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PHealthy, brand new
EGood! Curious
Noteoh lawd she comin'

Newwww picto
and a reminder to myself to update all the info here

Gettin a little bit bolder. Still shy but finding her courage and comfort in doing things outside the fam. Some days ago got snapped at by Hákon. Flared her feathers and gave her best tough face, something new for Av. Been spending more time with Ranya after meeting her a few days ago. Amazed with her snakiness and colors. Also snugs and fun.

Climbed a wall at the ruins all by herself to get to Selah. Proudly babbled at big sis about it. Once Selah was off, quickly found by Baila. Likely convinced he’s just part of her family because he’s blonde and soft... so obviously that means he’s related... at least to Aviya. Then Baila was off and Aviya stayed put. Only hopped off the wall to greet a green blurr (Anpiel) she noticed. Once closer, discovered it was a fawn like her! Happily greeted the boy, even given one of his feathers. Unknowingly befriended her half-brother. Excited to have met another fawn outside of her twin.

First snow! It's cold but mom gave her a blanket to wear as a cape. Jumped and played in it, trying to comprehend what it was. Wandered away from 'homebase', fascinated with how her little hooves went through it and her footprints. Scurried fast towards Nix for snugs.

Nix is the best wolfdad

Still sticking to the blueberry bush and it’s surrounding areas. While alone, approached by a big soft tall guy. No clue who he was but he let her snug and gave her attention... so to Aviya he’s automatically good

Ventured away from the usual blueberry bush. Not far though, as she only reached the playground. Curiously tried to climb the huge rocks on slightly wobbly legs, only to stick to the smaller, flatter ones. Stood on one she managed to climb, attempting to stare out at her surroundings. Just squinted as the bright sunlight irritated the young girl’s eyes. Not long after arriving at the rocks, taken back to the bushes by Cairo. Tried to climb dAD. But dad’s too big so gave up. Satisfied with just squirming under his blanket and sticking her little face in his fur.

Day two of exploring the outside! Didn’t really wanna stray from the spot she was born, definitely not confident enough without the family. A lot less shaky than yesterday, tho! Woke from a nap to hear loud sounds nearby of a fight. Had never heard anything like it and instantly froze. Tried to see the source of the commotion, though could only see moving blurs. Didn’t understand when a stranger (Rúna) appeared over her while bashin some red guy’s head. Didn’t like all the sudden movement and senses, so tucked herself between Rúna’s back legs before the two were gone. Scuttled towards the playground for the first time, squishing her tiny frame between two large rocks in attempt to feel safer. Remained flat on the ground there till Rúna came back. Immediately distracted from any lingering fear when she went to investigate the black doe. Soon lead the way back to the spot she was born at literally yesterday. Stayed with Rúna for a bit before returning to the fam.

Born to Sophie, followed by her twin Ohada. Shakily squirmed close to her mother and sister, clinging to their warmth and familiarity. Nosed at big sister Alesana when the doe came closer. Let out a confused squeak when mom suddenly got up and clung to Ohada. Soon there was a huge fuzzy blob sniffing at her and her twin, which turned out to be the girls' father. Used his face as support to stand without falling finally. Then mom and big sis came back. Overwhelmed by all the new (blurry) sights, sounds and feelings. Not liking how cold the outside is, but happy to snuggle up to the family.


H Q 9 7
Name Aviya
Monikers ...
Gender Female
Age Young fawn, 1.21.2019
Species Chital/Red deer hybrid
Size Little
Scent Floral, family
Reference Baby 1, 2. Adult

Toyhou.se, Pinterest


Self . Notes
Timid - Friendly - Bashful - Loving
Curious - Gentle - Soft - Social
Sassy - Prideful

Write thissss

Poor eyesight inherited from mother. Nearsighted and extremely light sensitive. Increased hearing and sense of smell.

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Family . Loved . Known . Past . Feared
Mother. Entirely loved and cherished. Instant and deep bond to. Comfort, care, everything.

Father. BIG. Warm and safe. Loved and adored.

Twin Sister. Bonded before anything. Entirely loved and cherished. Source of comfort and courage. Means the world to Aviya.

Elder half-sister. Soft anD GOOD

Elder half-sister. One of her first, albeit blurry, sights as Ale was present at the fawn’s birth. Imprinted on and loved.

Elder half-brother. Yet to meet

Elder half-brother. Unmet.

Half brother through Cairo. Unknown, unmet.


Grandmother through Cairo. Unmet.

Aunt through Cairo. Unmet.

Aunt through Cairo. Unmet.

Cousin through Cairo. Unmet.


Possessions . Memories
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Museword, museword, museword

DisclaimerAviya is 100% IC! At all times! With exceptions like interacting with nameless/new players/etc., spell casting, and such. Her views on characters and reactions to IC situations/events do not represent her player's in any way. Any questions, you're more than welcomed to contact me on discord<3
While still young, it is very unlikely for anything mature or dark to appear here, but that doesn't prevent Aviya from being exposed to any of the dark themes that may appear on TEFc as a whole, including while she's little through adulthood. Individual warnings will be given if something more mature appears, tho! Little dividers under tab titles from Here

Interacts, rp, anything is always welcomed!!
Discord is Morto#9174

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