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Physical: 100% Good / Mental: 80%Sorrow


Speding her afternoon at the ruins, sorrowing about her mother who she lost when Metsänkaiku was young. Brought some roses and poppies to the grave.

"Happy Mother's Day, dear mother"

Later, when Metsänkaiku woke up next from her mother's grave, noticed a strange doe (Calligeneia) standing not so far from the ruins. Stood up and got a bit curious, which she always were when she saw new creatures around. The interest was just growing when she went to meet them, face to face. Was unsure at first to go to talk to them, but went for it and it was quite a succes from her. At first, greeted them with a bow and a sniff which Metsänkaiku received from the unfamiliar doe aswell.

The doe started to talk a weird language that Metsänkaiku didn't even knew at all, the words sounded so weird and didn't know what the doe were talking about, but thankfully the doe tried to talk same language as Metsänkaiku talked. It was hard for the doe at first, but in time, it sounded good. She asked from the strange doe where she came from and why she came to the forest, got answer that the doe came from a Indonesia and came here to find a new home, probably a new start aswell. They both sat next to each other and and the talking went more deeper and more personal. They both started to talk about Metsänkaiku's mother who died when she was young and the strange doe saw how she were sorrowing at the ruins, but Calligeneia lost a loved one too, her child. Metsänkaiku saw how Calli were praying something, she got more curious about this older lady also got very wise words from her and was amazed about it.

Somehow Metsänkaiku started to give a little trust for Calligeneia, since she reminded Metsänkaiku about her mother, the warm from the lady was very strong and the caring was real. Wanted to know more about her since she got so many questions she wanted to ask from the strange lady, but there was so many questions in her head that she didn't wanted to ask all of them at once, maybe one day. A bit later, when they had talked long time, received a gift from Calli; Silver necklace which once belonged to her child who died by humans. Was unsure at first that could she take it since it belong to Calli's child and it was very imporant to the lady, but got answer that the necklace may protect Metsänkaiku. She took it with pleasure then and was very thankful for Calligeneia. Later Metsänkaiku started to feel a bit tired, sudden fell a sleep next to the lady with a peace and relax.


Fully healed from the fight between Metsänkaiku and Argyros. Don't wanna face the Child Eater, but she is afraid that will happen again because he has found his way to the forest and will probably stay here a long time.


Nursed by a Masami this morning for her pains. It helped a lot and was feeling so much better after some hours. Meet up with the new littler doe (Mici) Who were sitting with Metsänkaiku and they dance together. Mostly were sleeping so the healing progress will work faster and it did. At the evening, the pain were gone from her body and she could run around which made Metsänkaiku happy. There was up a fight club event where Metsänkaiku wanted to go with Masami, to watch the fights. She was very excited about it and wanted to try it out herself too. Asked from Masami if she wanna try it with her and yea, they both went there testing their fighting skills. It was very fun and they enjoyed it. They watched others fightings too.


Getting a bit better, the wounds is closed and no bleeding anymore, but it still hurts when moving around around so prefer to sleep this day more, hopes to be better tomorrow so can play again and have fun. Trying to get sleep too, but have nightmares from the Child Eater. Lastnight met about a little creature (Iaz'ullarh) who were having rough days also, seemed to have badly wounds ln their shoulders, ripped wings. Nursed them a bit, gave some warm and cleaned their wounds. Was feeling bad for the young one and that they had to experience something so awful and painful. Was thinking who could do something like this for anyone and specially for young one. Was sleeping the evening with Iaz.

Trying to get up from the groudn and going to have some fun, even so her body hurts like hell and every steps is pain, yet, she jsut can't stay lying down when others have fun, because she doesn't enjoy to heal alone. She just need some company so she won't think about the fight.


Metsänkaiku's nightmare came to the real life. Argyros, the Child Eater somehow find way to the The endless forest where Metsänkaiku lived for now and found her from there.

When the Predator came closer to Metsänkaiku, she froze front on him, showing the panic and her body were shaking, she thoughts about Masami and that she will be safe and somehow she got courage to attack towards the Child Eater. She gave a wound to him for the chest area and then ran away to escape from him. The Child Eater chased her around the forest and they fight also each other giving a deep wounds and bloody just splashed around the ground.

After some fight, she managed to flee away and lost the tracks between her and the predator, she wounds were bleeding quite badly and she got herself to safe for now. She fell to the ground, next to the pond and had a lot of pain around her body. She couldn't move anymore, but she promised to herself to survive because of Masami.

Later when got more strength back and could move a bit, started to clean her wound so they wouldn't bleed anymore that badly and that the wounds will heal faster when they are cleaned. Can't make long walks for a while, but slowly can walk again with small steps.


Woke up at the middle of the day and noticed that Arabella were sleeping next to her. Didn't wanted to stood up yet, cause were too lazy to do so, but somehow Arabella got her up and they started to play. After some running around the forest and spell spamming, they both went to rest and woke up at the evening. It was a good timing because there was a bigger party and even more deer came to play with them and again they all seemed to enjoy the moment. Few new faces and few familiar that she saw and played with yesterday. Suddently, there was a deer pile and metsänkaiku went so hyped about it. Haven't never saw a deer pile like that and wasn't even sure that it's possible, but in this forest, anything is possible. Was part of the pile and had so much fun. After some resting because of the playing and party, Metsänkaiku noticed that Masami were in the forest and of course she stood up fast and went to her. Greeted her, gave a nuzzle and lead her to the others, because wanted that Masami will also meet some new faces and will make some friends and that she wouldn't be alone.


Meet today a fawn who were giving pelt spells to someone was sleeping. The fawn came to her and they started to share some masks together, it was fun and Metsänkaiku learned how many nice masks this forest have. Coudln't catch the fawn name, but hopefully will learn it someday. The fawn and Metsänkaiku runned around the forest and stopped at the pond for drink and they met also another creature there (Mafyn) who were just standing on the pond and probably watching the koi fishes. They all started to have fun together and running around. Sooner or later the Fawn had to go, sadly, and metsänkaiku and Mafyn went to sit to nearest flower patch. She was very happy to meet up already friendly deers in the forest and hopefully will meet up more and having more fun.
Not so long time later, there joined two other mini deers (Raymond and Autumn Grey) and they all fell to sleep together.

At the evening, when the forest begin more to "alive" Metsänkaiku went to see someone who she has seen around and wanted to meet them one day, but was to shy to do so. Today got the change and went to greet them (Arabella). they seemed to be very friendly and they started to play a little which made Metsänkaiku very happy. the playing continued quite long time and after that, there came more and more deers to play with them. It was nice and excited for her. There was so many deers that didn't even catch who they all were (sorry about that). Metsänkaiku noticed how quickly they all came pretty good along together and they all had so much fun running around and being silly.


It was warm day. She woke up alone at her home tree, slowly getting up and opening her eyes. stretches her slightly stiff body after long sleeping and started her day with listening the birds singing on the tree next to her. Looking up and smiling to the birds and then get her attention to elsewhere. She knew that Masami was in the forest, but wasn't sure where, she had a feeling that if Masami isn't next to her, she will be at the pond then. Scratched a little bit behind her ears with her hind leg and started her way to the pond. The birds were following her and when she came to the pond, Masami were sleeping at the water. Metsänkaiku walked to the pond, touching the water with her hooves, getting closer to Masami who seemed to sleep there with peace and around the koi fishes and the dragonflies. Was standing next to her since she didn't wanted to sit to the water and get wet, but after a while, she sat next to Masami. The birds landed to her antlers and after one by one the birds went to take little bath at the pond and came back to the antlers to groom their feathers. After some time, Metsänkaiku fell to a sleep next to Masami.


Arrived to the endless forest first time with Masami. First it was scary anf they both were just watching around to see if this really is a good home for them. Few hours later and after some seeking around, they both choosed to stay there and see what the future brings to them. In first place, they found a good spot for sleeping which become their favorite haunt/nest. The tree was nearby for the pond where wee swimming some koi fishes and dragonflies were flying around. They both needed this, a peace, a new home and they finally found one.

Metsänkaiku has managed to meet some forest beings already, but can't remember them that good anymore, she hopes really much to see more living creatures here and make some friends. She haven't faced any predators/carnivores yet and probably don't wanna face to any.


Name: Metsänkaiku
Name meaning: "Echo of the forest"
Pictogram: Bananach [Second generation]
Gender: Female
Birthday: 3.8.2017
Zodiac sign: Leo
Orientation: Lesbian
Size: #2
Reference: Currently
Speech: #D99028
Scent: Mild bitterness and peppery
Species: TEF Deer
Diet: Herbivore
Weight: 145 kg (319 lb)
Height: 110 cm (43 in)
Mate: Masami [1.3.2019]
Home: (-119 x -85)
Arrived: 5.4.2019
In Forest set:
Great argus pelt
Zombie/Skull mask
Fan Antlers

By name: Click, Click
By name: Click, Click


Caring — Friendly — Loyal — Energetic — Shy — Playful — Fair — Gentle — Honest
Respectful — Vulnerable — Submissive — Sensitive — Naive — Stubborn


» Is very welcoming and friendly to everyone she meets and always ready to start the playing and jumping around.
» Enjoy running around the forest with someone and playing some spellspam fights.
» Loved cuddles or sleeping very close to someone to feel the warm and safe.
» Takes mean jokes pretty easily too personally and usually shows it with being quiet or walking away.
» Likes to spend her time when alone somewhere silence spot and just listen and watch the forest and it's humming.
» Likes to playful chasing around the forest.
» Likes to join the forest events. Scariest is the halloween with the bloody pond.
» Can sometimes be very contradictory with herself.
» Loves to swim, but not in deep water.
» Is very flirtatious to her mate.
» Doesn't mind taking care of someone who need help.
» Have deep bond for those who she loves the most and will do anything to protect them.
» Shows always submission for bigger/stronger creatures than she is.
» Nature mind and will avoid any predatory looking creatures or those who are threat to her.
» Showing comfort when rubbing her head to someone's back.
» Forgiving but not forgotten mind.
» Can be seen spending a lot of time with Masami and will not left her side when she is in forest with her.
» Loves to hear when Masami is humming, it makes Metsänkaiku feel relaxed.
» She always enjoy playing around or be in big groups, but gets easily tired when being active long time a day.
» Doesn't trust of carivorous looking creatures, but doesn't hate or fear them all.
» She loves to cuddle or sleep with someone to share the body warm which makes her feel comfortable and relaxed.
» She loves to spellspam with others, because alone it's hard and not so fun.
» Metsänkaiku is afraid of the deep spot of the pond, because can't really tell who or what may be lying in the bottom of the pond and waiting that someone is swimming there and then attack from the deep.

Loyal partner
Will only want to have one partner in her life who she will love dearly, deeply and forever. Will only give romantic attention to her mate and is only flirtatious to them than for anyone else. Won't never be unrespectful or disloyal to her lover and will never break their trust. She can be very romantic sometimes and show her attention for only one female she loves. She can be a little flirtatious for others that she knows even a bit, but it's only that. She knows where is the line and the flirt is something that she used to show for all of her female friends sometimes.

Earning the trust
It's not easy for her to get friends, because of her awkwardness and shyness, but also because of her past and she is afraid that someone will stab her back so sudden. She can't trust others so easily and probably will never do, unless someone earns her trust completely which will take a lot of time. When someone earns her trust, it's not very hard to lose it too. Her friends will earn the trust if they give or have the reason to earn it.

Respectful soul
She have a deeb respect for elders, olders and those who has seen the world more than she is. She will not be intrusive or questioning about other's life, but is always curious to hear if someone wanna share. She understand it if someone doesn't want to talk with her about their business and won't talk about it further or starting to question it. Metsänkaiku is also a very closed about her life and won't start to talk about it either for strangers, but in time, when she feel more comfortable or that she trust someone, she will be like an open book.

Metsänkaiku is not a fighter and she doesn't even enjoy to fight with anyone. If she have to fight, she does it only if she protect or defend someone or herself. She is against violence if it's towards to her or her lover/friends tho, she likes to watch fighting if it's fair, otherwise she will go between the fight and protect the weaker. Her antlers can be good in fights, but mostly will use them for defence. The red horns on top of her skull are good for stabbing if need to though. Metsänkaiku will more run away than start the fight with anyone and with that she may show weakness, but she doesn't wanna hurt or get hurt by anyone.


+ Deer Piles
+ Playing around the forest
+ Meeting new deers
+ Spell spamming
+ Sleeping
+ The koi fish pond
+ Air-sitting
+ Sitting in big groups
+ Dancing


- Predators
- Being alone too long time
- Nightmares
- Being rejected by someone
- Fights or being attacked by


Cervine — Forest — Magic — Skull — Symbols — Red — Brown — Horns — soft — Personal — Roses — Night — Stars — Stripes — Whitetailed-deer — Great argus — Nature — Dandelions — Antlered Doe — Hooves — Birch Forest — Honey — Antlers — Spring — Autumn — Dawn and dusk — Poppies — Bitterness — Citrus — Tiger — Thoughts


- Her body fur feels very soft and silk and it's never a messy, because she take good care of it.
- Metsänkaiku have longer fur around the neck area, rear and under tail.
- During winter, the fur gets more thicker which helps her to stay warm, but her belly have shorter fur which will causes some cold to her.
- At summer, her fur get's thinner, but it's still quite hot.
- Metsänkaiku doesn't have a actual deer face under her skull.
- The skull is her own and she does't have eyes either.
- She can see with the forest magic.
- Her skull is unbreakable which tells that she doesn't have any scratches or cracks on it.
- She have two red horns on top of her skull, she will use them for stabbing if need to, but they aren't that good for fighting.
- She have seven wide dark brown stripes on both sides of her body.
- The white fur is around neck, the "socks" on her legs, under the tail and inside ear.
- Her antlers are dark brown and quite sharp tips.
- Under the tail is longer fur and the tail looks very fluffy and warm.
- The hooves are darker greyish/greenish
- All four legs have stripes.
- There is darker orange stripes all over the back just like tiger.
- The body is shaped mix of red deer and white-tailed deer.


Masami: Mate, lover. The only one who Metsänkaiku loves the most, want to share her life with Masami and stay together the rest of their both lifes. Adores her and have strong bond. Metsänkaiku and Masami meet up year ago at the other world than the endless forest. They both traveled and made the adventures together with all the strangers and dangerous creatures. She is ready to do anything to keep Masami safe and will protect her at any cost.

Calligeneia: Attached quite fast for the lady at their first meeting. Like a mother-figure to Metsänkaiku and felt like her own mother. Unsure feeling towards Calli, but still trust them a little. Want to know her better and feels warm and relaxed around her. Enjoys her calm and gentle personality.

Friends: Hana, Arabella, Mici
Familiars: Goro-ma, yumi, Mafyn, Floyd
Seen: Raymond, Autumn Grey, Nadene, Starling, Jonquil, Iaz'ullarh

"The Child Eater": The predator from her home world. Saw how he killed all of the fawns expect Metsänkaiku from the herd and almost killed her too. Have a deep fear towards the Predator and will have deep hatred for them for killing her mother. Traumatized from the past. Sometimes can see a nightmares from the Child Eater.

Mother: Mother, blood and love. Lost her for the predator when Metsänkaiku were young. Misses deeply.


- Born

- Almost got killed by "Child Eater", Lost her mother to the predator.

- Meet Masami in the other forest after traveling

- Started the relationship with Masami

- Arrived to the "The Endless Forest"

- Argyros, the Child eater arrived to the forest, had a big fight with him.

- Joined to the fight club event. Was training her fighting skills.

- Got a silver Necklace as a gift from Calligeneia


There was a beautiful, peaceful forest where Mestänkaiku were born. It was out of the endless forest world, but it was quite similiar to. The cervines that lived there had only skull mask as their face and the predators could have been looking any kind and different sizes. Metsänkaiku was young when her mother told her to stay away from any predators and strangers, because the world was unsafe and you couldn't trust anyone there, only your own family. The herd were small and they were always hiding in the deep forests where was enough food for the herd and a little river. One night, when the herd were sleeping under the trees and behind the bushes, a predator attacked to them and killed all other fawns, but not Metsänkaiku, because she were hiding a little further with her mother inside a big oak. The herd started to panic and they all ran away. Metsänkaiku and her mother heard the running and screaming nearby, they started to panic too and she saw all the dead fawns at the ground and the predator, "The Child Eater". Her mother looked at her and said to be calm and run as fast as Metsänkaiku could, she told to never look behind and just run. They both started to run and sudden the predator saw them both. Metsänkaiku were still quite slow to run, but she ran as fast as she could. The predator went after her and they runned around the forest for a long time. Metsänakiku couldn't run faster than the predator and she fell to the ground because didn't notice the log lying on the ground. She looked behind and saw the Child eated front of her, opening their mouth and trying to eat her, but her mother came and kicked the predator which gave more time for metsänkaiku to get up and run away. She run and heard how her mother got killed by the predator. After the attack, metsänkaiku haven't seen her herd or mother.

Years passed and Metsänkaiku has grown quite a lot, She is now one year old doe. She has managed to survive and keep herself alive alone without any help or family with her. She has traveled to other forest which were more different than her home forest she used to live. She started to seek the forest more and just looking around for curiousity and to make sure this is safety to move in. After a long walk, she saw a small pond and a shadow who were sitting in middle of the pond. Metsänakiku went closed to the pond and when the light hit the shadow, there was sitting a beautiful white with orange and black marking doe. In the pond were swimming koi fishes around the doe who seemed relaxed and peaceful. She got relaxed herself too by watching the doe. metsänkaiku took more steps closer and sat down very close to the pond so her hooves touched the water surface. The doe turned her head to watch metsänkaiku, there was silence between them both and the forest was quiet. After the moment, they both greeted each other, told their names, the Koi fish marking Doe was Masami. the talking continued with hours and hours and so it begin, their journey together.

Metsänkaiku and Masami Has been together since they first time met each other and after that they haven't been separately. They have now made adventurous together, saved each others lives from the predators, traveled around the world for looking a home and the safe forest to live together. After few months, they finally found a forest which seemed to have magic and that they can call their new home The Endless Forest. It's gonna be their new home for new adventures and moments they will share with each other, the new creatures and magic they will see, it's their home.

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Metsänkaiku is very

Metsänkaiku is very interesting and looks beautiful especially with snow-white fur (already wants to make friends) ^^
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by Hautakumpu / Discord: Maddie#0610
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Kumu @ I'm glad to hear that!

Kumu @ I'm glad to hear that! ^^ Would love to meet your girl aswell Smiling
Trollchild @ ♥
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Yee a trumpet girl, she and

Yee a trumpet girl, she and my Clar would make good friends c:
sig by AceAshling, icon by HeartClock
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Sybilline @ Absolutely! Can't

Sybilline @ Absolutely! Can't wait to meet your muslc boooy
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I love all of the art you've

I love all of the art you've done so far! *-* <33
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I'm so happy to hear that,

I'm so happy to hear that, have been quite unsure if I even like mh arts, but well, I think they are ok looking haha, but thank you! <3
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Gonna put this one here too!

Gonna put this one here too! <3
by Hautakumpu
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ooh very pretty!

ooh very pretty!
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Sloupsoup @ Reee thank

Sloupsoup @ Reee thank you!
Starling @ Thank you very much!
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picture by me

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love her skull ;>;

love her skull ;>;

picture by me

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Hehe, me too ;w;

Hehe, me too ;w;
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I love meeting Metsänkaiku

I love meeting Metsänkaiku ^v^, I want to play more with her ?
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I love meeting Metsänkaiku

I love meeting Metsänkaiku ^v^, I want to play more with her ?
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I love meeting Metsänkaiku

I love meeting Metsänkaiku ^v^, I want to play more with her
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^^ Glad to hear, I enjoy play

^^ Glad to hear, I enjoy play with your Arabella too Smiling
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yay it was so fun today

yay it was so fun today Smiling
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Indeed it was! ^^

Indeed it was! ^^
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*gasp for breath* You made it

*gasp for breath* You made it here!
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kept you waiting, huh?

kept you waiting, huh?
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Nnnnnnnnyes Your icon.... I


Your icon.... I keep laughing at it ~
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Track <3

Signature by Wildflowerdeer and Profile by Sybilline
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Thank you!

Thank you! <3
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Heyy Mafyn!

Heyy Mafyn! Smiling
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TRACK Hi Hauta, still

Hi Hauta,
still another deer? you killing me Eye
my poor brain hurts to remember all of the different deers you have (and other friends of mine like starling).
but I try my best!

It was a pleasure to met your Metsänkaiku and fun to watch her fighting!
siggi by Sybilline
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Thank you dear Pink ^^ Hello

Thank you dear Pink ^^

Hello hello, how you have been?
Haha sorry to make you remember all my deers, but thankfully currently I have only 3 deers right now like active hehe.

It was also very nice to meet your Cu with my Metsänkaiku and the fight club event was awesome! It was very cool to be part of it x')
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Big cheerful hug from Mici

Big cheerful hug from Mici Smiling
this is stunning and beautiful page ~