From the funeral pyre.

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'Willow tree'

☼ Young adult, 20 years old
☼ Female; mare. Akin to a Marwari.
☼ 15hh, around #20 on the chart?
☼ Cloven hooved; five-horned; curled ears.

☼ A witch, hails from a powerful bloodline. Focuses her talents on healing but
does have offensive capabilities.

☼ Blind in one eye, often moves to keep others in her sight. However, can see
the souls of others, visualising them in colours and lights in an otherwise black void.

☼ Carries a resistance to fire. Doesn't burn nor feel pain when in contact with
it initially but cannot resist it indefinitely. Has an affinity to fire magic but
struggles to control it; unpredictable and destructive even when calling a small
flame, rarely uses it willingly.

☼ Often, if not most of the time, accompanied by a leucistic collared dove.

Guarded - Self-reliant - Resolute - Sceptical - Self-sacrificing


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Ty all you lovely people

Ty all you lovely people ♥
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Oh wow, what a lovely

Oh wow, what a lovely character
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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;; <33