84 Alpacas

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Hey guys, just wanted to share some photos from some awesome alpacas in 84 Pennsylvania. Yes, the town is actually called 84.

So these are the 84 Alpacas. Enjoy Eye

This one had my favorite coloring, looked a lot like a deer

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Dat smug face #6...

Dat smug face #6...
-formerly Silensia-
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XD they were great, I

XD they were great, I couldn't really get them close enough to pet though. I got to touch one's 'fro a few times, but they're very skittish.

It was fun either way. I bet they were cold though, it's been getting really freezing up here already.
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I know I can't be the only one mentally asking, but are there 84 alpacas in 84?
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XD nah, there were probably

XD nah, there were probably 30-40. It would have been a mob if they had 84

The black one and grey one

The black one and grey one are my favorites. Gorgeous colouring.

I'd love to go to an alpaca farm and meet some someday. They're so cute, haha.
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...these are the cutest

...these are the cutest creatures out there , so sweet <3
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omg <333
I love alpacas, I even have a alpaca plushie that I named Sherbet.
He is orange and wear a beanie, teee heee. c:
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Haha, cute Llamas. Uhm, but

Haha, cute Llamas. Smiling
Uhm, but do you think you could undercut this? It's stretching down the Miscellaneous category a lot. ^^;;
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Fixed, thanks for the heads

Fixed, thanks for the heads up