A quick hello + some art

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share some art I drew of my bull Turi and Uitleger's stag, who has very kindly been keeping me company as of late.

Hope you guys have a good rest of your day and see you in the forest.
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Oh hey, we've met a few times

Oh hey, we've met a few times and I've been wondering about you, nice to see you on the community site now!
These are wonderful drawings, I especially like the way you drew candles, those "trembling" lines make their flames look like they're dancing in the wind.

Signature © Draak

Hey Urschanabi, thank you for

Hey Urschanabi, thank you for the kind words. I hadn't really thought of that, you're right. Might try to capture the wind's movement again in my next sketch.

I always enjoy when we spend some time together in the forest. I actually plan on drawing our two characters at some point soon. Never drawn an aardvark before so I'm looking forward to it, haha.

Hello, curuxa, welcome back

Hello, curuxa, welcome back to the Forest.
The ethereal style of that background and those tangible, 3Dsh character shapes make for an interesting atmosphere I don't quite have a word for. Makes me want to experiment with composition, myself.
Gotta admire the brisk, lifelike lines in the second picture, as well. And the balanced coloring. I believe it fits the steady nature (from what I've seen ingame) of your bull. He's got an interesting design, too.
Didn't expect to see my zombie deer featured, but I value it. Thank you for the company and have a good day, yourself.
Can't move my deer often, but feel free to join the idling at any point, I welcome it.
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Aw, Ursch and I enjoy your

Aw, Ursch and I enjoy your company as well! It would be cool to see him in your style, but please don't feel pressured to draw him <3

Signature © Draak

Wow! This is a masterpiece,

Wow! This is a masterpiece, it is clear that you have tried very hard!
~ I love to listen to the water falling from the tops of a mighty waterfall, with a loud splash it breaks on a stone into a million transparent fragments and immediately merge into a stormy stream of the river ...~

Hey Uitleger, glad you liked

Hey Uitleger, glad you liked the art, your feedback means a lot. I did have a lot of fun with the composition of the first sketch. I don't tend to draw much anymore but this game has been a bit of a muse for me. Drawing unglates for the first time is also quite an interesting experience.

I hope I got your deer's design right, I wasn't able to find a reference, unless I missed one on your profile haha.

Haha, no pressure don't

Haha, no pressure don't worry, when the muse strikes me I'll post it on here. : )

Thank you, Mem0ry!

Thank you, Mem0ry!

"this game has been a bit of

"this game has been a bit of a muse for me"

His design is loosely his in-forest set, so this depiction is spot-on. I gotta add, I'm impressed by the skull if it's your first take on skulls, too. Their general shape is a complex one.

Thank you. This isn't my

Thank you.
This isn't my first time drawing skulls, but I did keep a reference image to the side just for guidance on proportion etc. They really are so complex, it's easy to forget a detail. Makes me want to tackle more of them, they're fun to draw.
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Good afternoon! Little track

Good afternoon! Little track here ~
My character Veter (https://toyhou.se/12818890.veter-) wanted to be friends with your magnificent bull Turi! ^^

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

Hi Rabbanim, nice to meet

Hi Rabbanim, nice to meet you. Of course, Veter is welcome to sit with Turi any time. Love his design by the way.