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PRecovering from a rough childbirth.
Weak and sore.
EElated, loving. Fragile? Protective.
Gave birth to two little fawns, Ianthe and Wick, after hours of rough labor. Distraught beyond belief when little Wick proved dead upon arrival. Tended to Ianthe but wept for hours over Wick, keeping both fawns close. Couldn’t believe her eyes when the fawn took her first real breathes hours later. Brought both fawns inside her hollowed tree, curling around both, bent on not letting either out of her sight.

Spending a majority of her time trying to relax. Growing more and more nervous about the fawn? Fawns?¿ She doesn’t know

Uhh bullet points
-Introduced Thanos to Grimoire. Grim made a remark about the older buck’s candles. One thing led to another and he revealed Thanos’ own brother (Osmotious) to be still alive.
-BAFFLED because Eira herself was told Osmo died a long time ago.
-Grim pointed out where to find Osmo before he just lEFT for home, curiosly and nervously followed Thanos towards the undead stag.
-Laid low and hid when the brothers started fighting, not wanting to get hurt or worse given her current condition. TRIED to listen to the words exchanged between them but too far away... too many clashing sounds. Rlly confused by the words she did hear tho. Super uncomfortable whenever Osmo said anything referring to her herself
-Once Osmo was gone (or so she thought), guided Than back to the den to treat his injuries... ended up covered in his blood but too exhausted to clean herself till early the next day
-UHH.. MORE stuff....

Everything's uncomfy and her body huRTS.. The baby's really draining her energy already... that's normal, right... everything's normal..
Been hanging around Adayti frequently as of late. Yesterday approached by an unfamiliar baby (Yin/Blind), while hanging with Abby. Quickly accepted them to snuggled between them both. Met another small, Arsky too.

Feeling ecstatic despite all her physical discomforts. Figuring now is a great time to start decorating her new den; placing candles all around it’s base which doubles as a gesture to Thanos. Luckily the tree she found had a hollowed part big enough for her to fit comfortably inside.

Keeping to her new den in the Forest and generally keeping close to Thanos as her symptoms worsen. No longer able to pass it all off as a persistent stomach bug as Eira’s belly grows in roundness. Cuddled up to Thanos today, finally revealing the pregnancy to the white stag. Scared when he fainted but overjoyed when he came to and told her of his own happiness. Chatted about their future family and voiced their concerns too.

After spending weeks in Than’s world, started coming back to the Forest some, even bringing Than with her. Visited her family outside the forest for a little bit too. Lately, has been experiencing nausea, cramps and other symptoms. Assuming herself just to be sick, a side effect from all the world hopping. Growing worried either way. Hasn’t mentioned it to Than or any of the others she sees frequently because she’s a goblin and doesn’t want em to worry about her. Found a den for herself in the forest, though.

TODAY, took a walk through the birch, only to spot the small frame of a fawn among the wide trees. Quickly took it upon herself to investigate. Allowed the child (Pluto) to speak first, answering his questions of where he was. Asked the boy if he had parents or if he was lost. Told he thought his father would return for him, though hasn’t. Then Eira tried to comfort him, extending an offer to be there for him. Soon offered him some food after Pluto’s demeanor perked up. It wasn’t long till the little one fell asleep against Eira’s shoulder. Remained by him for awhile till she knew he’d be safe.

Has been hopping in and out of the Forest, but mostly staying in a curious world outside of the Forest itself. Met a large white stag with candles called Thanos in said world. Mostly following him around to learn how things work there.

Has made herself comfortable within the Forest. For now, just bored and looking or things to dO


. Disclaimer .

Eira is 100% IC at all times, unless for set help, interacting with new players/etc, or clearly stated otherwise. Her actions are her own. Her views/perceptions/reactions/etc on characters, IC situations, interactions and such are purely IC and don't reflect her player's. If there's ever a need for clarification, or to sort out an issue involving Eira/interactions with her, you're more than welcomed to come to me in private about it on Discord! Likewise, I have the ability to remove her from situations I, as her player, am not comfortable with her association in.
While Eira herself isn't a dark character, there will be dark and mature themes surrounding her and her experiences. Themes may include, but aren't limited to; blood, gore, death, rituals, black magic. However, there may/will be times when sensitive things other than those listed appear in updates and such. If anything unusually/extra dark or mature appears, individual warnings will be given! Any of the themes found all over TEFc have the ability, but not necessarily appear here depending on what Eira is exposed to as a character.

Interactions, RP, plots, anything is always welcomed at anytime<3
Discord is Morto#9174

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