Antics 10-2 to 8-11 [image heavy]

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Cleared out the rest of my current screenshots.


Virgo vs. Tieff

Hi fake Haru. |D

Things were tense but calm after Ravus vs. Gustiro.

The world as seen through a squirrel's tail.

DotD antlers look pretty interesting up close.

Peacock pelts are contagious.

Virgo vs. Crossbones
And Silence and Oura are having a long distance conversation through the fighting apparently. |D

This fawn decided to sleep here. I died of cute.

Illrose...what did you do?

Wonder who did that. XD

Zombie deer wanted dancing.

Peacock pelt cycle continues. X]

Ravus vs. Gustiro

Long time no see Lonhro. =D

Successful butterfly pelting on first cast.
Thus began a short pelt war.

The "war" ended with TEF showing how it knows again.

o_o The naked deer kept multiplying...

Kylar was not pleased.

I got reminded of a yin yang.


I don't know who did that, but that's awesome. XD

Toukan discovering Quad-tree.

Quad pointed out how the peacock feathers become a sort of home for pictos.
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Kylar temper tantrums for the

Kylar temper tantrums for the win lol.
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Pfft, that squirrel tail.

Pfft, that squirrel tail. xD
And I think perhaps Illrose's gas killed them. .__.

Also, Lonhro! I saw him earlier today, thought the picto looked familiar but I couldn't remember who it was.
Last time I saw him he was a zombie mini fawn hanging around BZD. xD
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@Mick: It was an interesting

@Mick: It was an interesting temper tantrum. XD

@Snow: Did she find Quad's bean collection? D8

I remember that. 8D Those were some of the cutest screenshots ever.
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I think she did. xD And yes,

I think she did. xD

And yes, it was really adorable. ♥

Long distance conversation

Long distance conversation sdklfjsdalk xDDD'
And so it was revealed that Silence and Oura have walkie talkies and/or no awareness of space.
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@shimmy: "Fight? What fight? I thought I was standing in front of you."
Laughing out loud