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Look at me creating characters when I have 2938948 other ones to play

Also this character is open for plots and development if anyone wants to throw somethign at her, or message me on discord! Amn#2348

This biography may be subject to to mature content. Continue at your own risk. Though the characters actions are her own and do not in any way represent the player.
Roleplay and interaction is encouraged! Feel free to post here or message me on Discord.
To reach me add me on Discord at Amn#2348.
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PFine. | MEnlightened, excited. | EStepping out of a comfort zone slowly. | Naaaaah.

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Updates - 22/4

Female | Adult | Smells of old scrolls and dust | #25 | Muses

- Heavily influenced by Impala, Gerenuk and Thomson's Gazelle.
- Daughter of an evil sorceress, stolen by a thief as an infant.
- Born during the reigning of The Fourth Dynasty of Egypt(2613 BC).
- Offered to the Pharaohs as a gift, buried with the last Pharaoh of
the fourth Dynasty, Shepseskaf. Unearthed by Perikles.
- Mute, will use telepathy with trusted individuals.
- Illusionist, dulled in forest due to the forests magic.
- Telekinetic, dulled in forest due to the forests magic.
- Does not need food to survive. Absorbs sunlight like Photosynthesis.
- Thrives in greenery and planted environments.

++Persephone, ++Perikles, ++Elektra, ++Akil

+Xantho, +Bronx, +Lalitha, +Ashe, +Ingolfr

=Jagrav, =Vivek



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♥ yes moar characters.

♥ yes moar characters. (:
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How Did I Miss This

How Did I Miss This
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oh yis

oh yis

by sleepything

i love her

i love her <33
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my child

my child
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yall are ANGELS

yall are ANGELS
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:eyes: beautiful girl


beautiful girl ♥

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hmm <3