
Was dying because of boredom, until he saw on the shore a big deer (Isak). At first he just ran to sniff, but he didn't wait for reaction and the deer started to leave. The crest on his head ruffled and Repa creaked his teeth. Decided to pursue a deer, he still had nothing to do. The deer slowly walked through the forest, while Repa quietly (he thought so..........) was hiding behind the trees.
It was a very long persecution, the raptor was already beginning to get bored, but the deer was getting angry and sometimes shaking the agitated little one. He was very happy with this reaction, so he began to enrage the deer even more. Hiding behind trees, he honed his mastery of disguise.
Another face was watching behind his actions. Ro. Repa thought that Ro wants to spoil his "hunt", because he began to beat his tail heavily on the ground and pound his hooves. For some time Ro moved after him, but later left. And the persecution continued.
Everything ended in the fact that Repa brought Isak out of himself and he hastily left. Turnip no longer wanted to follow him. He was overjoyed and very tired, went to the cemetery.
Turnip was ready to lie down and sleep, as one-eyed creature (Altijd) noticed on the hill. Forgetting about the tired, he skipped toward him, hiding behind a tree. The creature also stood behind the tree and Repa was surprised, laughed. A small company came to them (Avelaan, Hatto, Fuji Koujaku), they began to rush through the clearing. The raptor was fun, his tongue fell out of his mouth and he often blinked and roared. Suddenly everyone began to dance, but Repa looked at them in bewilderment and didn't understand. He couldn't run with them for a long time, his legs ached from running and became tired again. He lay down and the rest began to lie next to him. He immediately jumped up and something growled, lay down at a distance. Hato tried to persuade them to lie down next to them, but Repa didn't agree and snarled. Then Altijd stood up and offered to lie down next to him. Still a little puffing, Repa agreed BUT NOT TOO CLOSE. A little later, Repa fell asleep soundly.

Shook the forest with Hunter. Trained some tricks that didn't work out. In the end, began to rage and clung to the horn of this lubber with his teeth.

During the week saw a mini deer, became close friends. Wants to know WHO ARE YOU?? Screaming at the whole forest in two voices is CoOl.
Saw in the distance a deer in a scarf(Grimoire). Interested, but too tired, so decided to lie down. Opening his eyes, saw that the deer was lying nearby. Jumped in surprise, a little hissed. The smell of the books seemed very strong, but quite pleasant.

Physical: shabby but tenacious
Mental: languishing with loneliness

Name: Repodus
Alias: Repa, Repo, Repolho
Gender: Male
Age: Young 17 human years
Orientation: wut??
Size: 34
Set: Skull deer mask, magpie feathers, noh pelt, mini
Scent: tar with a little blood smell
Diet: carnivorous
Voice: #bc4001 x
Species: utahraptor and deer fusion
His den: X (plot without grass, under the stone stores carrion and something else)

Character is completely IC. His opinions and actions do not reflect those of his player, however, responsibility for him will be taken accordingly.
nature - habits - appearance - relations - extra

communicative(if not hungry) - intemperate - clingy - over-emotional - unmannerly - changeable - saucy - nimble - self-confident - annoying -
impulsive - petulant - adversarial

Due to age, may be gullible to some individuals.

Heard some nicknames that look like a "lizard" or something like that. Ready to crush the bones for it.

Tries to bypass humid places, such as lakes, streams. Hates rain, hides in warm, dry places. Yes, it is not hygienic.

Bad broken speech, speaks loudly, cheekily. Gradual study of speech, listening to the others, perceiving the tone of voice. Sometimes he speaks words that he simply liked, not understanding the meaning of this.

Overactive choleric.

Behaves as a loner, but not against a small company in which he will be able to capture all the attention on himself.

Likes to arrange "fights". Aggressive games, like an attack, it is not always possible to understand whether he is having fun or is attacking.

Against interactions with his body. No hugs, no touches.. For this you will get screams and bites. Gives silent permission only to the elite lol.

Respects personal space.

Becoming more reasonable and social with growing up

Hates children, if they are very close, begins to frighten them, may attack. Perhaps he is neutral to predatory children...

Being in an aggressive mood, shouts loudly and whips its tail.

What? They are dancing? Phew, enough of these twitches. *spits*


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Exclaim Exclaim
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more dinodeer yessss

more dinodeer yessss

i'm lovin this!!

i'm lovin this!!
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cute small

cute small
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I love raptors. ♥

I love raptors.

Sig by Lathyrus. ♥
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I'm late from the party,

I'm late from the party, shame on me.
Have seen this little thing few times and omg he is cute raptor!
Don't bite my tail while i sleep, i may kick you by accident

this little one is too bright

this little one is too bright uffff
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*growls enthusiastically*

*growls enthusiastically*
Hautakumpu, its okayy, no problem, i hope that Repa will take note of this Eye
kseniamokhova, fun pastime, my little one wants to meet with Feofan again
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:> i love him

i love him
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/sniff sniff/ helooooo &#9788

/sniff sniff/
helooooo ☼


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hello there

Frown hello there
By Draak <3

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very interesting character.

very interesting character. believe i saw you in forest.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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hi there

hi there
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/lick lick/

/lick lick/
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Sorry we got boring!! Altijd

Sorry we got boring!! Altijd has been enjoying goofing off with Repodus though! Smiling

This boy

This boy <3
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/peaceful rumbling squeal/

/peaceful rumbling squeal/ rooaooawwrrrhhsh
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ebuchka kusaka

ebuchka kusaka
By Draak <3

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fok u

fok u

I'm so sorry for Repodus |D

I'm so sorry for Repodus |D he's so cute but Val isn't very well today...
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He understands (probably),

He understands (probably), will try to come later, because he is interested in this company /eyes/

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sorry a little closed today

sorry a little closed today
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Party1, kseniamokhova, and

Party1, Evil
kseniamokhova, and yet welcomes you!
whiskeybeast, stand backkkkkkkk
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:knife: thanks for fun

thanks for fun <3
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:gnashing of teeth: thunk

:gnashing of teeth:
thunk youw too, dis lade lokz delizhiouzzz

Hi, stinker ;>

Hi, stinker ;>
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*shakes Fist at* Come at me

*shakes Fist at*
Come at me bruuhh
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/invites to enter/ gklat to

/invites to enter/
gklat to see u herre, yaummyey
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by VasilisaKonti <3

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spooked squirrel noises

spooked squirrel noises
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thanks for the fun

thanks for the fun <33
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:nervously growls: yeazh

:nervously growls:
yeazh loave zis funnn
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messaged you via Discord

messaged you via Discord

Ah! its this little predator

Ah! its this little predator Interesting meeting with him and Exodus. Hope he didnt make this boy uncomfortable in his presence.
by Hautakumpu / Discord: Maddie#0610
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Shenere, !! trollchild,

Shenere, Frown !!
trollchild, Repodus happy new company now. I see that Exodus is also carnivorous, i think they could have fun in the forest once Eye

Ahh, Exodus would be pleased

Ahh, Exodus would be pleased to meet this fella again and play! Im sure they will. (;
by Hautakumpu / Discord: Maddie#0610
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Little monster.

Little monster. <3 Prim is shooketh.
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It was a great job as a

It was a great job as a couple Eye

Yourgh kidzz are souu sweedt. Somtimez you need to waid a bit to enjoi somethink spishial.