Of flowers and night skies

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PhysicalHealthy, well




Recovering steadily and spending all her time with the babs and Nahiri, lovin’ life

Had a good night’s sleep after the exhaustingly taxing events last yesterday. Woke up very sore and tender still, the difficulties and blood loss experienced during the birth definitely taking a lot out of her. Still heavily relying on Nahiri’s care and attention towards her. REGARDLESS, over the moon and overwhelmed with love, happiness and pride. Spending a majority of her time feeding and caring for her newborns as well as doting on them all. Still absolutely amazed and enamored with them, extremely happy that her wait is finally over.
TODAY, still in too much pain to stray from the thicket, but not willing to leave her fawns anyway. Wanting nothing more than to be close to her family, remained snuggled against her fawns and sleeping Nahiri, only distracted from her doting by a rustling. Noticed an unfamiliar youth— Kokabie— lurking nearby. Initially didn’t get up to greet because oW WALking (and not wanting to leave her babs for even a second) but eventually did when the kid started whining... too much of a mom to ignore... Kept an extra close eye on Ruddy and Moss when they came to investigate... but then they screamed. A lot. Quickly checked to make sure they were ok and reassured them, settling down when realizing all was good and Dizzy tucked himself against her side. Was fine till she heard Ruddy screech, who was shoved by Koka when Noite was distracted. Quickly pulled her away and feverishly checked to make sure she was alright... which she was, having not even fallen far, standing on her knees before. EITHER WAY, tucked her against her (Noite’s) side. Was all good again still Dizzy screamed when Ruddy wanted to nibble his ears... Got her to stop, luckily nursing working as a good distraction. Took the fawns back to the thicket at the first signs of nightfall.

Early in the day, went into labor prematurely. Comforted by Nahiri, receiving grooms and massages as she waited for hours experiencing contractions before it was time for the first fawn to arrive. The first being the hardest. After much difficulty for Noite, birthed a pointy, skull-faced son. Had just enough time to clean and groom the boy before delivering the next, a small fawn with an oddly shaped head. Shortly after the last, and smallest, fawn made his entrance into the world. Despite being exhausted and in physical agony, all Noite could focus on was the brandnew fawns that lie pressed against her side. Couldn’t stop herself from bursting into tears and sobs. Couldn’t be happier as she gazed at them, gushing to Nahiri about how perfect and beautiful they were. Soon gave into her tiredness, falling fast asleep, her and the newborns comfortably in Nahiri’s embrace.

Super excited but also super nervous because the babs could be here any day now

Belly growing bigger each day, and so does the pressure and sickness. Alright with this though, knowing the outcome will be worth it. Trying to keep herself from getting cooped up at the den, instead exploring the forest frequently. Seeking out familiar faces to hang with. Overall feels physically icky but emotionally gREAT

protect Sethunya at all costs

janci is good and pure

Spending more time exploring. Has really been enjoying the rain. Left her thicket to explore before deciding to rest in the old oak for a bit. Found a bird!Jonquil in the oak too! Scooted closer to snug and keep her warm.

Now fully away that she had become pregnant. Excitedly announced it to Nahiri. Beyond thrilled

Has started feeling much more comfortable and at home in their new found surroundings, deciding this is home now. While under their usual willow, brought up the idea of starting a garden with plants from home to Nahiri. Happily agreed that the garden would be of use with the buck’s knowledge of herbal medicine. Found a spot the two liked in the birch. A well sized thicket that the purple doe could manipulate to her needs. Soon laid down beside Nahiri to talk for awhile. Talked about flowers,,plants,,and fawns,,

Awoke beside Nahiri, feeling much better and more energetic. Still unsure, though optimistic, took a walk with her partner to explore their new world. Pleased with what she’s seen so far. Soon laid down under the willow again, talking to Nahiri and enjoying being groomed. Apologised for her sudden use of portals, though relieved and reassured when Nahiri praised her for it. Basked in his attention and allowed herself to relax fully. Talked some about magic and the possibility of returning home, despite Noite not actually wanting to, and not having any ideas of when she might be ready to. For now, focused on finding her place in the Forest.

Abruptly thrown into the Forest after she used a portal to help her and Nahiri escape a dangerous situation back home. Exhausted and drained from the sudden, unplanned use of strong magic, though relieved nonetheless to end up someone seemingly safe and mild. Tired, the two decided to settle under a willow tree for the night. At least feeling comfort from the familiar tree, despite all their fear and anxiousness.

. Disclaimer .

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This bio may contain generally mature themes though will likely stay on the mild side. Any more mature themes will be kept vague-ish.

Noite is 100% IC at all times, however, will go ooc for new players/nameless/unregistered/etc! Noite‘s actions and thoughts do not reflect their player’s. If you’re confused or have any concerns whatsoever about their actions or something written in their bio, I’m more than happy and open to discussing over Discord! In addition, I have the ability to remove them from situations I may not be comfortable/prefer them being involved in. Though this likely won’t be common. All damage is accounted for. No one needs permission to interact or start things with my character, though a heads up before doing major-super-intense attacks or something that may harm mine long term/permanently is preferred! Other than that, no permission or asking is needed.
I also tab out a lot, and my game doesn’t generally run well, so it’s likely I may miss things when I don’t mean to. If I don't respond in-game, just poke me on discord! I'm not trying to ignore and neither is Noite<3

Any/all interactions and RP are open! In-game or on discord, small things or longer plots, positive or negative. Really all is welcomed!
Discord is Morto#9174


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O3O ooo track

O3O ooo track
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Those colors are gonna kill

Those colors are gonna kill me, they are so beautiful ❤
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Everyone; aaAA TYSM

Everyone; aaAA TYSM ♥♥♥♥♥

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By Draak
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Curious of how you're going

Curious of how you're going to develop her ♥ Beautiful bio!
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Vess, wildflower

Vess, wildflower ♥♥♥
Thais; TYSM ♥! finally getting her in the forest after over a yEAR

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Very beautifully presented, I

Very beautifully presented, I must say! Track. ♥
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And I'm here...

And I'm here...
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&hearts; !!

♥ !!
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moontwist/fishy/basen/laur; ♥♥♥♥♥

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krov &hearts;&hearts;

krov ♥♥

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Woah, what a gorgeous new css

Woah, what a gorgeous new css Shocked
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dazzle; AAA TYSM

dazzle; AAA TYSM ;o;♥!

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being slightly smaller than a

being slightly smaller than a whitetail makes her "rather small"?

Hmm.. A redundant question

Hmm.. A redundant question once you actually think about it.

I do enjoy this character.

Purple and Pure~
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&hearts;&hearts;&hearts; she


she's just on the smaller side, i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
pls no further comments about it here, I want a clean comment section ;0;

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Yeees purple for the win!

Yeees purple for the win! Lovely character ♥
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TYSM MIS ;o; &hearts;&hearts;

TYSM MIS ;o; ♥♥

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Track for mushroom lady (:

Track for mushroom lady (:
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Ay I really love her design

Ay I really love her design it's pretty, she sounds like such a sweetheart <3
Hüsnüye appreacies the company of this soon to be mother! Definitely surprised her.
gives her a wool blanket and a wool toy for future baby
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late tysm to siellby n hau

late tysm to siellby n hau ♥!

Janet; AAA TYSM ;0;♥!!
oh my goodness, that's sO SWEET!! ;; She definitely thanked her a bunch of times aAA would've given her a softly glowing flower too ♥

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OMG AAA she surprised her

OMG AAA she surprised her again ;o; she'll definitely thank her a bunch too for the flower! Going to safekeep in her homeworld garden and hopefully see it produce more, will be lovely to see at night <3
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Awww that's perfect

Awww that's perfect ;0;!!
Gosh Hüsnüye's precious, it was nice having Noite meet her ;; ♥

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~Tracking this beauty~

~Tracking this beauty~
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!!! a beaut

!!! a beaut
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Aaa &hearts;

Aaa ♥