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. The Rut 2022 . (Finished)

The Rut 2022 - Hub

The Rut 2022 - Discussion & Date Announcement

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to mention them below.

Spring Rally 2022

The Rut 2021 - Post-Rut Discussion

Event HUB

Seemed like a particularly good one this year!

Now's a good chance to offer any feeeback for the event. So please have at it!

We decided on a timeframe that covered 3 weekends to try to maximize participation opportunities for everyone. How was that? If it went well we may just keep this formula.
How was the Challengers role, and how we modified it? Did it suit its purpose?

. The Rut 2021 . (Finished!)

The Rut 2021

Rut 2021 Event Dates - Dates Announced!

It’s that time of year again! When should the Rut take place this year?

The Rut will take place August 28 - September 12!

Spring Rally 2021

. The Rut 2020 . (Finished)

Event Hub for The Rut 2020

The Rut 2020 - Post-Rut Discussion

Event Hub

Thank you, all, for another lovely Rut season~

If you have any comments or critiques, suggestions for the next year's Rut, etc, please feel free to comment below!
Please focus on things that we can change; for example, we don't have much control over whether or not people are paying attention and actively participating. We can't glue people to their chairs - we can only make things more interesting and encourage more participation.

With that in mind, is there anything you would like to see next year?

Spring Rally 2020

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