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Got rid of the witch's gift too late, when the house was filled with the corpses of birds, and Pta's hands were covered with misty ash.
Sabbath becomes the cause of insomnia and long nightmares for the girl, trust is broken, as well as hopes for something bright.

Sadiki is back, which gives her more confidence than before.
Concerned about Lou, who does not look stress-resistant, took him to her home so that the guy felt safe, at least for a while.

Returning to the forest after recovering and supporting her health in the sanatorium and immediately met with Sabbath to have a little chat and get parting words for the young girl.

Wandering in the vicinity of the ruins, until noticed Sadiki and Argus that about something chatted. Watched them from a distance for a while, rubbing neck against the tree and feeling heaviness somewhere inside, but was able to step back.
Came running to Sabbath and another stranger, to duck to the witch and feel a bit better, a little later a bearlike child appeared beside them, which through several minutes already was alongside Pta. Baldur turned out to be such a friendly child, with whom the girl relaxed and forgot about Sadiki for a while. They were approached by the child's mother(Inga), who inspired the girl with fear, but soon allowed her to stay with her child.

Growing up too fast.
Overcomes the stages of growing up with an inevitable speed, covering the year.

Broken by what happened the last two days. Has found Jericho near oak, ran up to talk with him, but has lost expense time and Sadiki along with this. The desert stag bowed and left her alone with her torn thoughts. She crawls under the roots to sprinkle her face with tears and plunge into inner darkness, it was the first time that she loses someone through her own fault.
But Jericho is here again, she calms her a little and lets her sleep on his paw before the sobbing stops and Ptashka goes to sleep.

She barely managed to remain unnoticed, but the thin-legged creature(Ashira) saw her and condemned her gaze. Didn't think it would cause anyone any inconvenience. Learned about peripheral vision, will try find this have themselves in next time! But then the new faces just walk away from her, leaving her alone in the ruins silence. A barely perceptible sense of guilt and doubt creeps up behind her and stings.

Braiding pigtails on the brother's head, lying on his back, but could not do without stupidity, which could be decisive for some. At the last moment was able to find an explanation.

Dozing with Sadiki, to the moment she was left alone. Wandering near oak, she has found there moreover the most wounded of an animal! Completely surrendering to his treatment, dressing wounds and bandaging. Happy little doctor! The beast is more than grateful to the girl, offering to be her guard and become a killer for those who dare to touch her. His words scare her a little, but she doesn't mind having such a giant on her side.
Only without the murders!Sad

Carefully looked at the beast(Jericho), who was soaking in the pond water. Because of the creeping fear wanted to escape, but the beast was wounded, that she decided to bring benefit to anyone! She promised to help him with pain...until Sadiki came, who was definitely not happy to see the child with this toothy. Distracted by the friend arriva, turning around, didn'tt find Jericho on the spot. What a pity, well, she will definitely help him later!

Not left without attention of the fanged giant(Grímkell) , she watching him from behind a tree, completely absorbed in a mental holding of the show, has not yet been seen. Was so excited that wanted to merge with the bark of the tree to avoid something terrible....but she was soon nearby, asking questions about his horns, occasionally gawking and listening excitedly to his words.
An interesting experience for a small modest child.

Hurt and devastated, she comes into Lou's company, silent and self-absorbed. Trying to bring to the conversation, a sigh, but did not let drop a word about her situation.
Goes to the playground to watch the white predator(Fari) she remembers from somewhere.
Found calm with a new friend (Chantico), silently listening to the sounds of the forest, but still not giving herself peace and tormenting with what happened earlier. Leaves a friend, soon to find Sabbath and stammering voice to apologize....feels much easier, when Whitch says, that she nor in than not is to blame. Her soul calms down and she hugs the witch's legs, watching her reaction, and then visits Chantico again, who are joined by " Fluffy".

Curled up on the tail of "Fluffy", what could be better? Plenty of heat, again rides in search of something new.
Rushes to Lou, so active and cheerful, talking a little about yesterday's cases, and then gives a small glass stone with a heart-shaped slot, just to assure that he is her friend.
When a friend falls asleep, finds Lesedi where they find something in common, maybe. The child complains that she is not taken to travel to other worlds, to which hreceives the answer that it really can be dangerous. Snorts on its wings and now thinks about how, to find a new dream...
And then comes the Good Witch! Pta invites her to sit comfortably next to her, but it turns out nervously and quietly, the child excitedly says at least something and accidentally drops the witch's spoken words about her suffer, for which receives a look of reproach. Hears that the children are talking nonsense! Is offended very strongly and Sabbath moves away. She feels so guilty....

Casting a glance at the high stones, sees a stranger(Phyrra), who turns out to be mute, but works wonderful magic, pretending to the child butterflies, hummingbirds and flowers, what you want. Utterly defeated by her!! Resting next to her for a while.
Again met the good witch(Sabbath) to give her a gift of glass colored crane, receiving in return a mysterious pendant, which, according to the witch, will protect her from possible danger. But then there is a terrible Shoe Polish Boy(The Harvester) and Pta runs away.
On ruins has found desert guy(Sadiki), has wound up communication the first, quickly gets used and enjoyed their talk about desert, camels and oases, so same saying hello with another doe, and then falling asleep...but not for long, not far from them the battle broke out, which plunges into the shock of a child who has not seen before this. Sadiki just stands over her, to protect from unflattering pictures, but Pta manages to see the fresh skull and something else...rising nausea and they go further, where she falls and buries herself in Sadiki's tail.

Spotted a magical black doe(Galene) in a clearing that glistened! Considered its Night Queen, but this it turned out not so, would still believes, that she has the magical forces.
The doe told her that the child needs to be more careful when meeting and always be alert and always be with friends who can help her. Could anyone hurt me, even if I was only a shy bird?
This doe is so caring, she offered to be her friend!
And she can save me if something goes wrong, right?..

After Galene is gone, the child climbs the hill to another stranger(Lesedi) to sit there and look at the forest area.

The day began with a warm tail that wrapped around her frail body as she awoke from sleep, then found the strength to find new friends.
She stuck to the thin guy (Lou) with whom they talked about their names, pulling bright discussions about possible catastrophes on the pond. She told him about her forest friends and watched Lou fall asleep to the slow motion of the snails. Maybe a new friend?

Healthier than before. The help she received from her mother lifted her to her feet, but the partially fused bone prevents her from moving normally.
Was lowered to the ground, looks unstable and painfully.
made up for the opportunity to move with the help of one frightening woman(Sabbath) who offered her witch tricks. Now Pta can run again...but the acquired limp will be with her.
Met Noelle, hugging tightly and quietly watching the big company.

It remains in the nest to hear a familiar voice from somewhere below, it was Noelle.
She responds to the call, drawing the body to the edge, but manages to blink several times and again fall into unconsciousness.
When she comes to, a bag of food and a soft toy will lie behind her legs. It will warm her heart.

Crippled, destroyed, and with a broken self-confidence. It was her first and last flight.
--- Broken ribs, open and internal fracture of hind legs, bruised wings. Immobilized and unconscious.
Remains in the nest indefinitely.

Spent time with family, gaining strength before the upcoming flight.

She was met by another feather child (Lesath), relied on his ideas for talk, feeling weightless discomfort, which in the end became not so noticeable. Received an invitation to meet other faces, after which was completely alone in dense fog, shouting helplessly to attract at least some attention. She was saved by the same frightened Argus.
Then a little frisky arrived in front of them (Quadda), who was looking for a new participant in her games in the person of Pta. She picks up these perky games, but quickly gets tired and returns to statics. She scares the two with a terrible echo, and then follows their mom. A caring woman invites her to eat, the girl happily expects something tasty, and gets....raw meat.
Rakil pushes meat into her mouth, after which, not enduring the gagging, runs away to the lake to clean herself. He returns with an empty stomach to hug her still beloved mommy.

Teeth chattering from the cold woke her up, placed her body between the protruding oak roots to keep warm, trying to restrain herself from other strangers.

GOT A FAMILY! After all, everyone should have a family, right?? You need to love the family as it is, even if the new dad does not inspire confidence, and a quarrel is played out right in front of you.

Built a conversation with a deer(Vrath), who warned and invited her to the meadow, where they could get some rest and learn a little about each other.
After that, she plunged into the soft tail of “Fluffy”, which led her to another child (Daenera), with flaming cheeks Ptashka gave her a hug.

A quiet time with a feathered lady (Varis) who was able to calm a frightened child and endow her with a beautiful feather.

Arrival in the forest.
Woke up in a stream, body is wet and cold.
Warms a small body in the sun, spreading wings.
Translucent hair adhered to smooth skin.

gender: female
age: young adult 19 human years
ref: O

new open character traits: optimistic - affable - generous - brave - benevolent
susceptible - quiet - delicate - conscientious - soulful - caring - sincere - timid

Looking at her wings and tail, you notice that the colors are reflected on her feathers
Bright smell of a citrus mix.
= very shy creature, but just as trusting
= looking for secluded places so as not to attract more attention
= sometimes recalls snippets of her past life, but rather blurry and obscure
= ready to get into something interesting, if she have the support
= quiet, stuttering speech
= feathers are trimmed, from under feathers you can see the chopped off ends
= pale, translucent skin, looks unhealthy
= often shakes from the cold, even if the sun shines with all its might
= bites her lower lip to pain


Rakil - named mommy?
Eliah - named daddy?
Jericho - a big beast she wasn't afraid to let come closer
Lou - hey want to arrange snail races
Grímkell - not as terrifying as it might seem...
Phyrra - the life-giving wizard!
The Harvester - "Shoe Polish". Ugh, nasty and creepy.
Sabbath - "Terrible Witch". Feels used and deceived, avoids the Witch, does not want to have anything to do with her, which brings her heartbreaking pain, although still can't admit to herself that he will miss her.
Sadiki - "Sandy guy". A broserly figure, loves to look after him and trusts more than the others
Galene - "Night Queen". Such an amazing doe, wants more time to talk!
Vrath - "stag beetle". So big, such a blueberries lover.
Varis - "soft feather". Dearest woman, her light at the end of the tunnel on that terrible foggy day.
Crescent - "fluffy". First encountered him in the fog, falling asleep on his tail and getting sweet dreams.
Zave - a new friend-traveler, looking forward to growing up soon and traveling together!
Lopus - a new face that took the child to a warm oak tree and warmed with its light.
Noelle - so northern, but such a warming lady.
Argus - another avian adult child?
Lesedi - you say interesting thoughts!

small cream leather handbag, plush frog toy (from Noelle)
mystical purple pendant (from Sabbath) - returned

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well well well

well well well
By Draak <3


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a smol :eyes:

a smol :eyes:

Your designs are always so

Your designs are always so darn good.
Also I have to protect this character at all costs...
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So pretty little gal , gosh!

So pretty little gal , gosh! Adorable ;o;
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thanks everyone!! beb is

thanks everyone!!
beb is happy for any interaction Ooh


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Cutie! Hope to meet them.

Cutie! Hope to meet them.

i love her

i love her
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pumpkinseed, she loves

pumpkinseed, she loves meeting!
RihannaFenty, :heart:

NEW: gurl has grown up!
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Sweet baby birdling ;;

Sweet baby birdling ;;
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bumP something happened

something happened here

togetherness, heyoy <:
Lathyrus, luv luv!!
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A track, lovely girl

A track, lovely girl <3
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Fluttery bb~

Fluttery bb~
DP by aishite <3
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cute ;-; will have to see if

cute ;-; will have to see if i can meet her in the forest!!
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love you all!! ty

love you all!! ty ;;

everwild, yeas, Pta always accepts the company, catch it!
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Hmmm! :eyes:

Hmmm! :eyes:
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HMMMMM :very big eyes:

HMMMMM :very big eyes:


Hello Smiling

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hellu little one

hellu little one <;