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Alternate map by SylvanRah - Node 114789

Alternate map by Uitleger - Node 102262

Recommended Additional Mods:

- Redirect, Version 1 (more user friendly)
Use Stylish or a code injector to redirect the sidebar Map link to an alternate version (replace the #s with the node number above):
<meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "0; url = /community/node/#####" />

Just activate it for the URL *

- Redirect, Version 2 (faster/more eloquent)
Use a code injector or Tampermonkey to replace the sidebar Map link with a link to an alternate version (replace the #s with one of the Node numbers above):
Unplugged wrote:
To use the script you just need to install the Tampermonkey add-on which is available for pretty much any browser. Then press the big green button in the link above to install the script.

To use with any other code injector, use the following code:

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- Replace the Map floor
The Landmark and Rut versions of the Map floor are maintained by Aivilo. Rally version to follow.
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