bramble thorns and shallow claws

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tw i guess for gore/violence stuffs

Gave birth to two sons a fair while back. Nurtured them to the best of her ability which isn't great to begin with, but had their health decline as the days progressed. Watched her elder daughters steal most of the food brought back, but did little interfering as instinct told her it would be the fittest to survive. Returned one day to her sons' forms disappeared. Unbeknownst to her that her eldest daughters had consumed both infants. Mourned for a couple of days until the maternal instincts lessened, and then wiped her memory of them. Returned back to her normal self rather quickly after that.



Had a pull to hunt that wasn't purely for her own gut. Dug out a rabbit, glad for the ground to be softer after the snow fall some days ago. Didn't kill it straight away, instead carried it in her jaws by the leg and back to the Bramble den. Easily ignored the screaming prey in her jaws, including the savage bites it released on her lips and the side of her face. Dropped it when she neared her offspring. With the pressure of her jaws, had broken it's leg. Whether it was intentional or not no one will ever know. Brought it back for her children to learn how to deal with a meal that is still alive. Went to lean against their tree and lick at her hooves, grooming herself, while her cubs inspected and then fought over the meal. Got up to vacuum some of the innards that had spilled out when they'd finally tore it in half. Later on watched a brawl (Mar and Nik). Interest piqued once Nik had ended Mar's life and some of his inner contents spilled out. Honed in on that, and after Anastasia had taken what she'd wanted, moved in to bite her jaws down on a back leg, applying pressure continuously and carefully until it came off from the rest of him. Put it to the side, and filled her gut, stuffing her face into the now empty socket. With her gut fully bulged, stashed and hid away the leg for later when it's nice and nasty, and return to clean herself at the den.


Bramble | Rose Spur
White Devil | White Dread

    Size | Picto

    • Born 6/28/13

    • Asexual | Aromantic

    • Young adult / 'Immortal'

    • Smells of banana pie

    • Female | Androgynous

    • Secretary pelt, Skull mask, Dotd antlers

  Whole | Self | Bound | Life




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