Ain't no grave gonna pull my body down.

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codes from unplugged (flipcards)/aquilo (tabs). cw for sexuality, violence, swearing, and sensitive topics. skype contact is arcyful for discussion of issues. IC at all times.


"... I'm only going o'er Jordan, I'm only going over home."
PhysHealthy, lightercoated for spring, slimmer. + MentCurious and stoic, vigilant. Solemn. + NoteWearing a hat to keep the rain out of her ears.


Entered the forest to escape her rainy homeland and catch some sun.

Previously 10.5.16

Enjoyed her last rut day in the company of several peers, including but not limited to Mairine, Sixth (feral sambar stag), Qaazi, Blodeuwedd and notably, Juliet, who Bijoux remembered from the other day and decided to spend some time in her company.

Moved off toward the playground later after getting tired of lounging around with the group, and spent a great deal of time with Juliet there. Eventually took her home.

Previously (8.18.16)

After treating Kerosene's wounds yesterday and giving them a thorough lecture about going into fights in their condition (which felt weird because she's scolding a Deity in her world for fuck's sake), returned to the forest today to both check on how they were doing and visit in general. First thing noticed Laidli down by the pond, but thought little of it for now. Kept the scolecophagus in mind for later before heading toward where she scented Tig and various others. Found Kerosene there too and after doing some checking around, sat down.

Noted how anxious Tig appeared to be, and that Thais and Gunnarr looked roughed up. Was tempted to ask about what happened but got caught up in soothing Tig and kept her nose out of it for once.

Eventually after a short nap, decided to do some sniffing about and came upon an injured Laidli. Didn't realize it was she who had attacked Gunnarr and Thais but realized with her injuries there was a good chance she got confronted at some point. The Waldgrave stared her down from behind a tree not far off, bearing oversized fangs until the other got up to acknowledge her. Engaged almost right away with the worm, knocking into her with the heavy force of a magic shield. Ran after her with claws blazing as she slammed the worm around the forest as if attempting to finish her off.

She began to grow tired however, and after chasing the worm almost in a circle, staved her from the Drais group with added ferocity until the beast ascended a tree. Spat in finality at the creature, as the chimera was unable to climb, vowing to finish her off next time. Returned, scuffed, to Tig and the group before flopping down to rest.

Investigated Llyr at some point out of pure curiosity.

Previously (7.1.16)

Started her day by dropping by where she thought she scented tig and found him with the drais family. congratulated the new parents and happy to see that everything seemed to go well with the birth for them. noticed kerosene nearby and went to talk to them as they felt out of sorts to the old chimera.

ended up dispensing some advice to the deity regarding children that was similar to what she'd told them when they were having trouble with jasper. hoped in some ways that it was useful before going off to check out the forest in the twilight. enjoyed the serene and colorful atmosphere of the forest sunset. noticed a ross at some point but he seemed out of sorts. though concerned, the waldgrave opted to give him space. wandered for a while until she found rooh! enjoyed some play time with rooh, happy to see her in brighter spirits and apparently hitting a growth spurt. sat down to cuddle with her.

was also approached by tig later. gave the youth some cuddles and reassurances about the safety of his family, that she'd keep an eye out when she could (not that she wasn't already planning to......). got offered some cake from the collector. eagerly accepted because she's got a horrible sweet tooth. wolfed that down pretty fast. then rooh left. :^(

moved herself and tig down the pond to soak their peets for a while. greeted thais when she came by, wondering if she'd join but understood when she didn't. gave her a nod before they parted, and she and tig remained in the pond.

after some time, noticed a youth standing at the shore of the pond. got up and went to greet him, but he quickly darted off from her. she wasn't about to push a kid like that, so she just gave him a couple bows to show she meant no harm, but ultimately returned to soaking with tig.

later, at tig's behest, went to keep a very soggy and sad looking ross company. as always expressed inner concern for the boy but unsure of how to help him. just kept him warm alongside tig until she had to return to her world for the night.

Previously (6.25.16)
first into the forest today, greeted talla in passing then found two kiddos by themselves. greeted them and played with one (shelby) while the other seemed content to stay on their own, despite bij's worry about them doing so. still, continued on with the little wolf cub.

stayed with her for a while until she went over to her tree to check her supplies. noticed some stranger loitering there. proceeded to sit while she took stock and kept an eye on them. snapped when he made hostile gestures at her, including rearing. wasn't afraid to reach out and smack him. wouldn't be coaxed from her spot by him after that. refused.

glad when jay showed up, but she had something to deliver so let her do so before she came back. watched the sanguine take her stand next to the tree while the stranger remained pacing and staring. eventually moved because jay wanted to show her something and trusted her seals would keep her items safe. returned to the tree after a while and jay went on her own way.

found shelby again, engaged in a little more play with her, then sat. eventually joined by niriya (from a distance) and ross. when ross moved to sit with niriya, bij went over to introduce herself and sit alongside them while keeping a close eye on shelby nearby (who wouldn't move bc presumably player was afk). a lazy afternoon but she enjoyed it. moved back over to shelby once ross made his leave and joined by niriya not long after.

continued sitting with them both until shelby disappeared and returned, and then it resumed until niriya too had to take her leave. cuddled by ross at some point in there. sent jay to give thais a satchet of herbs to help her. stayed in her spot until shelby moved off on her own and the waldgrave was left on her own.

did eventually move when she was alone and went to the corner in the ruins she tends to favor after dropping by jay to check on her. was found once more by ross and cuddled with the myling who was bleeding from the nose. wondered what happened to him but didn't question it for now. eventually left for her home once ross moved along.


Shield + Boss + Enarmes

❦ Bijoux ❦

Forest Name: The Last Grape

Alias: Bijoux (bee • joo) noun, plural: a jewel; small, delicate, and exquisitely wrought trinket.

Title(s): The (Wandering) Waldgrave, Sylvan Escutcheon

Nickname(s): Bi, Bij, Bidibi

Gender: Female

Size: #32

Age: approx. 27,000 years old, easily read she's an old being from her aura.

Species: Chimera, a magical species of her homeworld; pinniped, feline, and asinus traits present.

Reference: uncolored ref, colored headshot

Occupation: Apothecary | Doula/Midwife

Diet: Primarily herbivore/fungivore, though vaguely omnivorous as she can eat and digest seafood.

Orientation: Lesbian

Set: Orca Pelt, Owl Mask, Peacock feathers

Scent: White wine, and dried herbs. Earthy undertones, like freshly turned soil or wet rocks.

Voice: Galina "Red" Reznikov "#3AB474".

Motifs: || || || || ||

Haunts: The Pond. Storage and established work spot.

+ A large flower crown from Tig, preserved and set at her home
+ A unique and ornate jade bead necklace with a diamond droplet and carved chimera figure from Marie Antoinette, stored at her home and worn on special occasions

archaic words; the color jade; white grapes; white wine; wisdom with age; lesbianism; sapphic love; herbal medicine; shields; revolution; discrimination against minorities; old forests; bogs and swamps; green range gemstones; ferns; moss; aquatic plants; kinetic based magic; maternal guardians; the crone archetype; liking kids but not wanting any; selective altruism; excellence in defiance of oppression; wood and resin pieces; swamp witch trope; plant terrariums


Do no harm but take no shit.

Thick as thieves

JacinthThe Sanguine Saber, oldest companion and former lover. A teacher, but also a student. Equals as matriarchs.


Tigwee hyssop; a cute scamp, grown attached to the kid and admires his spirit. tries her best to teach him when she can, or protect him. hopes to be a guide of sorts
Marie Antoinettethe muliebrile; appreciates the queen's gentle nature, finds her adequate, pleasant company. a lovely companion by all means, admittedly dotes on and tries her best to be affectionate to the queen
Gyvea capybara met by the pond, finds a kind of kindred spirit within the pale one. will seek out if she's around more than likely
Cerejafleurette; a kit she found sulking in the ruins, gave him some candy and plans to keep an eye on him. thinks he's a mite adorable
Rooha child bij helped nurse back to health previously. looked out for, tries her best to be a helpful, welcoming figure for her
Julietvasare; a sweet gal that bij found herself gravitating towards during the rut. cared for, considers interesting and perhaps a little flustered by internally
Mairinea cute doe that Bij made friends with during the rut, gonna keep an eye out for

Okay tier

Circeadmires the youth's concern after bij helped protect her and shahla. likely to aid again, acquaintance
Tallashy gal, notices her hanging around ross often. keeps an eye on her from afar. sometimes offers company to
Alikahas run across a few times, seems to have taken a shining to (note: not luu's alika)
Tristanan alright male, doesn't mind his company and finds him polite enough
Rossamunda youngun first found heavily injured, helped to treat him. watchful for, compassionate toward. seems to often find him in a bad way.
Thaisnew mother, looked out for on tig's behalf
Shahlahelped protect her and her child from an assailant in the past, considered a positive acquaintance

Llyr, Dorian, Blodeuwedd, Arielle, Brille

Met 'em

Irene, Niriya, Shelby, Erytheia, Jokerman, Breathe, Rhona, Zyphe, Mephistopheles, Cree, Leola, Gunnarr, Brent, Emmy, Saul, Jyoti, Draven, Starless, Dazenth, Sylvan Rah, Rose, Anneliese, Vodka, and countless nameless fawns................

Squinting at


Get out

Laidlithe scolecophagous; a hostile that attacks with little discretion. pure hatred. won't tolerate and will chase, possibly fight to kill.
'Jeweleye'chased children, a threat. won't tolerate being near her or children.
Saosinby ear, a disgusting stag in his own right, to be avoided or worse should she catch him.
snow and cold


Kerosene'Kihirotan' in her native language; a god in her world that shepherds the dead. aware of the god's presence in the forest. blessed by.
Indra'Inmalis' in her native language; a god in her world that brings the rain and wind. doesn't know she visits the forest yet, though has met.

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!!! <3
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"Bienvenue, ma cherie.."

"Bienvenue, ma cherie.."
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track ^^

track ^^
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OH hummm. Sits down. Tracking

OH hummm. Sits down. Tracking for sure.

Sorry about Brent, he's a bit of a jerk sometimes.
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@focused don't worry about


don't worry about it, bij is a grump most of the time so :'^)
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You have the honor of being

You have the honor of being the first to meet Aileana. Smiling
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i'm glad! ;; she's very cute,

i'm glad! ;; she's very cute, i was hoping one of mine would get to meet her. <3
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||Gyve casually finds the

||Gyve casually finds the Chimera and sits beside her. Always. Every time the Chimera shows up. Every. Single. Time.||

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hey, is it ok if I add ya on

hey, is it ok if I add ya on Skype? :'D
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@echosong yes feel free to!


yes feel free to! i think i listed it in the 'ends' tab but in case i didn't it's arcyful <3
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Tracky track!

Tracky track!
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@kicy3 thank you for the


thank you for the track! c:


!!! <3
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ouo <3
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I've seen you quite a few

I've seen you quite a few times. Nice to meet you! Hopefully we meet up sometime! Laughing out loud

I'm seeing Bijoux without her

I'm seeing Bijoux without her mask and antlers. Until she sneezed off the antlers I cast on her, but now she still doesn't have her mask.
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@pippit really! hopefully


really! hopefully bij can meet pippit then sometime!!


huh that's weird :^( i wonder why that's happening
she looks perfectly normal on my screen!
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kitty <3
Gonna quietly put pinecones here while they're not looking.
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sweetlady <:

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gently fangirls

gently fangirls
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8 )

8 )

made by foxofthestars!
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&hearts; !!! thanks everyone

♥ !!! thanks everyone ;;
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Thank you for the good

Thank you for the good screenshot, genius
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oh wow that screenshot is

oh wow that screenshot is really nice o:

is it fog time in the forest because it's not on my screen!! i wish it was cause fog is really cool
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I need to take a screenshot

I need to take a screenshot on this place with my deer until tomorrow. I'll be very grateful if you and a friend will let me do it.
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Thank you for asking nicely

Thank you for asking nicely now, but I wish you were that pleasant about it the first time instead of being so passive aggressive. I will move the gals for you since you came back to ask nicely. Try to be aware of your tone next time, and that you do not own this spot in the same way that I don't.
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*sneaks in, leaves a

*sneaks in, leaves a footprint
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I will ask as I saw fit. And

I will ask as I saw fit. And it should be borne in mind that it is not I had come and took the place. Thanks for the screenshot, you can come back.
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:> track

:> track
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Forgive me for the late

Forgive me for the late track. ;w;

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Tracking this c:

Tracking this c:
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thanks for all the tracks

thanks for all the tracks guys ;;
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late-ass track from this nurd

late-ass track from this nurd
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