We were meant for more than this.

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We were kind of feral, wicked little machines...

♦ Jacinth ♦
[Phys]left eye scarred over, but healthy otherwise. [Ment]oddly exploratory, seems to have a determined but light air to her disposition. [Note]...

The Sanguineous, or the Sanguine Saber
A magical Chimera from Bijoux's universe, primarily resembles a large borzoi with alligator and mandrill traits.
#21. Lesbian. Smells of seawater, pond lilies, and wet dog; undertones of cinnamon bark. Voiceclaim. #ee2400.
Carnivorous, but doesn't hunt in forest. Doesn't enjoy raw food.

Roughly 25k years old. Shows very subtle signs of her age. Bears a red jasper jewel in her head; source of power.

User of powerful blood magic and manipulation, entirely offensive in nature. In absolute control of this power. Can occasionally create portals, but doesn't like venturing to other worlds alone. Portal creation also requires a significant amount of blood.
Built for agility, not brute strength. Likes to climb on things, easy to do with her lithe frame.
Tail is however, packed with quite a lot of muscle, could quite easily use it to lash at another.
An expert of guerrilla style combat.
With the loss of one of her eyes, is forced out of depending on their sharpness so often as a sighthound is want to do.

Keeps fish in her homeworld, enjoys cooking immensely. Loves to swim, and thrives around water. Terribly grabby, usually needs to occupy her hands a lot of the time. This often gives way to grooming of some sort if around another person willing to let her. A very physical being, shown especially in her willingness to roughhouse and play.

Can produce the signature alligator water dance bellow when submerged, along with several noises one might associate to dogs or mandrills. Howls of both animals are common when enraged, along with territorial bellows if she happens to be in water. Prone to being vocal for various reasons.

Ruthless but outwardly compassionate, very chill. Playful, impish. Very inquisitive most of the time. Active. Has a hard time sitting still, usually. Impulsive. Polite in her own way. Sometimes an idealist. Not nearly as naive as she may come off. Analytical, and cruel, conniving to an extent. Fretfully ambitious. Neglectful. Full of determination, though not always courageous. Sympathetic. Honest, but not always genuine.

Unlike her counterpart, doesn't enjoy the company of children and often finds them awkward, complicated, and too loud. Will avoid them unless Bijoux is around. Doesn't always understand TEF etiquette either, or sometimes doesn't want to conform to it due to personal reasons (i.e. bowing). She has some vicious biases against human faced individuals and males but hides it well.

When speaking directly with Bijoux, often uses their native language instead of any recognizable language to forest folk. Sounds like a mix of Russian and French with intermittent growls. Often takes to nicknaming choice individuals in this language. The apostrophe in said names or words signals a growl in the word.


Laugh with many but don't trust any.

She is intrinsically linked to Bijoux, refuses most travel to the forest without her. Equals without fail, teacher and student mentality that is mutual. Her former mate, but never forgotten or scorned, always loved. A bond deeper than romance. Lost matriarchs in tandem. Her yun'daa; the soul which breathes life into one's own.

Brilleboulobnyy leau - like birch bark
Kettua'zoloneuft - the golden ninefold

Tigbire de'vasant - that heart which contains sugar
'Snaggle'nee kanyanke - confidence of scales
Yokopyalistya'zh - spotted lilywatch
Qaazishoybruiné - a large noise at night that wakes you up

Somniuma'peyiegkiy - the smallest lightweaver
Rossamundneschai'm - mischief magnet
Saulklykaux iro - fangs dance on feathers
Mrost, Refr, Rooh, Blodeuwedd, Ismay, Stria, Leviathann

Zyphe, Bayleen, Anneliese, Laidli, Hatchet, Kuwaka, Nyami, Yumi, Jokerman, Erytheia, Libel, Gambit, Thais, Nix, Aima, Kyrian, Rhona†, Anneliese, Matthew, feral sambar stag 'Sixth', Mirah,

Saosindégoglyj - brainless monster

**If jay's met yours and I've forgotten please don't be afraid to remind me!

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