The Endless Forest FAQ <3

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This will eventually expand into an FAQ for the whole forest. This was just easier to kick myself into doing. :B So, yes, hopefully this will answer things!

For any main questions you may have about the Forest, refer to the Tale of Tales website!

Screenshot help

Taking screenshots in Windows XP/Vista/7
Once you have been in-game and pressed the 'P' button while playing to take a screenshot, here is how to get to it.
Step 1.
Open your start menu and click on the icon that says 'My Computer'
Step 2.
Open the icon that says Local Disc (C:)
Once this is open click on the 'Program Files' folder (for Window 7 users, it may have (x86) at the end)
Step 3.
At the bottom of the Program Files folder there will be another folder that says 'Tale of Tales'
Inside of this folder will be another that says 'The Endless Forest 3'
Open it
Step 4.
Now that you are in this folder there will be others titled '3rd', 'channels', 'engine', 'userdata' {for spelldata later on}, 'Cache', 'data', and finnaly 'screenshots'.
By opening the screenshots folder you will find all the pictures that you took by pressing 'P' while in the forest.

For Vista Users:

Step 1.
Open your start menu and click open on the 'all programs'
Step 2.
click once on the 'The Endless Forest 3' so the subcategories show, among them 'screenshots' Click it.
Step 3.
A window opens, and it says 'This folder is empty.' but above it, in between the addres bar and the empty folder is 'Combatility files', and it must be clicked. There will be all the screenshots.

{Thanks goes to Innisen for the Vista Steps}

Please Note* If you have more than one deer the pictures will be in A-Z order.

Forest Tricks

The trick to 'flying' is by standing atop a hill of any kind, it dosn't have to be to tall. Once your on the hill start running and jumping at the same time. After a few jump you should be what I call 'floating'

Now to air sit, while you are running and jumping, press your 'Esc' button, this will bring up your menu as your deer sits in the air! |D
To dance and such while in this air sit, don't press the 'done' button, just click on the little tab at the very bottom of your screen, causing your deer to stand up while your floating {the menu will still be showing though}
This way you can dance, laugh, or do whatever while floating in the air :3

To walk on water you should try to master Flying first.
Start at a hill, the twin gods hill works the best for waterwalking. Once at the top of the hill, run to the water while jumping at the same time.
There is an invisible wall guarding the deep water while your flying twords it, but just continue to jump and you will pass it. Once your flying over the water walk backwards and you will be water walking! |D
Now if you just stop and stand there you will fall in and loose your set, if you walk forward you will loose your set.
To stop yet not fall in, press the dance button. Now your dancing on water ^^.

Now to Swim you need to go back to your Tale of Tales/ Endless Forest 3 folder for starters while the game is not in play.

Go to the folder titled 'data'
whithin this folder open the 'Objects' folder
Now inside this one find the item titled 'Pond.cgr' and rename it 'NoPond.cgr'
This way, while your in the forest you can walk under the water and not loose your pelt or turn into a frog.
Sadly if you want to swim, you cant drink from the pond or go to the crying idol to change your pelt to red.

If you ever want to change it back just rename the 'NoPond.cgr' back to 'Pond.cgr' and it will work like normal

(all of the above written by the lovely Vira)

Endless Halloween

What is Endless Halloween?
This is the time of year around Hallow's Eve when the forest takes on a darker tone. Fog prevails, candles are lit, and you may hear some eerie music throughout the forest...and don't forget that the Forest's ghostly giant, Velocity, may make an appearance!

Why does the fog come and go?
Fog will usually appear only when you are close to the BZD. However, on Hallow's Eve, it becomes permanent.

Who is the BZD/Velocity?
The Big Zombie Deer, or Velocity, appeared when Halloween was first implemented into the Forest. He is a larger-than-life thing, fully clothed in the Zombie set, who spends most of his time sleeping so as to lull the measely forest deer into a sense of false security. However, beware! When he awakens, he's prone to some agressive roaring and flight before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Does BZD have a pictograph?
Yes, he does.

How is everybody getting the skull masks/zombie pelts and antlers?
The magic of these has somewhat been lost thanks to Spelldata sharing. However, when the BZD is asleep, you may sneak up and cast a spell on him, if you are careful. With enough patience, you'll soon find his magic wearing off on you!

What are these other Halloween-themed pelts I'm seeing?
These, too, have fallen pray to spelldata, but the Deer of the Dead set and Crying mask were first implicated a while past. They are certainly good for the holiday, but can only be recieved by a spellcaster using the Version 3.1 client.

I see candles! Where/when can I get them?
The wealth of the candles are located at the Playground in the Birch Forest. Just make sure that you have the default antlers, then use the flower-gathering button to get some candles. They are usually available when the playground is foggy. (8

What is the Black as Night Pelt? How can I get it?
This is one of the few still-rare pelts of the Forest. You may only recieve it if your Forest client is pre-3.1. It is a temporary pelt that will be lost when you log out, but it is one of the most stunning!

The music has changed! SDFSDF CREEPY. D:
Yes, that's the usual dance music played backwards. :U AND ECHOED oh joyous day.

Community Site

Why are there so many 'updates' and 'biographies' blogs on the Diaries page?
Current trend on the site, this. :B We once had a live map to tell us who was online, but that was taken down, so pages about our deer 'statuses' cropped up. They tend to consist of who's online, some information about deer thoughts and actions, and possibly a bit about the owner of the account as well. Some people like it, and some people don't. Biographies are typically updated frequently because some users like to keep their updates on bios instead of one main page. As far as I'm aware, the map is back now, so the amount of updates has diminished.

How can I keep track of certain diary entries?
There's a wonderful little mechanism for this. Click on your 'My Account' link, and look for the link that says 'Track' on the top. This will take you to your Track page! Upon it is every diary or picture you've ever commented on. It will update based on when the player updates the page, or a new comment is posted. This is great for following updates and events.

Is there a list somewhere of all the HTML code you can use in blogs?
If you click on 'Input Format' at the bottom of your post a comment/diary box, click on the bit at the bottom. It doesn't have things like music players or cutting posts on it, but it does have a list of all the BBcode you can use on the site. Here's a link for convenience.

What is the general opinion on sharing spelldata for use?
*The following is simply conjecture and it should not be assumed that I am strictly enforcing this as the truth. It is how I have come to see things.
Way back when, when friends tossed back and forth small bits of data to help their friends out, it was not a very large phenomenon. However, when the community site caused the amount of Forest users to grow exponentially, it became widely common to share files with spelldata. Some people saw this as rude and contested it, while others saw it as just another way to facilitate their enjoyment of the game. As it now stands, sharing spelldata with other users is frowned upon, and generally not a very good thing to do. Be patient - that special mask you're looking for will arrive when it is supposed to, you just need to wait a little while.
I also suppose it can be considered akin with this topic that hacking the game's files to give yourself a pelt meant for the Twin Gods (The gold, speckled red, visitor Mardi Gras, or BAN pelt) is heavily frowned upon, and if you do so, expect your decision to be met with hostility.

The Pelt Selector
The Antler Selector
The Mask Selector
Slugg's SpellSaver (Unneeded with the new TEF version 3.4)
For a detailed list of all Forest resources, go here. Nice work, TFO!

Please, if I have forgotten any frequently-asked questions, ask them! I will be adding more as we go along. Thanks for the help, everyone!

thank you so much for the

thank you so much for the information Smiling


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Tracking this, for future

Tracking this, for future questions
My screenies got restored! Gosh I was soo worried I would never see them!
Thanks again :3