Echo of the forest

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Physical 100% / Mental 100% / Emotional 100%


Basic Inforations

Name: Metsänkaiku
Name meaning: 'Echo of the forest'
Alias: Kaiku (meaning 'echo')
Pictogram: Bananach - Second generation
Day of Arrival: 05.04.2019
Day of Birth: 03.08.2017
Zodiac sign: Leo
Gender: Female | Doe - She/Her/Them
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Status: Taken
Species: TEF deer, unknown
Size: 1.7m from shoulder Size chart
Scent: Evergreen pine needles, sage, and thyme.
Origin: Deveviach, The Summer Reach
Home: Deveviach & The Endless Forest

Silver necklace A gift from Calligeneia.


Welcoming – Caring – Gentle – Trustful – Positive – Loyal – Playful – Honest – Optimistic
Lazy – Emotional – Quiet – Soft – Whimsical – Introverted
Stubborn – Naive – Cautious – Hot-tempered

Easily open to new faces and wants to make them feel welcomed. In a polite way bows before making any other action, making sure the opposition have time to react.
Keeps it lively and fun to run around the forest when boredom strikes or when want to warm up her body. Usually enjoys it when doing it with someone else.
Feels happy to lean or be close to someone and even have a small cuddle moment. Having the feeling someone is there just at that time.
Doesn’t talk that much and is likely more happy to give time to someone else to talk. She gladly listen, but opens her mouth when the opportunity arises or if she has an important matter or asked to speak.
Likes being alone, being allowed to make her thoughts fly around and without any extra loud noise. Loves peace and quiet, but does not resent the company of others.
Have her own enjoyment when watching the forest gods joining to the forest and making abiogenesis events or halloween party.
Can sometimes be very contradictory with herself. Need time to think everything and clear her mind.
Loves to swim, but not in deep water.
Is very flirtatious to her mate.
Have deep bond for those who she loves the most and will do anything to protect them.
Shows always submission for bigger/stronger creatures than she is.
Nature mind and will avoid any predatory looking creatures (depends if they are friends) or those who are threat to her.
Showing comfort when rubbing her head to someone's back.
Forgiving but not forgotten mind.
Never turning her back to a fight. Odlly enjoys it, even if she doesn’t wanna hurt the other side, unless the opposition side have made any mistakes to make her angry.

Golden Heart
Remains loyal and will love her mate throughout their time together. Once she finds a mate she would love for the rest of her life, she would never let them go, unless the life and death comes to their way. Wants her mate to live freely, but still feel loved everyday. Takes her own personal time sometimes as well and gives it to her lover too when it’s needed. Would be there as shoulder, breaking the walls and fighting side by side.

Earning the trust
It’s not easy for her to get friends as she can’t trust so easily. Trust will be earned over time without rushing. Making her trust someone and then breaking it with horrible way, will cause hate and distant. She can forgive, but never forget.

Respectful soul
She have a deep respect for elders, olders and those who has seen the world more than she is. She will not be intrusive or questioning about other's life, but is always curious to hear if someone wanna share. She understand it if someone doesn't want to talk with her about their business and won't talk about it further or starting to question it. Metsänkaiku is also a very closed about her life and won't start to talk about it either for strangers, but in time, when she feel more comfortable or that she trust someone, she will be like an open book.

Metsänkaiku is actually a good defender and fighter. With her huge body build and the antlers, she can protect herself and others, depending of the opposition how big or strong they are. She never turns her back to a fight or a stranger she doesn’t trust and If she doesn’t have any other choise than fighting against, she will do it. She will not hurt innocents at any cost and will protect anyone who will need help.


Gray/long pelt - Zombie skull mask - Fan antlers



Name ...

Masami The only one who Metsänkaiku loves the most, want to share life with her and stay together the rest of their both life. Adores her and have strong bond. Metsänkaiku and Masami meet up at the other world than the endless forest. They both traveled and made the adventures together with facing all kind of dangerous creatures. She is ready to do anything to keep Masami safe and will protect her at any cost.

Close friends
Name ...

Calligeneia Attached quite fast for the lady at their first meeting. Like a mother-figure to Metsänkaiku and felt like her own mother. Heard about her children and felt sorrow when she heard how Calligeneia had to bear such a heavy burden in her heart. Looks up to and feels comfort around her. Metsänkaiku misses from time to time and thinks about where she is.

Neutral / Seen / Met
Name ...

Negative / Hate / Fear
Argyros A predator from her home world. Doesn't know how he followed her to the Endless forest and how he found her. She is one of the fawns who survived from his attack at her home world. Witnessed her mother's death when Argyros sink his fangs to her. traumatized by the events he has caused to her and will always feel anger and hate towards him. As she has grown a lot now, would attack at any moment if he is around and too near. Feels zero empathy to the beast who brutally murdered her family.

Lost / Gone / Remembered
Name ...



Born (3.8.2017)
Her mother taught life meanings and how to survive.
A predator (Argyros) attacked her herd at their own world. He killed everyone expect Metsänkaiku to make sure she will feel pain from the loss and she will always remember him. Gave a title "Child Eater" since he ate all the fawns wholly infront of her and the herd. (9.12.2017)
She had to escape from her birthplace and start to live her own.
Met Masami when she has grown a lot. (1.3.2019)
Arrived to the Endless Forest with Masami. (5.4.2019)
Learned that Argyros found his way to the forest as well to find Metsänkaiku. Fought with him that day. (2.5.2019)
Joined to the fight club event to train her fighting skills, but also to learn the forest and how to live there. (4.5.2019)
Met Calligeneia. Learned about her and her children. Received a silver necklace as a gift. (12.5.2019)
Left forest for a while and went back to her home world. (2019-2020)
Have been training herself. She has become more tough. Has been taking care of Masami and protected her from everything the have faced together.
Came back to the forest again after a while (28.12.2021)


There was a world; Deveviach, The Summer Reach. It was very small place in the universe. There was magic in the world, but only a few knew about it and only a few knew how to exploit and use it. The organisms and animals were very different from what can be seen elsewhere in the universe. They had lived in this world for thousands of years and knew how to create their own survival environment and harness their power. There was living one small herd of deer creatures. They looked the same as the basic deer, but they still had something different. Some of them had huge antlers with a lot of spikes on them, others had small antlers which had different curves and shield like shapes. Their fur colors could have any different types of color hues. Their tails could had any shape, lenght or even no tails at all. They could be born with or without a skull as their own face. The cervine doe can grow antlers as their wish or shed them and never growing them again.

It was a beautiful and warm day as the sun warmed the flower meadow where one cow lay in peace, she was ready to give a birth. At some hours later the doe stood up and started to walk with a small fawn after her, Her name was Metsänkaiku. As she started to get older and learned how to walk and run, her mother teached everything she needed to know about this world and how to survive in it. Every danger she had to face in there, run or fight back, depending what was facing her. Before she could have grown to even half year old, there was one predator her mother didn't knew about. The predator were named as Argyros, but no one didn't even faced them so no one couldn't prepare for the predator's attacks. One day the predator came to the herd where Metsänkaiku was. Everything happened so quickly and there was nothing anyone could have done something to stop it. The beast ate every fawns a live infront of their mothers and Metsänkaiku was the only fawn who survived by running away so fast as she could. Her mother was after her, but Metsänkaiku could only hear all the screaming, she couldn't look back as her mother teached her. After some time it came silent. She couldn't hear any familiar voices or sounds anymore and stupidly she went back to see her mother since she wasn't with her anymore. When she arrived to the spot she escaped from, the predator were there, all bloody and hurt and all the bodies around him. Brutally he slaughtered many deers from the herd. Metsänkaiku didn't start to count if everyone had died, she only saw blood everywhere and she were shocked. Her body stopped working and she just stood there all alone, shivering, crying. Argyros saw the fawn, went to her and stopped right infront of her. He watched her without moving, only heavy breathing and the blood from his body dropped right on Metsänkaiku's head. After a while he turn around and walked away, leaving the small fawn alone to look at the dead bodies of her family. He wanted to make sure one will survive from his attack to tell about him and his name around the world. Metsänkaiku was there all alone with all the bodies. She saw her mother's body and ran to it, tried to wake it up crying and yelling and then collapsing to the ground next to her mother.

Years passed and Metsänkaiku has grown to young adult. She has managed to survive and keep herself alive, alone without anyone's help or protection. She will always remember the predator who killed her family. She named him as "child eater" and promised herself to fight him when she is older and stronger enough to fight back. She haven't still found any herd to herself to live with, but she isn't even trying that. She is too afraid she will lose anyone she loves. She has traveled around the world she lived in, trying to find something or maybe someone. After weeks she found large forest area near the snowy mountains and rainforest. She could use it as her spot to create new beginning, but it must be checked first so there won't be anything that wants to eat her alive. After a long search, she found a small pond which were surrounded by big trees, reeds and poppies. Center of the pond was a rock and there was laying someone. metsänkaiku were closer to see what that was and when she hit the edge of the pond, the light started to hit the creature. The pond was full of koi fishes and the fishes were around the rock. When Metsänkaiku went closer, the fishes scared and swim away from the rock. The creature were beautiful doe, with koi fish markings on her fur, orange, black and white all over. The doe seemed calm and relaxing on the rock, but suddenly stood up when Metsänkaiku approached her. There was silence between them both and the forest were quiet. After a moment, they both greeted each other, shared some small talk and Metsänkaiku learned that the doe's name is Masami. The talking continued for hours and so it begin, their journey together.

Metsänkaiku and Masami Has been together since they first time met each other and after that they haven't been separately. They have now made adventurous together, saved each others lives from the predators, traveled around the world for looking a home and the safe forest to live together. After few months, they finally found a forest which seemed to have magic and that they can call their new home The Endless Forest. It's gonna be their new home for new adventures and moments they will share with each other, the new creatures and magic they will see, it's their home.

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