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Thought And Memory


Apologies for low activity, it's A Lot going on currently

Characters & Interaction

Plot / interaction ideas? Hit me up, I'm open for most things!

Most characters originates from my headworld, the Athuan Universe.
A macrocosm of endless intersecting dimensions and worlds: Ea, and
within it, the world of Athu, the focus point - a place thrumming with
magic, strange phenomena, where universes collide and resonate
through each other.

A world much like our own, yet very different.

Eye of the Storm: Ephiré

May seem cold and distant at first, but is quite approachable. Always interested in things.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord! Good listener and gives decent advice.
Stalking Watching interesting characters.
• Spars or fights? Eph's good at flower sparring.

• Almost anything!
• Secretive, but rather resourceful.
• Is a god, but would rather not let that be known

Can help with:
• Portals & travel. Ever a restless wanderer, Eph slips easily between worlds.
• Being a gentle guardian or watcher. Babysitter?
• Standing around looking intimidating

Visions in Dust: Leto

Can be somewhat moody, but generally appreciates company and new faces. A merchant, of sorts, dealing in various magical items, as well as substances that might give interesting effects.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Calm sitting. Feel free to strike up a conversation via discord!
• A grooming session or a cuddle. Leto loves physical contact.
• Spars? Fights? Sometimes he's got a temper. General mayhem?

• Has got a spirit hitchhiking in his mind. Peaceful for now... but who knows
• Friendships! Relationships! Enemies!

Can help with:
• He has a stash of mushrooms and plants that gives interesting effects if ingested.
• Subtle magics. Able to manipulate thoughts, emotions, feelings and dreams, to varying degrees.
• Has access to a variety of magical items from another world.

Crocodilian, Rotmaw, Water-shadow: Neath

More of a scavenger than a predator. Indifferent to company, unless you are threatening him in some way. Awfully curious about anything that could lead to food. Surprisingly good at conversations.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Stalking wounded or dying characters
• Lurking in the pond and sniffing people creepily to check if they're edible
• Chases and fights

• Wanna get rid of a body (or body part)? Neath's here to "help"
• Possible villain-type

Can "help" with:
• If you need old bones, give him something in return
• Being a chilling reminder of how easily life slips from your grasp
• He can give you cool scars and a fear of water

Power and control: Syongery-Ytuh

Approachable, friendly, but with a sort of predatory, dominant demeanor. Fairly welcoming and amiable unless provoked.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, conversations
• Chases and fights.

• Possible villain-type
• Main base of operations is in the world of Athu; runs a crime organisation

Can help/"help" with:
• Enjoys hurting people. Especially with someone's consent
• Flirt outrageously with your character
• Could definitely be something of a bully.

Shadowtongue: Gair Vatuh

Made to serve and protect, to obey any command from their master: whoever holds power over the black stone mask.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Anything, really

Plots, ideas:
• Is affiliated with a cult and a strange entity, currently negating the point below
• If killed, their new "master" will be the next person to summon them
• Will (involuntarily) try to get people to join this cult

Can help with:
• Guardian, watcher
• Able to go between worlds
• Very physically formidable
• Not a stranger to mercenary work

Songs that the Hyades shall sing: 'starchild'

A vaguely fawnshaped void, with eyes that seem to glow softly. At night, there is something like the twinkle of far-away stars within their form, if you look long and hard enough.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Sitting, playing
• Just Fawn Things

• ???
• Has vague memories of a life before the Forest
• Will absorb traits/behaviours/visuals from others

Can help with:
• Weird you out with strange noises
• Be cute or unnerving

Elsewhere & About

Hi hello, I'm Apel, 30, from Sweden. They/them!
Artist, avid escapist (books, games, roleplay, daydreaming), nature lover, bird person.
Currently working as a character artist in the video game industry.

Discord: Apel#9645Main tumblr
Email: apeldille at gmail dot comPersonal tumblr

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No expert or not that was

No expert or not that was great advice :3
thank you!!!
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis

A friend of mine wanted to

A friend of mine wanted to get money, since she's in a bit of a nasty fix, but she doesn't like to draw, and is an incredible writer. She hemmed and hawed a lot about how much a writing would be worth. Can't recall what she figured, but I think she gave up on it.

Sucks, really.
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Writing can be difficult I

Writing can be difficult I think. Personally I would (likely, can't say for sure of course) never commission a writing, since how could someone else know my own character so well that they could write about it? Unless you are close friends/rped for a long time/etc.
Maybe there are people like that out there, who can take a random character and write something about/with them that makes sense and fits in their world/personality/everything. But then again, that's just what I think.

And then there is the 'writings get less attention than visual art' thing too :/

Well that was part of the

Well that was part of the problem. She's a fantastic writer, and I love her works so much, but because she doesn't draw, the only people that comment on anything she does are friends of hers, such as myself. It's sad and fucked up, really. Wish people would just stop being that way. :/
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One day I'll read your name

One day I'll read your name in those credits on games that goes past far too quick for me to even catch on. And then I have to rewatch the credits 5 times before I find you in that big list .-.
Hahah XD I'm happy for you ♥
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I relate to that well. I used

I relate to that well. I used to do the same thing, more on my own though. My friends and I used to pretend we were the animals too.

Oh being a kid was awesome.
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Same here, parrots. I had a

Same here, parrots. I had a lot of toy animals but we used to pretend we were animals too. I always was a wolf. If my friends played 'house' and they were mom dad, kid, etc. ... I was always the pet wolf. |D

For sure! I remember playing

For sure! I remember playing very long and elaborate pretend games with my friends where we were animals--playing lions was one of my favorites because we could play in a forested area at school that had a lot of semi-dramatic landscape, so we could reenact scenes from The Lion King.

It's nice that we have a venue for (slightly, yes C; ) more grown-up play!
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Oh yes, we pretended we were

Oh yes, we pretended we were animals too. That was another of our favourite games.

And for a very long time me and a friend had this really complex game where we pretended we were wizards, had those little computer thingies from Digimon (we even made our own of clay haha, and magic wands too) and fought some sort of war against evil scuba divers. It sounds very strange to write it like this but it was really complicated; there was a humongous amount of scuba diver clans, most of them evil but some practical... like the "glue divers", if you killed them they turned into a patch of glue. The most evil divers were the butt divers, they had butts on their heads, hahah.

Ah, memories~

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Oh Apel, I laughed so hard at

Oh Apel, I laughed so hard at that. Butt divers. I'm sure it was all perfectly reasonable at the time too. I remember being 6 years old and playing a game of Eagles versus Wolves. I was on the Eagle team and we used our coats for wings. Ran around the playground, flapping our arms and pretty much screeching non stop.

So TEF is just like that. Running around screeching. lol!

Ah, that game is going to

Ah, that game is going to look beautiful. Really like the art you've done for it.
Apeldille's picture

Thank you. It might not turn

Thank you. It might not turn out to be the best game but at least it will be good looking, haha.

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(I hope I do have time, though! But I'll try. You know I wanted to try anyway! xP)
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Meeee! Me! Me! Me!

Meeee! Me! Me! Me! Meeeeee!

Did I say me? Cool
thelittleraven's picture

I'd be interested, for sure

I'd be interested, for sure :v
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Sounds interesting. I

Sounds interesting. Smiling I wouldn't mind helping out!
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Count me in. (:

Count me in. (:
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Oh! What's the game about?

Oh! What's the game about?
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ooh! I'm interested.

ooh! I'm interested.

i am very interested.

i am very interested.
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I'm interested as well.

I'm interested as well.
Tuo's picture

Very interested as well!

Very interested as well!
Kaoori's picture

I'd like to

I'd like to Smiling
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Sorry to everyone who said

Sorry to everyone who said they wanted to help test the game. We didn't have enough time for much playtesting besides for ourselves. Still, if you want to play the finished game you can find it here:


Installer and everything included. To find the game, go to start menu > all programs > Group 7 > House of Memories.a3c (it should be a small greenish icon).

It's a text-based game, and so it isn't very intuitive... If you get stuck, ask me and I'll see what I can do, hahah. At least there are pretty pictures.

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Get better Apel Thumb ;_;

Get better Apel Thumb ;_;

i love this! (thumbs up!)

i love this! (thumbs up!)
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Heeey Apel... Photobucket has

Heeey Apel... Photobucket has gone and screwed things up yet again and no longer lets you view things full-sized. So therefore your awesome size chart is like really tiny now 8C Would you mind uploading it somewhere else? I'd hate for everyone to have to change all their links to it but there's no way around it. *kicks Photobucket* :<
parrotsnpineapple's picture

It still seems to work for

Ourania's picture

This is what it looks like

This is what it looks like for me. (click the picture and click on "View Raw Image" at the bottom left corner if it doesn't show full-size) I can't make it any bigger :<
Apeldille's picture

Strange, Kate's link works

Strange, Kate's link works for me too...? Might as well change it, been thinking about it anyway since photobucket can't handle a bigger size, and if I had it on dropbox it would be much easier to update it too. I'll see what I can do, thanks for telling me!

Ourania's picture

Maybe photobucket is slowly

Maybe photobucket is slowly moving everyone over to this new thing and you guys haven't been moved yet or something. I dunno but thanks anyway ♥
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Hey Apelll, just wanted to

Hey Apelll, just wanted to check if you have the notebiooook yet?
Tuo's picture

Hope you have a good time. ^^

Hope you have a good time. ^^
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Welcome in the "oldiesclub" 5

Welcome in the "oldiesclub" 5 years = old ...Eye
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Happy 5 tefyears

Happy 5 tefyears Smiling
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Links & Info
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Hey you

Hey you <3 good to see you here again.

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Links & Info
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I'm sure at least 35 game

I'm sure at least 35 game companies will be fighting tomorrow to get you as an intern. You're fantastic Apel, all the luck of course! Your work is really good and speaks for itself, don't be afraid to show it off tomorrow!
Echosong's picture

That sounds very exciting!

That sounds very exciting! Wishing you the best of luck. c:
Sighthoundlady's picture

Hot dang, that's awesome

Hot dang, that's awesome Apel! I know that place is a big deal because I've actually heard of it and I don't know anything about games. >.>

Congratulations, you rock!
parrotsnpineapple's picture

Congratulations, you

Congratulations, you rock.

(Just realised sight said the same thing...we speak the truth.)
Echosong's picture

oooo, that looks amazing! Are

oooo, that looks amazing! Are the horns made of paper mache?
Sighthoundlady's picture

Costume looks badass! Very

Costume looks badass! Very cool. That headdress just needs to be worn daily.
Apeldille's picture

echosong: Thank you! Yeah,

echosong: Thank you! Yeah, they are! I made a base of newspaper and aluminium foil, plopped on strips of newspaper with flour glue, and then finished them off with a paper mache clay recipe I found. The last clay stuff made them a bit heavy but on the other hand, they feel very durable.

sight: Thanks hehee. Yeah it does rofl, I need to exercise my neck muscles I think :'D

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oh wow, that costume is

oh wow, that costume is absolutely beautiful ;u;
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(No subject)

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That costume is amazing!

That costume is amazing!